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Hi :]Topic%20Title
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Hi! I'm Beau :] I'm new :D Ace Attorney is my special interest ^o^

My fave games are the investigations games n my fave characters r rlly any of the culprits :] More specifically (Spoilers for culprits - All games)
Ini Miney, Quercus Alba, Patricia Roland, Cammy Meele, Furio Tigre, Jacques Portsman, Alita Tiala, Dee Vasquez, Shelly DeKiller, Sirhan Dogen, Horace Knightley, Dane Gustavia, L'Belle, Redd White, April May, Kristoph Gavin, Luke Atmey, Damon Gant, Blaise Debeste, and Manfred von Karma.
n my other faves are Colias Palaeno, Valant Gramarye, Rhoda Tenerio, Justine Courtney, Sebastian Debeste, and Lisa Basil :D Honestly I really just like any of the characters ;w;

I'm currently playing Case 3 of Duel Destinies! :D

Apart from Ace Attorney, I also like TF2, Vocaloid, and WarioWare. I also play on Minecraft Java with the same username on here :]

I also love lost media or creepypastas and I plan on archiving a bunch of Ace Attorney stuff one day :D (2021 resolutions ig)

I also draw alot! I may post my AA drawings here soon ;D

I also play on Attorney Online and I'm in the Discord for this forum :] Feel free to msg me! (Beau#1304)

I hope to post more on here ^^ Bye!!
Re: Hi :]Topic%20Title
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The CEO of Ace Attorney 7

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Welcome! Its good to meet you! I hope to see you around the community!
Re: Hi :]Topic%20Title
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Hello world

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Welcome :maya: i am also very new to this place but never made any posts about it
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"The defense is petting everyone your honor!"
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