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New PyWright game in the works (Read for more info)
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Author:  DannyPlaysSomeGames [ Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  New PyWright game in the works (Read for more info)

Hey there

I'm a generally new member to the forums, although I have been on the Discord for a long while now. In fact, the only reason I made an account in the first place is to find a place to discuss on an upcoming fangame I've been thinking on for a long while now. The game is called Jupiter Pulse: Ace Attorney. Originally, it was called Tesla Thunderman, but I thought it was too blunt of a pun. It's a personal side-project I wanted to do for a while that might help me with making stories. Since I'm not the one who enjoys group projects, I'm gonna do it solo, although feedback, contributions and all that jazz would be nice whenever I get around to fleshing it out. If the title didn't give it away, it's gonna be made in Pyright, although if I could, I would also try to make it in PWLib too; I chose PyWright just because it's much easier to program since I know jackshit about programming, so I went with the most basic coding. I hear KSA's working on a converter to make AAO and PyWright cases into PWLib, but I'm still sticking to PyWright for initial creation.

So I bet you're wondering: how is it in terms of completion?

Well so far, everything has an outline, I just need to flesh it out. The issue is, due to life, school and cancer and shit, I've slowed down and separated a bit from this project for a while. But, recently, I've picked up enough speed to work more on the concept and even update this bloody pointless page.


Here is an attempt.


It looks neat enough, but there's some possible fixes here and there.

Most of the characters have designs, characteristics and personalities already attached to them. There will be recurring characters and the occasional reference here and there. I will go in-depth on 3 central, non-spoilery characters.

Spoiler: Jupiter Pulse
Of course, I'm starting with the protagonist. Jupiter Pulse is a somewhat-prodigious rookie defense attorney. Jupiter is very intellectual, being able to analyze at ease situations, and able to perform well in court. He's also very good at reading people and how they act, which can be advantageous to him. He usually one to change cases from different perspectives, allowing him to shock the court with his wits and find the not guilty verdict he works hard for. While he can believe in his clients, mutual trust and assistance is important for him. If they don't want to cooperate nor care, why even bother?

Okay, yeah, he's starting to sound like Phoenix, so let's move onto personality. He's very relaxed, despite having suffered through some tough times in the past. Unfortunately, those tough times are the same reason why he's snarky, and has a bit of a rebellious spark within him. That's not to say he's spoiled or rude. Contrarily, he's somewhat of a nice guy. He's very easy to annoy, however, and getting on the wrong side with him is asking for trouble. He has a strong sense of determination to find a truth, to bring justice to his foes. He's confident enough to try his best.

There's more to him than meets the eye, though. Born with a special "gift" of sorts, Jupiter has the ability to "sense" another's pulse. A rare phenomenon called Telepathic Cardiography, this allows him to feel the nervousness of another person in tense situations, and helps him as a lie detector of sorts. He can't do it too much in one go, however, as it strains his own heart too, and trying too hard to sense a pulse would wound him severely, although once the process ends, his hearts eases. This is most useful for him in seemingly flawless arguments. All in all, quite the man.

Name meaning: Jupiter is a Roman god, and the counterpart of the Greek god Zeus. Since Jupiter was the god of lightning, this represents how Jupiter "shocks" the court as his motif. Pulse is in relation with his special ability.

Spoiler: Bryce Savage
Bryce Savage is a top-notch homicide detective. From Great Britain, Bryce is quite the guy, being able to get key findings you'd probably never see. He promises that every nook and cranny has been checked. He also knows karate. Maybe.

Bryce is quite a shaker. Not only is he full of vigor and energy, but he's also quite the loudmouth too. The fact that he's a hothead doesn't help either. He's not mean spirited, though, and he's pretty chummy.

Name meaning: Bryce is a Celtic name meaning "swift", which represents his energetic personality. Savage represents his hotheadedness

Spoiler: Oliver Savant
Oliver Savant is the main rival of Jupiter. Son of an already skilled prosecutor, Oliver is able to sweep the court as much as Jupiter can. As a dignified soul, he makes quick work of suspects if not opposed well. He's also one of the few prosecutors to have little to no accusation of foul play.

