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This is a Choose Your Own Adventure that I also have running in GameFAQs, on the Apollo Justice board. I will be posting entries in here as well, and counting votes on both sites. I hope you enjoy it as others do in the other site.

I also THINK I'm in the right forum, but am not sure. If I'm not, please don't get mad, just point me in the right direction.

Please keep in mind that there may be minor to major spoilers for the entire series, so keep reading at your own risk. I have not checked for spoilers, but I probably had at least a few throughout the process.

Here's a summary of the story, from memory. The reason I use the spoiler tag is for the fact that one could also read it in it's entirety on GameFAQs.

- It starts with Apollo going to a presentation on plot holes.
- He sees Trucy there, and a quick transition later, the meeting is done, and they go outside
- They run into the members of the bi-monthly "We Hate Ace Attorneys Who Have Ruined Our Life" club, consisting of Engarde fans, ex-gangsters that worked under Dee Vasquez, Prosecutor Payne, Mike Meekins, and the leader, Money the monkey.
- A lengthy fight later, Apollo slays Money the Monkey, but another life is lost. Officer Mike Meekins dies on the scene, having been attacked in another place.
- The police come, and Trucy is arrested for murder.
- The trial commences, and Apollo eventually finds that Mr. Hat had killed Meekins.
- Before the trial could go on any more, Mr. Hat fesses up, but as a parting gift, tells the court that Apollo killed Money, which is animal cruelty. While Trucy gets her not guilty verdict, Apollo goes off to jail. He avoids disbarrment, as a side note.
- Apollo arrives in jail, to be confronted by Daryan, who is shooed off by Jean Armstrong, who happened to be there on evading payments.
- Apollo finds his cell, only to be cooped up with Mr. Hat.
- Mr. Hat tries to attack Apollo, but suddenly Apollo challenges him to a break-dance off (the voters had spoken!^^).
- This was in turn interrupted by activity time, in which they were sent out to the courtyard, a desolate area for prisoners to congregate, and commence with carefully watched activities.
- Apollo rejoins Armstrong, to also meet Jake Marshall, who's still in jail, Victor Kudo for disorderly conduct, and Wesley Stickler for grand theft panties.
- The group is confronted by Kristoph, who is with Luke Atmey, Sal Manella, and Daryan Crescend.
- The two groups fight, and Apollo's becomes victorious, Victor Kudo finishing off Kristoph with quick thinking from Apollo ("Hey, that blonde guy's feeding the pidgeons!")
- The guards arrive, and Apollo uses lawyer mind tricks to get his own cell, and escape blame.
- In an isolation cell, a dark figure is acosted by Kristoph, and plans are made to kill Apollo and co. The dark figure turns out to be Godot, sans the visor, now completely blind.
- Apollo leaves jail, and goes to the new Kitaki restaraunt, a shallow parody of Sweeney Todd, as it is a meat pie restaraunt.
- Phoenix receives a call on his cell phone. He tells Apollo to go outside.
- In an alley, Apollo discovers the prosecutor and the puppet. Mr. Hat attacks Apollo, and Godot goes inside.
- While Phoenix is off in the bathroom, Godot kidnapps Trucy, and takes her to the roof of the building. Phoenix soon realizes this upon returning, and goes outside.
- Apollo traps Mr. Hat in the dumpster, and goes to aid his mentor.
- Phoenix fights Godot, but is at a disadvantage. Apollo arrives, and attacks Godot, but to no avail. Seeing both his daughter and pupil hurt, this pushes him further over the edge. As Phoenix delivers blow after blow, they reach the edge of the roof. Godot pulls them both down, dying.
- Apollo awakens at a hospital to see Little Plum and Trucy. Little Plum has taken care of everything, and now has a fresh supply of toothpicks, and a new flavor of meat pie, prosecutor.
- Phoenix happens to be in the bed next to Apollo, and in good condition.
- After recovering, they decide to split up for a while, and meet at the Wonder Bar.
- Apollo meets Ema at the ice cream parlor, and she storms off. Snackooing ensued during that period of time.
- Apollo comes to the Wonder Bar, to see his mentor with Ema, ready to watch Trucy.
- Trucy's show starts, and reveals a new Mr. Hat. Apollo is asked to go on stage, and ends up being stuck in the trap door.
- A ladder argument ensues, and Apollo is left in the trap door, with no way out.
- At midnight, he is let out, and then pushes Trucy into the trap door.
- The next day, Apollo finds that his entire wardroobe is pink, finding a note from Trucy.

