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Clyde Equity: Ace Attorney | [Dec 11 Update]Topic%20Title
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Edit: December, 11th, 2021 [Edited the post a little bit, making some progress, added estimate time until Case 1 comes out]

Clyde Equity: Ace attorney!
A game I've been working on for a while now.

Hello! I haven't been on here for a while and there's a valid reason why. I have been working on this game.
I have my own style too!
--Added to the game--

This game has new mechanics that I made.

Spoiler: Mechanics
There are choices in this game that sometimes matter and sometimes don't, before the trial you have a Pre Trial thing that you go through to look at what's happened in the case so far, there is also Clyde's golden eye which can tell if someone's lying and an Image appears into their head showing what they are thinking while they are saying the lie.

--How long will It take for this game to come out or how long have I been working on this game--

I've been working on this game since maybe July and I've been doing great progress!
Right now I'm working on case one and It might take a while so, be patient, please.


Script: ~15% Sprites: ~56% [(1) Sprite Set fully created] Case 1: ~15% Complete - Case 2: N/A - Case 3: N/A - Case 4: N/A Case 5: N/A
If you want to playtest you may message me!

Thank you for reading this and or the people who support me while making this.


Spoiler: Fanart
ImageBy: SuperAj3
ImageBy: LastRitesBish (On tumblr)

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