Oliver is quite dignified. A light pride of sorts which he holds. He's very respecting towards the defense, but doesn't hold back at the moment of truth. He's also philosophical, but to a point where it's somewhat annoying sometimes, since he constantly quotes others and rambles sometimes about his inner thinking. He's also somewhat spoiled.

Name meaning: Oliver comes from Olive tree, which is a symbol of dignity and fruitfulness, fitting with his persona. It's also a common symbol in Greek mythology, which could relate with his philosophies. Savant means smart, which is a personality trait of his. It also represents how he overthinks frequently.

I already have the concept of each case on my mind, but I don't want to get too spoilery, so just have some details about the first case.

Spoiler: Turnabout, Corperated
Turnabout, Corperated

Courtroom No. 2
Defense: Jupiter Pulse
Prosecution: Winston Payne
Defendant: Ema Skye
Victim: Jaune White (Yeah, if you can tell, this guy was basically one of Redd's sons who was fighting over his father's land against his twin brother trying to correct and take control of Bluecorp after the Mia Fey murder case.)
Time of Death: Sept. 19, 2029, 12:35 P.M.
Weapon/Cause of Death: Hit on the head with a lamp.

(classified info except not really I just want it to be a surprise :sadshoe:)

-Your badge (*insert joke about presenting it here* :phoenix:)
-Autopsy Report (*insert joke about updating it here* :edgeworth:)
-Golden Lamp (*insert joke about the Spanish Inquisition because nobody expected it*)
-Floor planning of the 5th floor
-The victim's phone
-A newspaper clipping
-A schedule
-A keycard

Your first case is quite simple: your client was personally investigating Jaune over suspicions thanks to a newspaper scandal. However, one of the workers finds that Ema was above the deceased body. They found the body holding a phone, which was supposedly making a call with the suspect herself. The murder happened inside Bluecorp itself, and it's up to you to solve it.

Yeah, this was kinda short and bad, but trust me when I say the later cases are better.

I prefer Fanta tbh
Sprite art is something I'm pretty good at. While my forte is 8-bit sprite art, I can do other kinds of sprite art too. Backgrounds are what give me the most trouble but I can always look up something on Google Images or use the good ol' anime backgrounds folder. Here's a couple of examples:

Spoiler: Jupiter Pulse
Yeah, I'm not satisfied with this one either. Something about it feels off to me. I need to rework this eventually.

Although this frontal scratch sprite looks better.

But even then, I already redesigned him, so I gotta get back to the drawing board (huehueheuheue), I guess.

Spoiler: Oliver Savant
I like this one a lot, not much else to say.

Spoiler: Jaune White
I like this sprite. The head was different at first, but the Grey base forced me to edit it a bit.

Spoiler: Random lady
I just really like this design, it just screams obnoxiously colorful.

Spoiler: Forensics dude
One of my absolute favorite sprites. This was completely from scratch, by the way.

Spoiler: Definitely not evil dude at all nope not at all
It's a WIP but I wanted to post it for the design.

Spoiler: Returning character
Dammit, not this jerk again
I still like this sprite edit though. Originally, he looked wider, but with a concept art sheet for a guide, I hit the nail on the head.

Spoiler: Some judge
His name is Corridaworth
Jokes aside, this was my first frankensprite, and I was glad with ho4w it turned out.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it for now. If you're curious on other stuff, feel free to ask me. Leave feedback too, that helps.

Author:  DannyPlaysSomeGames [ Fri May 04, 2018 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New PyWright game in the works (Read for more info)

UPDATE: Added some more sprites

Author:  DannyPlaysSomeGames [ Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New PyWright game in the works (Read for more info)

UPDATE: Updated a couple of things, like names and sprites, although not much new was added.

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