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Re: GK2 CD Drama (Full playlist available)Topic%20Title
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1) In my head, I always imagined that ミハル was written 美晴, as 美春 would be to close to 春美. And if the final script is to be a localised one, yes, this name should be localised too.
2) I think the keshigomu localisation works better if you have a word that has nothing to do with Yahari and Miharu; the joke is that something completely unrelated shows up which is confusing Mikumo (which is why I don't think the mary ~ miharu suggestion conveys the spirit of the lines).
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Re: GK2 CD Drama (Full playlist available)Topic%20Title
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Alright, fine. "Mabel" it is.

Well, I'd figured the name "Mary" showing up would be unexpected enough. I think "merry" as in "Merry Christmas" would be a little too appropriate - as in, it'd work as a greeting on its own.

Oh, how about this? Since we're localizing it, I'll take a few liberties here and there.
"M...A...R...K... Mark y me? Sounds like a code! Do we have to solve it to get it?"

"No, I believe that's meant to be an 'R'. It says, 'Marry me'."

"Huh, he mixed up one R with a K, but not the other."

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Re: GK2 CD Drama (Full playlist available)Topic%20Title
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Shouldn't we make a final version of the translation? It might be a bit too rough as it is now.
"One dumbbell, Watson! Consider an athlete with one dumbbell! Picture to yourself the unilateral development, the imminent danger of a spinal curvature. Shocking, Watson, shocking!" - The Valley of Fear
Re: GK2 CD Drama (Full playlist available)Topic%20Title
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I was actually awaiting some sort of feedback from my last post, but since no one responded for a while, I revised it the way I felt like... and eventually forgot to post it here. I'll update the first post too for easier access, as soon as I get someone to check through all this.

Localized Script
Spoiler: Ep 1
Larry: Ah, finally found it! I thought my stand went somewhere. *shiver* Whew, thinking about it, it's gotten kinda chilly. And wasn't that toilet further away?
Ah, well. The great Larry Butz isn't going to let this little cold hold him back! Besides, I've got just the thing for Mabel at the fair... Hehehehehe.
Hm? What the, the moon's out. And it was so dark just a moment ago.


Huh? ...Oh, it's just the wind. Still, it feels kinda creepy now. Plus, it's pretty late already and there's still tomorrow, so I guess I'd better get back home!


Wah! W-what was that!? W-what's that sound!? I-is someone there? ...Aah!

???: *huff*... *huff*...

Larry: Eeek! M-Mr. Alien...?

???: Yes... that's right. We are messengers from outer space.

Larry: Th-they're really heeere!! Ah! M-my stand, i-i-it's flying! A, a UFO... A UFO took my stand... Gaaaah!



Edgeworth: It's some rather pleasant weather today.

Kay: It's gotten pretty warm, huh? Mr. Edgeworth, are you taking the day off today?

Edgeworth: I don't have anything particular planned today. For once in a while, I can take it easy.

*rumble, rumble*

Edgeworth: Hm? That noise... I've got a bad feeling about it. Kay, please lock the door.

Kay: Oh, sure.


Kay: Ah!

Larry: Edgeyyyy!! Help meee!!

Edgeworth: Too late...

Kay: Oh, it's Larry... Whoa!

Larry: Kay, darling, you're looking just as cute today!
Wait, this isn't the time for that! Edgey, listen to me! An alien just stole my stand!

Edgeworth: An alien? Hmph, what nonsense are you going on about now?

Larry: Really, I mean it! Come on, just listen!

Edgeworth: I would if you'd stop making that sour face.

Larry: It's 'cause of what happened that I'm making one! Just hear me out, okay!?

Edgeworth: Whether or not I hear your out, I can already tell by your face that you've been caught up in some odd trouble again.

Larry: That's what I'm saying! You get it, right? At last, I've really been attacked by an alien!

Kay: A-alien... *whisper* (I hope Larry's just feeling a little sick and not anything worse...)

Edgeworth: It's alright, Kay. In any case, I'll listen to his story.

