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Kay Faraday: Ace Yatagarasu (Flash Game)Topic%20Title

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Hello everyone, I just thought I'd upload this flash game I did for school a while back as it was Ace Attorney themed. It's a platformer featuring everyone's favourite thief of the truth! It's a very simple game (literally a bare bones platformer) in which the only obstacles are jumps and death pits.

It's not too great (as I said barebones platformer) but I feel like I should contribute it to the community as I've never made any sort of fan art and played Ace Attorney for a while now.

There are 4 levels and a tutorial. The levels go in order of difficulty i.e. top level is easiest.


Another disclaimer (or three) that I should throw out is that there is no relevance to the storyline whatsoever and the levels are just random places but the music from the Ace Attorney games is used. Also, I got the sprites from this site ^^. Finally I should mention that all of the non original assets are property of their specific owners.

Anyway, download links:
.exe :
.swf :

There's also an easter egg on the main menu! See if you can work it out but if not...
Click on the Yatagarasu brooch on Kay's scarf ;)

I should also note some of the controls:
Arrow keys to move
Up key to jump (You can double jump)
E to go back (When no back button is provided)
R to restart your level

Anyway, just thought I'd throw it up so you can play and (hopefully) enjoy it! It's not the best or anything but I hope it'll be something different for you to all have a go at!

p.s.writing this has made me realise how much I use brackets/parentheses!
Re: Kay Faraday: Ace Yatagarasu (Flash Game)Topic%20Title
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This is an amazing fan game!

A good rage one, though.. heh'.
I think there should be cunstom sprites for Kay when jumping, it just looks to odd..
.. and the landing areas are a bit wonky..

Besides that, it's a perfect start to a game! :maya:
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(Credit to mercuialSK)

My sprites!
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