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Isaac Emerald: Ace AttorneyTopic%20Title

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Upstart Defense Attorney Isaac Emerald has grown to be a very Smarmy and aditudy Person. And when he passes the bar exam, gets his attorneys badge, and takes on his first case. He believes he has everything in the bag.
But suddenly his life is rocked when he is shoved into a multitude of cases. All connected to each other in one way or another. And he is nothing more than shocked when he finds out that his older brother
who he thought had disappeared off the face of the earth, has suddenly returned and is now facing him in court as a prosecutor. He now seems to have some kind of vendetta against Isaac now as well.
Isaac's brother seems to be trying to prove a point. And the point becomes more clear to isaac as he takes on these cases.
If isaac doesn't mature and change his act as a person, a young boy's life will be in grave danger and will soon be in the hands of an elusive and unidentified serial killer.
With an investigative journalist on his side, Isaac begins to realize that being too confident in dire times can lead him into deep trouble.
(credit to Totally lost for helping with the boxart.)

When will i work on this you may be wondering? depends on my mood really. Probably when i have the free time to do so. And when i have the motivation. Keep in mind that i have another project i'm working on too. And i plain on paying more attention to that currently. (oh by the way this game takes place in its own universe.)

Case 1: I Got This Turnabout In The Bag

Synopses of the case:
ts Isaac's first case in his career as a lawyer! And its a doozy. His MENTOR is under suspicion of murdering a delinquent who was caught spraying graffiti on the wall of his agency. And of course Isaac refuses to accept someone like him would do such a thing over something so trivial. So he takes the case without hesitation and with absolute confidence! But even then his mentor still wants to guide him through the process. As more facts are revealed Isaac begins to question who's really telling the truth. The witness? Or the one he's defending, His mentor.
Cast: Isaac Emerald Age: 21 ImageVery smarmy and confident. Hates being wrong and gets really frustrated if proven wrong. Even with these traits he still strives to pursue the truth and confirm every single fact of a case.
Alphred Parton Age 31: Isaac's mentor. Bio and sprites are work in progress
Drake Sigma Age 29: The detective of this game. Bio and sprites are work in progress
Filbert Hurte Age 33: Pretty much the Winston payne of this universe. Bio and sprites are work in progress
Julia Ary Age 20: Owner of the Ary and co Jewlery store. Bio and sprites are work in progress

Case 2: A Picture Perfect Turnabout
Synopses: W.I.P

Case 3: Turnabout At Sea
Synopses: W.I.P

Case 4: Turnabout Relationships
Synopses: W.I.P

Case 5: Turnabout Massacre
Synopses: W.I.P

I may make a sprite thread sometime in the future. When I do I will post more sprites from the game there more than here. My discord tag is June-pie #3279 so if you are interested in helping me make this side project happen let me know by dm'g me on discord or just letting me know here. Thank you very much!
The kind of workers I need:
Writers: I've tried to write like the AA writers once and it didn't turn out that good so I may need some help with making the writing of this game actually feel like Ace Attorney.
Spriters: Now don't get me wrong I can sprite well myself! but my attention spam can be a real hinderance when trying to make sprites that aren't as. Simple as other ones I have done. So I would appreciate help with this too.
Background artist: An artist who can draw backrounds and CG's Now I COULD always use google images but I wanna make this game feel more genuine and have custom backgrounds and stuff! And I just can't draw that well for the life of me. If I can't find an artist I will have not choice but to use google images. I guess it does not matter in the end.
Composer: Again i don't have the atenttion span to make music on the same level of awsomeness as the canon series's music. So yeah. Help with this will indeed be usefull. And if i can't find anyone i'll just ask other composers for there tracks.
Possible character designer: I could use some help with designing the characters that pop out more in this game. You know. For example: Characters like Luke Atmey, Ben woodman, and straganov from the canon series. I am pretty much only good at designing attorneys and simpler looking characters
Coders: Someone who can do the more advanced things for me. I can do more simpler coding like text n shiz. Also another thing. I promise, if you decide to work with me, that i will give you the most amount of respect i can muster, i won't rush, boss around, or insult you as a human being. To me you won't be known as much of a worker but more of a bro or broette who's helpin me out. That is all.
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