Larry: You'll really hear me out, best buddy!? I knew friends were the best people in life!

Edgeworth: Fine, fine, just start talking! I may not have much time to spend with you.

Larry: Oh, really? Okay, I'll talk...
For the upcoming fair, I figured I'd bring my Samurai Dog stand, so I set it up yesterday night.

Kay: Fair? Ah, you mean the one at Gourd Lake Park, right?

Larry: Yeah. I bet lots of people will be showing up if I set up my stand there. But then, that so important cart was snatched away by an alien!

Edgeworth: Alien, alien, you've been saying that nonsense for a while now. There's no such thing as an alien.

Larry: No, there is! There was! The UFO was there too!

Kay: Larry, you saw a UFO!? Wow! Was it really cool!?
...Uh, but now isn't the time for that, heh heh.

Edgeworth: Whether by alien or UFO, in any case, Larry's cart was stolen by someone.

Larry: That's what I'm saying! The culprit is an extraterrestrial lifeform!

Edgeworth: Good grief... How did you ever land yourself into this sort of trouble? You're ever the unlucky sap. 'If something smells, it's usually the Butz.' Nothing ever changes there, does it?

Larry: Whatever, just do something, anything! If I don't get that cart back, I'll get desperate! There'll be rumors all about me seeing aliens!

Edgeworth: Hmph... what a disappointment. It looks like my day off will have to wait.


Kay: Wow, Gourd Lake Park is already in that festive spirit! There are all sorts of carts and stalls out! Aah... but they look like they're still getting ready.

Gumshoe: It's a huge event, after all! Lots of people will be gathering here. Even us police are getting really pumped to get the security ready!

Edgeworth: Even though I didn't exactly call for you, Detective Gumshoe...

Gumshoe: That doesn't matter, sir! I'm your personal subordinate! But, finding a cart that was stolen by an alien? It's yet another troublesome case, huh.

Edgeworth: What's troublesome is this man here.

Larry: Me? Hehehe, aw shucks.

Edgeworth: That wasn't a compliment. Well? Was this place where your cart was stolen?

Larry: Yeah, I think it is. It was pretty dark and all, so I got lost on my way to and from the toilet.

Edgeworth: Well then, Larry, could you explain in a little more detail what occurred?



Larry: Like I said, for the upcoming fair, I figured I'd bring out my Samurai Dog stand and set it up here. The day was coming up real soon, so I had to stay late into the night.

Gumshoe: You worked for that long, pal?

Larry: Yeah, I just stuck through it. It's all for Mabel's...

Kay: Mabel?

Larry: Aah, i-it's nothing, never mind.

Edgeworth: Don't hide anything! ...Well, I doubt it's of any importance. Then? What happened?

Larry: So I worked until I tired out and needed a break, and I went to the toilets in the park.

Kay: And on the way back, you got lost, huh? Where are the park's restrooms?

Gumshoe: Just one or two minutes away.

Kay: Eh? He got lost in that short of a distance?

Edgeworth: If it's Larry we're talking about, then it's very possible.

Larry: What the heck, man! How can you say that!? That hurts, you know! I even said earlier, it was dark and all these trees look the same, so it's hard to tell.

Gumshoe: Then, when you came back, the stand wasn't there anymore?

Larry: Yeah, uh wait, no. It was still there then. Yeah, it's how I knew where to get back to.


Edgeworth: You returned to where you saw the stand?

Kay: So, when did the alien show up?

Larry: Right when I came back. Suddenly, I heard this weird, ghghghghgh, rumbling sound. When I turned to see what it was, the alien was already standing there!


Edgeworth: A strange sound...?

Kay: What kind of alien was it!?

Larry: Uh, well... There was only a little backlighting, so I couldn't see it very clearly, just a shadow. It kinda had this black, slippery skin, and its eyes were freakishly big!

Gumshoe: Aah! I-I've seen that thing before too, pal! On TV!

