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Chances are, at least one of the bands on your playlist has broken up, what's the story?
Yes, this is another topic for us to gush about our favorite music (or talk about recent band breakups)
While this thread was obviously inspired by the recent breakup of Daft Punk I thought it might be more interesting to have a topic about bands that went their separate ways.
We can also talk about stories of how certain musicians passed away, thus breaking up their band.
Like Dimebag Darrell's fatal shooting, marking the end of Damageplan (I.E Pantera 2.0).

My personal greatest loss as far as music goes was The Bravery, anyone who's discussed favorites with me, or remembered any of my older post would know how big a fan I was.
I can still remember when I booted up my Gamecube and put in a game I had juuuust traded 10 games for at Gamestop.
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.
Anyone who's played any of the Tony Hawk games knows that the soundtrack is almost always full of great music. But one song stuck out to me, Unconditional. I loved that song, loved the music, loved the lyrics. I looked up the band on Myspace, and found more and more music I adored.
I was a complete fanboy, one of my only childhood regrets was probably that I never got to hear them live. They disbanded sometime in 2012, (which was around the time I was homeless for the first time) and I had never been more disappointed by something ending than I was with that.

I'm not going to post a thousand links for every song from them that I think is great (I think there's only 2 that I don't like)
But I can at least share what the lead singer is up to now, he's started another band called The Mercy Beat, Sweet is one of the more popular songs they've done.
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