- The Point of View changes to Edgeworth, and in the past. He's called in on a case, and is assisted by Gumshoe at the scene. Sandra Rivales was killed.
- Edgeworth finds Larry Butz there, and arrests him for the murder of Sandra, partly for strategy, partly from the wrath of Edgey!
- The trial starts, and Kristoph is the defense attorney. During the trial, Edgeworth finds out that Oldbag is a witness. After the trial ends in stalemate, Edgeworth goes to interview Larry.
- After getting his account, Edgeworth and Gumshoe confront Oldbag, and get some vital evidence. They then go to an "abandoned" office building.
- Edgeworth sneaks in, and over-hears a conversation between Lucky Rivales and Kristoph, revealing that Kristoph had gotten the gun to "disapear". However, the son of Lucky, who actually comitted the crime, taped the entire thing.
- Edgeworth goes on to find the tape, but is discovered by a grunt.
- PoV changes to Gumshoe, who saves Edgeworth while getting the tape at the same time.
- Kristoph, late at night, comes into to greet the mob boss. He then has Lucky killed by his former gang members.
- PoV changes back to Edgeworth. The next day, Edgeworth uses the evidence to get the verdict he wants, but is unable to implicate Kristoph as the one manipulating things behind the scenes.

- PoV changes to Maya for a while, but I eventually stop it because I found it was going no where. This was in the past as well.

- PoV goes back to Edgeworth, still in the past, who now has Klavier as his intern. They cover another case, involving the death of Dreyfus Lebowski. It involved Blue Screens Inc., where teh victim worked, and events that took place months ago.
- DeKiller is found to be involved, and has an apprentice somewhere.
- The first day of trial, Klavier can't show up, so Edgeworth fills in, Grossberg the defense attorney.
- Edgeworth finds out that Klavier was shot in the shoulder by a masked assailant. Edgeworth investigates, eventually happening on a file that casts doubt that Rena Aner is really who she says she is. DeKiller confronts Edgeworth, and kidnapps him.
- Events transpire, and Klavier and Franziska figure out something's up. Franziska gets Gumshoe and Meekins, the only available officers, and search the hospital.
- Franziska, Gumshoe, and Meekins find Edgeworth, tied up by DeKiller, and DeKiller himself. DeKiller knocks Gumshoe aside, and Meekins fights and kills DeKiller.
- The three prosecutors in Klavier's hospital room, along with Gumshoe, plot to find out what's going on. Edgeworth moves in to distract Rena, while Gumshoe runs surveillance, and Franziska sneaks in, nad obtains information.
- Edgeworth akwardly keeps her distracted, as Rena hits on Edgeworth the entire time. Franziska finds out that Rena is the new DeKiller. Grabbing evidence, she leaves.
- A short time after Franziska meets up with Gumshoe, a disheveled Edgeworth, with mussed hair and clothing, enters the car, and they leave.
- The trial commences, and Rena is found to not only be the real murderer, but is now the new DeKiller. She escapes, the trial in shambles. The defendant is not guilty. Edgworth suspects Kristoph had something to do with this indirectly, but doesn't have proof, nor does he tell Klavier of his suspicions.

- A new case ensues. Phoenix is arrested for the murder of Hugo Datway.
- During investiagtion, both Klavier and Edgeworth meet Mr. Hat and Trucy, and Edgeworth sees April May once more, which had explosive results (as in, temper going bye-bye).
- After interviewing Wright, Edgeworth blows up at both the prosecutor and the former attorney.
- Fed up with the last two cases ending like they did, and having a strong resentment towards Phoenix, he breaks. In his despair, he finds Pearl alone in the Fey Manor, and tricks her into channeling Manfred von Karma.
- Edgeworth tries to present forged evidence in court the next day, and is sent away, and his evidence refuted by Klavier, staying true to his proffession.
- von Karma and Edgeworth speak briefly, the board is mentioned as not being able to pin Edgeworth for false evidence, but manages to fine him for contempt of court.
- Edgeworth calls Franziska over, and is confronted by her father. Manfred takes his whip back, and threatens his daughter, banishing her from the country until she has made a new perfect record. She runs off, and does as she's told.

- Fast forward six years later, to present day. Franziska has a new whip, and sees Edgeworth at the airport. It turns out that two years after von Karma was brought into the world again, he had come out of contact from Edgeworth, and was now acting on his own. Knowing that he must be stopped, they go to the Wright Anythign Agency.