Larry: And then, all of a sudden, my stand started floating and flew up into the sky! At that moment, I saw something glowing up there.

Gumshoe: W-was it sucked up by a UFO?

Edgeworth: UFOs don't exist.

Larry: Geez, Edgeworth, you're so hardheaded. By this time, if you don't have a grander cosmic sense, you're gonna be left behind an age.

Edgeworth: What "cosmic sense"? Are you suggesting such a transcendent lifeform with so much cosmic sense would steal a stand of hot dogs!?

Larry: Well, that's uh... one of those happenings beyond our control, right?

Edgeworth: Not to mention, if the thief rides in a UFO, retrieving it back would be impossible in the first place. No matter what, we can't do anything to fetch something that's been carried out to space. Now are you satisfied?

Larry: No, not really... But, I really did see it happen. Just like that... my stand went flying up toward the moon!

Kay: Toward the moon...? Oh, yeah, yesterday was a full moon, wasn't it?

Larry: Yeah, it was. My stand went flying toward that perfectly round moon. How the heck do you explain that!?

Edgeworth: Hmm... I don't have the answer to that yet. However, there must be some contradiction to it somewhere. What happened after that cart floated off?

Larry: Well... I didn't see that.

Edgeworth: You didn't see it?

Larry: After that, I kinda lost consciousness.

Gumshoe: It's only natural to faint after seeing an alien and its UFO.

Kay: The alien didn't do anything to you, did it?

Larry: Now that you mention it, my head's been hurting a bit since then.

Gumshoe: I saw that on TV before too! People who were captured by aliens all had their bodies planted with chips!

Kay: Then, Larry also had a chip planted in his head!? Hey, there's some kind of bulge on the back of his head...


Edgeworth: The back of his head? Hmm... I see.

Larry: S-seriously!? Edgey, this is bad! I'm being manipulated! Hurry up and take it out!

Edgeworth: Settle down! Before we get to that, there's one thing I need to confirm.

Gumshoe: Did you pick up on something, sir?

Edgeworth: I'd like to check the weather report for last night.

Kay: Weather? Okay, I'll go check it!

Larry: But yesterday night was pretty clear. It wasn't raining, and you could see the stars.

Edgeworth: All the same, I'll need a copy of the official report. Detective Gumshoe, if there are any other witnesses, search them out.

Gumshoe: Yes, sir! I'll search 'em out, sir!


Kay: I've checked up on it! Mr. Edgeworth, the weather for this area last night was clear throughout. It was so clear that there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Larry: See? Told ya.

Edgeworth: But that gives rise to a contradiction.

Kay: A contradiction? What kind of contradiction?

Edgeworth: That would be...

Gumshoe: Mr. Edgeworth, sir! I've found a suspicious man!

Edgeworth: A suspicious man? Who, exactly?

Gumshoe: Well, it's...

Lang: Lang Zi says... "Those who suspect the House of Lang will fall prey to the wolf's curse!"

Edgeworth: Agent Lang!

Lang: Mr. Prosecutor. Just what is the meaning of this? Why am I being treated as a suspect all of a sudden!?

Edgeworth: The suspicious man was Agent Lang?

Gumshoe: Since yesterday night, there have been people who've seen Agent Lang around in this area.

Lang: Just what are you investigating here?

Edgeworth: As a matter of fact, it would seem this acquaintance of mine has once again got caught up in some troublesome matter.

Larry: No, I've been caught up in some outrageous incident!

Lang: I see. It sure does sound interesting.

Gumshoe: His hot dog stand was stolen by an alien!

Edgeworth: That is to say, we'd appreciate it if you could lend us a hand. Agent Lang, just what happened here last night?

Lang: We're still investigating.

Edgeworth: Investigating?

Lang: We've received notice that an international group of jewelry thieves are planning to carry out a large-scale transaction before long. That's what we're investigating into. They're the kind to use dynamite explosives to stir up chaos. We'd been working constantly to hunt them down.

Edgeworth: Have they been captured?

