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So, I logged into C-R for the first time in five years because none of my friends have played AAI2. And the AAI2 section is sorely lacking in fan threads! As much as I love every character in this game, for some reason, Horace is my favorite... possibly due to this image making me think about him nonstop.

But anyway, I seriously think he's such an interesting character.

Spoiler: AAI2 spoilers (all cases)
It was obvious from the start that he was Rooke's killer, but I had no idea he would be a victim himself. Not to mention his connection to Dover. It's crazy thinking about how Horse boy is part of the reason why the storyline of AA1 happened to begin with. If he chose to disobey his father, and Simon was able to keep helping his dad, then none of this might have happened.

I also think that the relationship between him and Simon is very interesting. I see a lot of fanart where Simon is in his cute-mode when it comes to talking to Horace but I think that to some respect, they were both the only people who knew that each other were bad (because of the part where Simon says he was the one who suggested Horace set up the fake assassination attempt... not something you'd expect a shy, soft person to do). It's kinda like... huh, Horace knew that Simon was a bad person and trusted him anyway because of his honest belief that they were good friends. If they were that close, though, I wonder why he never told him about who his father was...

Finally, simply the fact that he killed Rooke for such a petty reason is kinda unusual? Ace Attorney does have a lot of dislikeable killers, but they're usually trying to hide another crime (such as Wellington or Sawhit) or have some personal connection to the killer, which is not the case at all with Horace. He's legit just an asshole! I don't know if it could even be explained off by him having the same backstory as Simon (who is typically seen as a more sympathetic villain) because at least he was only killing people who actually wronged him in the past.

Unrelated to that, I heard his Japanese voiced "OBJECTION!" for the first time today. He sounds so cool!
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