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[UCANT] Turnabout Bakeshop (Released!)Topic%20Title
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Spoiler warning: This fancase contains spoilers for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice, and an implied spoiler for Spirit of Justice.

It's not easy going legitimate. When Winfred Kitaki is fatally shot behind the counter of the Kitaki Bakery, Wocky is charged with premeditated murder.

But don't worry! Apollo Justice is visiting from Kurain, and he has a plan, a witness, and an airtight argument.

The only problem is, he also has the worst defendant ever.


This is the inaugural case for UCANT, the Unity Custom Adventure Novel Toolkit! Features include high-definition graphics, customizable text display speed, sticky notes, and a Samurai Wolfman.

Download Links

If you are using a Mac, it may be necessary to right-click/control-click and give the executable permission to run.

PC Version

Mac Version

I appreciate feedback, comments, and bug reports.

Spoiler: Preview screenshots


Spoiler: Credits, spoilers ahead
All Ace Attorney assets, trademarks, characters, and settings belong to Capcom Co., Ltd., which does not endorse this fancase in any way.

Turnabout Bakeshop
Designed, written, and scripted by FerdieLance

Unity components:
Unity Game Engine developed by Unity Technologies
UCANT Casemaker by Ferdielance
Additional UCANT assistance by Trybien
Reorderable List package by Rotorz, used under the MIT License

Beta testers:
The Armenator
IKG Productions

Additional Graphic Assets:
Viola hat base sprite - Umineko no Naku Koro ni[i] sprite edited by FerdieLance
Map - Edited from Capcom assets by FerdieLance
Wolf head - Karen Arnold
Kitchen BG base - ぐったりにゃんこ
Handshake - Dreamstime stock photos
Viola 'Hold It' frame - jokantola
Fox woodcut - Harrison Weir
Pie images:
* Igleheart's Cake Secrets (1922)
* Scott Bauer, USDA
* RJ Snider

[i]Additional Music:

* Kitaki Commercial ("Family Business") - Zebestian
* Samurai Wolfman stinger cue - Hasegawa Tomoki
* Trials and Tribulations Court Remix - MC Bomber (orpheusedm)
* Confession, from Kamaitachi no Yoru - Kota Kano
* Recollection, from Kamaitachi no Yoru - Kota Kano
* Viola's theme, from Crusaders of Centy - Motokazu Shinoda
* Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran) Remix - allthings8bit
* Wocky GS Appellate Project Remix - Enter the Jaws Theme
* Post-Trial, from True Fortune - Noriyuki Iwadare
* Credits, Daily Training - Scaredsim

Special Thanks
To other AA casemaker developers for inspiration...

...and to my wife, for her patience, insight, and support.

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Re: [UCANT] Turnabout Bakeshop (Released!)Topic%20Title
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So far, I'm loving this case. Its usually very hard for me to play cases with no walk-through, but I found this one to be easy or somewhat easy until a certain person's testimony.
Ok, now I don't know what the hell I should do next. I tried nearly every single piece of evidence even the Attorney's Badge but no luck. Can you atleast give me a hint on what to do for his first testimony?

EDIT: Never mind, I managed to find the answer. Here's a shortened version of my review.
I love love love this case. I'm so glad I you made this case on UCANT. The transition whenever I click on Plan, Evidence or Profile is sooo smooth. The Plan section felt like it made Apollo look like a real defense attorney. I thought for a second managed to surpass his mentor at that moment.

Now here's the part I found weird:
How could Plum just shoot her husband? I'm basing this on the dialogue between Mr. Kitaki and Plum, when she shot him, she didn't seem like she had any remorse or regret over it.
Re: [UCANT] Turnabout Bakeshop (Released!)Topic%20Title
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Thanks for the review!

Spoiler: Culprit's reasons
Plum had a few reasons to shoot Winfred at that point. None of them were very good reasons, but murder generally isn't something people do for good reasons.

* She correctly believed that Winfred was definitely going to kill himself, one way or the other, even if his plan was terrible. His pride as a father and his shame at the bakery's financial failure both drove him to "fix" the problem. So killing Winfred herself instead would at least make it more likely for Wocky to get the money and save his life.

(She had no faith whatsoever in his ability to make a suicide look like a murder to Viola's discerning eyes.)

* She knew that little time remained to get the money for Wock. If Winfred's plan failed, it was unlikely they'd find another way to get that insurance.

* She was angry that Winfred was going to leave either her or Wocky to get rid of the evidence. He didn't tell her that Wocky was going to become an accomplice to his plot - and if he had, she would have been even angrier! - but she knew that somebody had to clean up. Above all, Plum did not want Wocky to become a criminal, so involving him in insurance fraud was something she absolutely wanted to avoid.

Winfred was forcing her and Wocky into a horrible position in the name of "protecting" them. There's some parallel here to what Godot does in T&T case 5.

Now, Winfred never says she was angry, explicitly, in the case. I wrestled with the question of whether or not to mention this, but I decided it was better to leave implicit. I don't even think she was ready to admit that anger played a role, conscious or otherwise, in her decision. She claims to have killed Winfred for Wocky's sake, but if she had truly been objectively focused on what was best for Wocky, she'd have swallowed her pride and asked Viola for a loan, knowing that Viola had money and cared for Wocky's well-being.

(Why didn't she do that? Remember that the Cadaverinis and Kitakis are implied to have had a feud, and even though Viola states that the feud is over, it would be pretty humiliating (in Winfred and Plum's eyes, at least) for the Kitakis to beg her for money.)

* Finally, I wanted to explore the theme that self-sacrifice is not inherently noble, and that "falling on your sword" for someone else can be selfish, especially if you don't ask them first. Wocky had to get his tendency towards ridiculous self-sacrificing overprotectiveness (seen in AJ-2) from somewhere.

Short version: Plum felt obligated to take any steps necessary to protect Wocky, but ultimately acted to protect her own pride.


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I need help with the first cross examination with the defendant.

What do I do? I can't figure it out. I'm guessing it's something about either that he knows Trucy or that the bracelet can only see nonverbal cues.
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