Lang: Yeah, we got the criminals... just not the important jewels. Since we don't have the evidence, those guys aren't admitting to anything. Just where could they have stashed them...?

Kay: Hmm... Then, Mr. Lang's been here since last night, huh? Did you see anything weird?

Lang: Sorry, but I'd didn't see any aliens or UFOs. If there were any, I'd definitely have noticed something.

Larry: Could it be, that the alien also snatched up the jewels?

Lang: An alien stole the jewels? Hahahaha! In that case, we might as well give up the search!

Edgeworth: ...No, it may not be as ridiculous as it seems.

Lang: What?

Kay: What do you mean? Wait, you don't mean that the jewel thief is an alien, do you!?

Spoiler: Ep 2
Kay: So the jewel thief is an alien!?

Edgeworth: No, that's not what I mean. However, last night at the same place, two things have disappeared. These two things may have some sort of connection. We can't overlook any connection it may be.

Lang: I see. Mr. Prosecutor, you sure do have a point there. Lang Zi says! "Even if there are two holes, there are more than two badgers." It's possible the two cases are connected.

Gumshoe: So the stand thief is also the jewel thief?

Edgeworth: Agent Lang, my thoughts exactly. If you don't mind, we'd like you to lend us a hand with the investigations.

Lang: Hah, in that case, there's no helping it. It looks like we're also stuck deep in this trouble. And, it's possible it's tied to this case. There's some merit to digging around here.

Edgeworth: We appreciate it.

Larry: Everyone... Everyone's working together for my sake...! I knew friends were the best people in life!

Lang: We're not doing this for you.

Edgeworth: Well then, let's hurry and search the neighborhood.


Gumshoe: Heeey! Staaand! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Edgeworth: Detective! We aren't searching for a lost dog or cat.

von Karma: So this case really is related to the band of thieves, is it?

Kay: Huh? It's the whip lady!

Edgeworth: Why is even Prosecutor von Karma here...?

Larry: Franny! Could it be, you've come here to see me?


Larry: Eek!

von Karma: It's only because I'm in charge of the case on the band of thieves.

Edgeworth: Is that so?

von Karma: Those thieves are the kind to use bombings to create chaos. We have yet to locate the bomb this time. That's what I'm now searching for.

Lang: So that's how it is. Fine, we'll team up.

Kay: Ah, there's someone there! Let's ask them about what happened yesterday! Excuse meee! We'd like to ask you a few things! So what happened here yesterday...?

???: What?

Larry: Bwaaah! It's the alien!

Edgeworth: No, it's...!

???: Oh, Edgey-poo! Have you come here chasing after me? You'd do anything to make this sweet old lady happy, wouldn't you? ...Wait, what the heck is wrong with my voice?

Larry: Oh, it's just the old bag.

Edgeworth: Y-you again! Why are you here!?

Oldbag: Aah-aah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Ah, fixed. I sniffed up a little of some weird gas.

Kay: Gas?

Oldbag: This thing.

Edgeworth: This is a gas mixture. It's used by divers who spend a long time underwater in areas where the water is deep. There's helium in it, so that's what changed your voice.

Oldbag: Edgey-poo! it must be Fate that led us to meet here! The two of us, Wendy and Edgey, struck by Cupid's arrows! Though we may be apart, like compasses, we point steadfast upon one another.

Edgeworth: J-just what is with that outfit?

Oldbag: It's a wetsuit, of course. I guess it's supposed to be my costume for today.

Larry: Oh, so it's for a job.

Oldbag: If it wasn't for work, I wouldn't even put this thing on. A smart hawk would hide its claws. I wouldn't just flaunt my beautiful body line to anyone! Well, if Edgey-poo wants to have a look, I wouldn't mind showing him! Only between Edgey-poo and I would we reveal ourselves to one another in secret! A

secret between only us, it's so exciting! So could I take a little peek?

Edgeworth: No, thank you!

Oldbag: Aw, shy as always.

Staff: Ms. Oldbag, what are you doing? Hurry up and get changed!

