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Turnabout Ultimate (A BIG Project that you can work on too!)Topic%20Title
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Turnabout Ultimate, a series of cases with humor, fun, investigation and more that you can help design various parts.
Currently for this project, I've decided to use AA Online until PWLIB comes out, so when I make a case, I'll make it open so anyone who wants can have their name put up to help design various things. (My name is K-G on AA Online)
I'll need various jobs which are open:
1. Court Maker: Focuses mostly on trial creation, such as the selection of witnesses and prosecutor (most of the time, it'll be Klavier and maybe Lana if by popular demand) and court dialogue as well as cross-examinations.
2. Investigation Scene Makers: These people, if they do not know how to make an investigation scene, I can show them easy ways through PMing.
3. Sprite Makers: A unique game is not complete without some awesome custom sprites, and yes, you may place your character in TU.
4. Remixers: Optional, but if you want, you can make special remixes for certain court scenes in which you WILL be credited in the credits section at the end with everyone else.
5. 2nd CEO: This person is to take the reins of this project should I forget about it for awhile.
You may select up to TWO jobs if you like, or just one.
Oh, and who can forget...
6. Case Suggesters: If you don't want to help design, you can merely suggest ideas for certain cases that will be included. NOTE: They must be do-able, so try not to suggest something too wild.
Planned Playables:
Lana (again, if by popular demand)
So... I'll make the first case soon and we can start by me telling you your name on AA Online so I can let you access the editor.
Back, check out LOZ AA.
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