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Call me Rori! I made this account a couple months ago, but never posted anything? So I guess I'll start with my introduction!
I've been into Ace Attorney since 2010, when I came across it on a youtube video, and promptly bought the games I could find (TT and AJ) and it's been a hyperfixation ever since! So far, I've played every game except for DGS 1 and 2, and I only played about half of AAI2, having watched the rest online. I do wanna replay it fully though!

My favorite characters are Jacques Portsman, Trucy, Manfred von Karma, Matt Engarde, Edgeworth, Kristoph Gavin, Cammy Meele, Pearl and Sebastian Debeste, but I like waaay more characters than just those.
I read a lot of fanfiction and do write it myself, though I have yet to publish any of my AA fanfics lol. Same with fanart, aside from a couple pieces. I'm also an avid shipper, but I leave people who don't wanna take part in that alone with it, and, uh,.. yeah!

Also, I've been a huge fan of this site ever since I found it back in 2010 too, and I love all the resources it has. I wonder why it even took me so long to make an account here haha

Well, anyways, it's good to finally be here, and I hello to everyone here!
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Welcome to the forums! Nice to see someone else on here, enjoy your time here.
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