Larry: Huh? Is that one of the staff?

Oldbag: Get changed!? I've already done that!

Staff: What are you saying!? That's not the outfit! This is!

Oldbag: Ah? This isn't the right one?

Kay: Looks like she got a bit mixed up.

Larry: How'd you mix THAT up? Where did you even get that suit?

Oldbag: It was left over there. Talk about confusing. Who just left it there?

Gumshoe: Did someone forget it?

Edgeworth: Hmm... so that means someone had gone diving here.

von Karma: But swimming in this lake is prohibited; needless to say, diving.

Edgeworth: Not normally, anyway.

Oldbag: Never mind that, Edgey, help me take this thing off.

Edgeworth: Wh... why me!?

Oldbag: My, my, he's blushing! How cute.

Edgeworth: I-I am NOT blushing! We are very busy at the moment, so if you'll excuse us!

Oldbag: Oh, how cold. Well, that's fine with me too. I need to get back to work.

von Karma: I don't think I've ever met another such cantankerous old lady.

Edgeworth: Neither have I... thankfully.

Kay: Okay then, I'll try searching from above!

Edgeworth: Above?

Kay: There are lots of tall trees around here! I'll climb up and look around!


Larry: Whoa, Kay! You're like a ninja!

Kay: Heh heh! But I'm not a ninja, I'm a Great Thief! Wow, what a great view from up here!

Edgeworth: All the way up there... Kay, be careful!

Kay: I'm fiiine! ...Aaah!

Edgeworth: Did you see something?

Kay: I saw a huge crane out in the distance! There was that really big crane and a dump truck and stuff! What a thrill!

Lang: I know the feeling. The endless wilderness, and that moment when you touch the skies! The greatest thing about it is the feeling we humans get from it.

Larry: Oh, yeah. I saw that crane yesterday at the park too.

Edgeworth: The crane? It wasn't found on the park grounds, though.

Larry: Yeah, looks like it's gone today.

von Karma: I wonder if it was used in preparation of the festival.

Edgeworth: Hmm...

Kay: Aaah! I think I just had an idea! What if the criminal disassembled the cart and disguised it as a crane so they could move it out?

Edgeworth: As a crane?

von Karma: Why a crane?

Kay: 'Cause, it'd be cool if the cart could change into a crane! Clin-clank, clunk! That crane over there could actually be the cart we're looking for!

Edgeworth: Kay, you watch too many hero TV shows. Stay up there and keep searching.

Kay: Oof... okaaay, got it!

Gumshoe: Mr. Edgeworth, I also have an idea, sir!

Edgeworth: An idea?

Gumshoe: I'll be right back!


Gumshoe: I brought him, sir!

Edgeworth: Oh, it's Missile.

Missile: Yip! Yip yip yip!

Lang: I see. You're going to use a police dog.

Gumshoe: If it's Samurai Dogs we're looking for, just leave it to Missile! He'll sniff up the scent and dig 'em out!

Larry: But my stand flew up into the air, you know? That dog can't fly after it.

Edgeworth: If it really did disappear into the sky... well, we'll try looking around anyway.

Gumshoe: Missile, chase the smell of those Samurai Dogs! They're the dogs you ate before, pal!

Missile: Yip!

von Karma: He responded.

Edgeworth: He really likes those hot dogs, apparently.

Gumshoe: Whoa, what a tug! H-he's dragging me off!

*sniff, sniff*

Missile: Yip yip yip!

Lang: Looks like he found something already. Oh, and he's got it.

Gumshoe: Missile, show it here, pal! ...Whoa!

Missile: *snarf, gobble*... *gulp* <3

Larry: H-he ate it!?

Edgeworth: Again...? What a voracious sweet tooth.

Gumshoe: Missiiile! Don't eat it, pal!

Missile: ...Urf!! Blagh!

von Karma: He spit something out.

Gumshoe: Huh? There was something inside the dog... er, the hot dog.

Lang: What? ...This! It's a jewel! If it's in a place like this...

