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New Ace Attorney Online Trial: Eagle Rong: Ace ProsecutorTopic%20Title


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Hello, all! I have finished my new game for Eagle Rong: Ace Prosecutor. It is just an introduction to Eagle Rong so it is only one trial, but it lasts all three days with some new characters, mechanics, and more! Eagle Rong is supposed to be a world opposite of Phoenix Wright's. Eagle is a prosecutor and he has help from his friends, Roger Makkins and Sally Spase. They help him find the truth.

I made a mistake and didn't split it into parts, so it is all straight through. I'm really sorry. Please go check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

Edits will be made in the future to fix some mistakes so feel free to tell me if you see any!

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Re: New Ace Attorney Online Trial: Eagle Rong: Ace ProsecutoTopic%20Title
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I'm liking this fangame so far but i seemed to run into a big problem,

After Eagle Roger and Sally went to the house of the owner of the boat rental there doesn't seem to be any way of entering the house, I tried some obvious things, like reloading a save or even reloading the game, but there doesn't seem to be way to actually enter it for me

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