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Ace Attorney Playable Teletext GameTopic%20Title

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I really want to do an Ace Attorney teletext game. I know how it can be done (4 colored buttons plus Index for Back, 2x3 graphics, etc.) I just...feel like a story is all that it needs.
Re: Ace Attorney Playable Teletext GameTopic%20Title
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Uh huh. I have my doubts. The first problem that comes to mind is the number of available pages. Teletext maxes out at 800 addressable pages. And they aren't very large. You can get maybe three dialog boxes worth of text per page, tops. And that's without graphics taking up space.

Then there is the navigation. Teletext isn't instant. You have to wait for the desired page to be broadcast. Sure, tvs do try and cache "a few" pages for easy navigation, but that's not a lot.

You can probably get away with using the four color buttons for most menus, but not for picking evidence. And ace attorney likes evidence. Then there is the problem of state. Teletext is stateless. It can't do variables. You will need variables to track progress.

Finally, there is one glaringly obvious problem: How are you going to broadcast the pages? You'd need to run your own tv station. You will have an audience of one, yourself. And that's assuming that you have the skill and hardware to pull it off.

In general, this is a horrible idea. Pick a different platform.
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Re: Ace Attorney Playable Teletext GameTopic%20Title
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That's the weirdest idea i've heard in a while.
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