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Hi everyone,

I'm just forwarding an announcement from AAO that could interest some people here.
Please have a look !


Case competition

Trust will be restored
Justice will be revived
A new era will begin

As part of the AAO - The Bright Age of the Law events, I'm happy to announce this new case competition.

The Bright Age of the Law is the start of a new era for Ace Attorney Online - a new era which revolves, of course, around the long-awaited V6 editor and player.
Your help is required in polishing these new jewels before their official release.
By building the most brilliant cases with AAO6, you will provide important feedback to help improve it further, and you will demonstrate the abilities of this new system.

The theme of that competition is The Bright Age of the Law - In Justice we trust !
Your story will therefore have to build upon a strong faith of people in Justice.
Whether you depict a society which already blindly trusts in its lawmen (cf. trailer), or relate a case that restores this trust, or follow any other interpretation of the theme is up to you.

There aren't any other specific rules : tragedy or comedy, original universe or AA canon... It's up to you to decide.
Let your creativity take control, and do your best to be recognized as the best author in the new era that unfolds !

1st prize
1 "AAO - The Bright Age of the Law" collector mug

All entries must be declared and completed by Friday July 11th, 23:59 CEST.

Join now at ... =19&t=9479 !
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