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"Four love interests,
Three days,
Two Murders,
One Mafia,
One Attorney.
Who will survive and who will die?"

Hello hello Ace Attorney fans. My name is Elmo and I'm the leader of the Apollo Just-Ass Fangame Project (name of game to be confirmed).

This is an ongoing project that is NON-PROFIT. Meaning, whatever we do is FREE and on a volunteer basis. We do not seek to make any profit from this fangame whatsoever (cuz we don't own Ace Attorney and that would be illegal) but we want to create a fun game that would entertain fans of Ace Attorney.


Ace Attorney is a franchise filled with ships. Have you ever thought of controlling Apollo and immersing yourself in the thrill of a case where the stakes are high? Imagine a game where YOU get to choose what Apollo does and who he dates.

Think of this game as Apollo Justice Ace Attorney mashed with your average dating simulator (no, not Drammatical Murder).

That's (W)right! We're making an Ace Attorney dating simulator with our main character, Apollo! It's about time we gave him some love, don't ya think?

But we aren't making him Aoba, no. We're mashing up the game mechanics of Ace Attorney and dating simulators to create this fangame featuring the top Apollo ships of the fandom.

We plan to make this game interactive with a thrilling case, examination scenes a là Ace Attorney Investigations, and of course, courting the person of your choice.

The game is set after the events of Dual Destinies but before the beginning of Spirit of Justice.

Wocky Kitaki accidentally involves himself with the murder of a rival mafia head's daughter. It just so happens that Apollo Justice becomes his defense attorney (again). Join Apollo as he fights to take down the dangerous Dvena Calla mafia before they hurt the one he loves - Klavier, Athena, Ema or Juniper - Apollo has to choose.

Exciting! But in order to make this a reality, we need HELP! That's where you come in.



As of now, the main plot of the game has been decided and the Story Division is in full swing developing character routes.

However, we severely lack people in the Art Division. But before I state the roles needed to be filled, let me inform you of the benefits of joining the Team.

- Make friends with like-minded Ace Attorney fans
- Gain experience in making a fangame.
- Good for portfolios
- Gain experience in working with a diverse group of people online.
- Challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

With such a huge project, you're bound to learn lots of things and work with people from all over the world.

Anyway, here are the roles we are recruiting for!


:phoenix: CHARACTER ARTISTS :phoenix:
Designing and drawing characters for the use of sprites in-game. As a character artist, you are expected to draw and develop a style for the characters both canon and non-canon.

-Able to draw digitally (highly recommended but not compulsory)
-Able to adapt and draw in a specific style (including semi-realism, chibis, stylised styles)
-Able to work with other artists in coming up with a style

:hobohodo: SPRITE MAKERS :hobohodo:
These are the people who will be bringing characters to life by animating sprites! You are expected to work with the Character Artists to bring our characters to life.

-Able to work in a team

:godot: BACKGROUND ARTISTS (x2/3) :godot:
As a background artist, you are in charge with coming up and creating backgrounds for all locations. You must be creative and develop the background for each scene.

-Good at drawing urban areas, interiors, realistic backgrounds
-Able to do so digitally
-Able to work with the other artist in developing each background

:maya: SOUND TECHS/MUSICIANS (x2/3) :maya:
Sound effects and background music makes any Ace Attorney game come to life. As a sound tech or musician, you are expected to either source for these sounds or create and compose your own music for the game!

-Able to work in a team.

:basil: PROGRAMMER (x1) :basil:
The people who bring the game to life. You are expected to work with our current programmer in developing the code for the game.

-Knowledge of C++ is required
-Good to have knowledge of Cocos 2D Game Library (not required)
-Willing to learn new things and collaborate with current programmer.

:shoe: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER (x1/2) :shoe:
The person who communicates the game's progress to the world. You will be in charge of maintaining the team's Tumblr, Instagram, and Phoenix Wright Amino accounts. You are expected to update these accounts at least once a month at a fixed date.

-Knowledge in advertising, marketing and public relations.
-Knowledge in using Tumblr and Instagram
-Able to create content such as images/posters for these posts through editing applications such as Photoshop.

:klavier: RUSSIAN EXPERT (x1) :klavier:
Due to the Russian-centric mafia, we need someone who actually KNOWS the language and the culture to ensure we aren't doing anything to offend the Russians.

-Must know Russian
-Must know the Culture
-Able to work in a team and give feedback to improve the game

:apollo: BETA TESTERS (x5) :apollo:
You won't be involved in the development process except for testing the game's functions and looking our for glitches and errors. You are required to keep the game confidential. You will only be contacted when the first builds of the game are released!



As this is a pretty big project, we will need dedicated people who are able stay in for the complete duration of the project. These requirements are:

-Able to download Telegram. It is a messaging app and our base of operations.
-Able to discuss the game's development on Fridays
-Able to think and work independently during the course of the week
-LONG TERM COMMITMENT REQUIRED. At very least, a year.
-Able to contribute to group discussions with ideas and work with other people
-Not afraid to make mistakes and improve.

I would like to recruit a committed team to this very big project in order to make it a success. However, life will always come first and I understand that not everyone will be able to work on the game 24/7. Hence, meetings only take place once a week over Telegram and later on, Skype. You are expected to work independently and meet deadlines when they are set or to find a compromise with the division head.

Email stating what position you would like to apply for. You can also MESSAGE this account!

The following artists are required to submit relevant portfolios to the role they are interested in:
Character Artists
Sprite Maker
Background Artists
Musicians (who are interested in making original music for the game)

The following roles require a resume/portfolio to be submitted:
Social Media Manager

In your message, please also answer the following questions:

1) How dedicated will you be to the project?

2) How well do you work in a team? Are you able to contribute beyond what your role entails?

3) If you were given a deadline, how would you react to it?

4) How would you rate your skill level when it comes to the position you're after?

5) Any concerns?

All applicants will be subjected to a short interview. Successful applicants will be invited to join the relevant chats and divisions!

So, are you willing to help Apollo fight the mafia and find love? Join us to make it happen!

Questions? Just reply to this thread!

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Gah makes me think all Apollos options are kinda terrible.

What about Vera Misham? She was a lovely lass and she totally had a thing for Apollo too!
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Pierre wrote:
Gah makes me think all Apollos options are kinda terrible.

What about Vera Misham? She was a lovely lass and she totally had a thing for Apollo too!

We decided on those four characters since they were the most popular Apollo ships!! We will be adding other ships as DLC, though.

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Interesting idea. Very appropriate, since apparently Capcom themselves tossed around the idea of an AA dating sim at one point.

That said, I wish you all the best of luck. This is one of the more interesting Ace Attorney fan game concepts I've seen in a while. I just hope it doesn't have the same fate as so many others.

But yeah, here's hoping you guys can pull it off!
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How's the project coming along? I'd totally apply for something this fresh but I just don't have the time. This seems really cool though.
Keep up the good work and great job making one of the better recruitment/project announcement pages on this site (in my opinion).

Best of luck!
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