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PyWright 0.989 unofficial thread + questionTopic%20Title
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Dunno if a thread like this exists yet or if this belongs in the original PyWright thread, but I wanted to make a general post for talking about the unofficial PyWright update that I first saw in Ropfa's Conflict of Interest case: here

This version of PyWright does some cool things like fixing all the issues 0.988 had with testimonies and displaying text vs skipping it by mashing the press/present buttons midway through a statement. It also fixed the size of the textbox, which used to be way too large.

However, it created a new problem with smoothscaling. The older version of PyWright scaled up images much nicer than this one. For comparison's sake, here's an example from an AAI fancase I'm working on scaled up to 512px in the old and new versions of PyWright.



To me, the newer screenshot looks like a really awkward waifu2x distortion of the original. The new font also has multiple holes on it where you can see the background behind it. Is there a fix released to change the scaling back to how it was before or do I have to manually drag the code from the old PyWright to the new one?

If it's the latter, which .py files contain the code for scaling up images in PyWright?
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