- PoV turns once more to Apollo, who is confronted by the two prosecutors. He goes to retreive his mentor, and suddenly Apollo finds himself defending Larry Butz.
- Apollo, along with the three that knew Butz previously interviewed him. After a conversation, Phoenix and Edgeworth escort Apollo to the crime scene. Now alone, Apollo discovers Trucy at a studio within the building, and meets Lotta Hart, who was a witness. After interviewing her, they go to the other studio.
- At the second studio, they discover the crime scene, and Ema, who is only guarding the place until the chief of police comes to the scene. Apollo sees a card with a lily on it.
- The chief of police enters, and it turns out it is Gumshoe.
- Apollo gathers more information, and then goes to the Wright Anything Agency to study for the case.
- The day of court comes. von Karma is prosecuting. He had attained a full college degree in three years, and re-took the bar exam, and applied as a prosecutor. He got the job, because he had no criminal record, seeing that he was dead, and technically served his sentence in full, and since files don't follow the dead, he had no criminal record.
- The trial commenced, and von Karma had lost. However, a cloaked figure came out of no where. It was Godot, with three Evil Hats, Mr. Hats with black clothing and red eyes.
- A battle ensued, Evil Hats invading the courtroom. The group wins, but now they are stuck in the turmoil of battle, and find out the entire city is being attacked.
- A plan is made. Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Ema go to get Maya. While they are out, the courtroom is attacked again, this time two Crimson Hats, Mr. Hats with red clothing and one giant eye, attacked. They barely pulled through, and Maya makes it to the courtroom.
- Edgeworth goes out for recconoasiance, and is eventually surrounded by Evil Hats. Suddenly, seven Mr. Hats that are in while clothing, and have a scar along their head that emulates stitches come out, and save Edgeworth, a woman amongst the white Mr. Hats. It's Lily De Killer, with her Killer Hats, her personal assistants/bodyguards. Edgeworth decides to go with her, even though there are major risks involved.
- Lily reveals that she had kidnapped Klavier before the trial, as were her orders, but since she wasn't ever paid by von Karma, she decides to take revenge. She "asks" for Edgeworth to join her on a date in her secret Penthouse, and they do so, at the end of it Edgeworth gets information, and learns that Klavier will soon be freed. Edgeworth leves, protected by the Killer Hats. It turns out that von Karma had all of this planned form the get-go. He had Godot removed from prison, so that he could kill and clone him. The Godot in prison so long ago was a fake, and forty more were in existence, which is now 39, since the one that was in court was killed by Edgeworth and Phoenix. The security of von Karma's base is too heavy to go in with a small team, so someone has to infiltrate it.
- Edgeworth arrives with the info, and doesn't tell how he got it, or about Lily DeKiller.
- While forming a plan, Apollo learns from the judges that the city will be nuked in a week, unless the problem takes care of itself, and that the government is denying the existence of the incident.
- A plan is hatched, and all able citizens go to People Park, to lure out con Karma's forces.
- Mr. Hat infiltrates the Prosecution building, von Karma's base, and before disabling the security, is confronted by one of three Karma Hats, a Mr. Hat that resembles von Karma, and is the most deadly of his army. Mr. Hat defeats the Karma hat, and finishes his job.
- The citizens ready for battle. Every other character that's still alive is on this battle field, and ready to fight. Three out of many Godots attack it directly, five staying back.
- While ascending the Prosecutor's building, the group is confronted by a room full of Crimson Hats, along with 10 Godot clones. The group wins, but is heavily injured, especially Phoenix who took stray pellets from a shotgun shell that Gumshoe fired saving Phoenix from a Godot.
- They retreat, going to the Hotti Clinic haven. Phoenix's operation goes off without a hitch, and he'll be better by the next day.
- The three Godots that attacked are dead, killed by Cody, Jake Marshall, and Dessie DeLite.
- A Godot, who is confused, finds a dead Godot with a visor intact, but the data on it is corrupted. He finds out his name, age, and occupations, but nothing else. He takes the visor, and reprograms it, hiding in obscurity until he can figure out his purpose.
- Kristoph enters the prossecution building, where von Karma is. Kristoph is finally sane, but realizes that von Karma can't be sent back to the world of the dead, or else.
- von Karma speaks to his two remaining Karma Hats, and it is revealed that Pearl soemtimes tries to retake her body back, but has failed every time, but this time, she's getting stronger for some reason.
- The group attacks again, Apollo and Gumshoe escorting Maya while Klavier, Mr. Hat, the judges, and Ema distract security on the ground floor. Apollo catches a glimpse of Kristoph, and follows him, leaving Gumshoe to defend Maya. Apollo goes down a floor, and finds Kristoph, who attacks.

And that, is basically all that has happened in a nutshell. For better detail, and the rest of the story, please visit GameFAQs to see the rest.

My next post shall be the latest entry in the CYOA.
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