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Phoenix Wright: Untold MemoriesTopic%20Title

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Hello, as you read, I'm making a Phoenix Wright fangame, AND YOU COULD HELP!
The game will be released by chapters, which will be 5, and will be set in March 2019, a month before Wright's last case.
The characters until now are:
* Phoenix Wright
* Maya Fey
* Pearl Fey
* Miles Edgeworth (shortly, just before AAI)
* Detective Gumshoe
* Ema Skye
* Lana Skye
* Franziska von Karma
* Kay Faraday
* Judge
* Winston Payne
and some other familiar faces!

You can help by making some animated characters sprites (.gifs)(not EXACTLY like the ones in the game, but similar) with basic poses (happy, normal, thinking, sad, surprised, angry,etc), and if you want, some extra poses. They are 4 defendants (actually 6, but those ones are already taken), 4 prosecutors and 12 witnesses. All of the characters have to face the screen (like in the original game), but prosecutors need the sprites in court like this.

And last but not least, music. This is optional and they need to be in .ogg format to work in the program. A video on how to convert mp3 to ogg is ->

Thanks for your attention and please help me! :phoenix:

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Re: Phoenix Wright:Topic%20Title
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Welcome to C-R!

It's good that you're ambitious and want to make a fangame but you've given us too little information! No one is going to help you when we don't even know the basis of what your fangame is going to be about (i.e - plot) besides the small tidbit you've told us that it will take place before Phoenix is disbarred.

You've listed the main characters appearing but haven't given any additional information about the OC's you need sprites for. You're looking for help but people won't know what they should sprite (if they decide to help out) since you've given them no details about their appearance, personality, history etc.

You also seem to have too many characters regarding your prosecutors. You said five cases and have four OC prosecutors but that means one per case. That sounds crazy!

My personal suggestion would be to reword your first post and put more details and check other threads for examples. No one's going to help at the moment. ;)

Good luck. ^^
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