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Ace Attorney : Mystery And Truth [WIP]Topic%20Title
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Mystery And Truth is a fangame that aims to be as realistic as possible

This will be made in AAO, note. the order of cases being worked on can be different, such as right now im working on the second case, but i will work on the first case.

Currently its at 0.5% so you will have to wait.

Spriters are allowed to help and Music people are too.

Case 1 : Turnabout Rookie
You know when you lose the judge says something about going to a bigger court or something like that? Or in 3-2
Well it takes place there! (not in 3-2 heh.) With a rookie attorney.

Case 2 ; Turnabout Banker
2 People rob and bank and kill the cashier. But it seems while Maya was going to the office someone gave her a bag. Maya doesn't tell Phoenix about it, when Phoenix and Maya go to the bank to pay bills a police officer thinks that Maya was the criminal because she had the bag the robbers had! And so Phoenix has to defend Maya once again.

Thats currently all i have so far, i hope you enjoy it! (or will enjoy it.)
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