Edgeworth: It must be the jewel the thieves stole.

Lang: Yeah, no doubt about it.

Gumshoe: Really!? But what's it doing in a Samurai Dog...?

Lang: The thieves hid it. Lang Zi says: "Your important stash of savings goes in the refrigerator!" That is, it's an ironclad rule that people think of unexpected places to hide things they find precious.

Gumshoe: Even inside a hot dog, huh?

von Karma: If it's come to this, I wouldn't know where they could hide a bomb.

Lang: We'd better call for backup.

Edgeworth: Yes, we should.

Gumshoe: Seems like Missile hurt his teeth biting into a jewel. You can take the rest of the day off, pal.

Edgeworth: Is that so. Missile, thank you for your effort.

Missile: Awooo!


Kay: Whoa! What is that!? It's some amazing treasure, isn't it!?

Larry: Ah, Kay, welcome back.

Kay: Glad to be back! Mr. Edgeworth, I saw something suspicious while I was up there.

Edgeworth: Hm, is that so. We found this jewel inside a Samurai Dog. It looks like what the thieves hid.

Kay: Huh!? The thieves hid each and every jewel into a hot dog!? Wow, they must have had a lot of time!

Larry: And they did all that while I was heading for the toilet? Wouldn't that

be, well, impossible?

Edgeworth: Hmm...

von Karma: It's strange no matter what; as if the gears in the works aren't meeting.

Edgeworth: We need to reorganize our thoughts. Larry, please tell us again what happened yesterday when your stand was stolen.

Larry: Like I said. It was cold last night, so I headed for the toilets. And after that, I got kinda lost on the way back. I thought maybe it was because it was dark... Then, I somehow made it back, and that alien showed up, and then my cart flew up into the air! Toward the moon, like, whoosh!

Edgeworth: Wait a moment. What did you say just now? Go back to it again.

Larry: Go back? Umm...


Larry: Edgeyyyy!! Help meee!!

Edgeworth: You went too far back! That's the very beginning!

Larry: Huh? Then what?

Edgeworth: The hot dog stand. Where did you say it flew off to?

Larry: I said toward the moon. Yesterday was a full moon, wasn't it?

Edgeworth: Strange... That is a contradiction!

Larry: Contradiction!? What of? Hey, I'm not lying here!

Kay: Contradiction? But in the record, it says it was a full moon yesterday.

Lang: Mr. Prosecutor. Just what are you pulling?

Edgeworth: Larry. You just said you got lost because it was dark. Did you really get lost because of that?

Larry: Eh? What do you mean?

Edgeworth: If the full moon was out, I wouldn't think your surroundings would be that dark.

von Karma: Ah, yes, that is true.

Lang: The moonlight is pretty bright, after all. Even more so when it's a full moon.

Edgeworth: Last night was a full moon. It's likely your surroundings were lit well enough. Yet, when we asked him why he got lost, he replied at once that it was because it was dark. Why would he come to that answer...?

Larry: Why...? But it really was dark. Before I went to the toilet, while I was working at the stand, I had trouble seeing my own hand.

von Karma: You couldn't see your own hand?

Larry: Yeah, I'm sure of it... Ah, I remember now. While my stand was still there, it really was dark!

Gumshoe: But there was the light from the full moon yesterday.

Kay: Hmm, it sure is a contradiction.

Edgeworth: Larry testified that it was dark yesterday, and yet, it's fact that yesterday was a full moon. These two points lead to only one answer!

Spoiler: Ep 3
Edgeworth: Larry testified that last night was dark. Combined with the fact yesterday was a full moon... The place he left to go to the bathroom was dark; the place he returned to was well lit. Therefore, that must be the answer.

Larry: Eh? What? What must be the answer?

Lang: So, that's the answer, huh?

Edgeworth: Agent Lang has figured it out too, I see. Yes, in other words, the place Larry left, and the place he returned to, were different places entirely.

Gumshoe: He returned to someplace different!?

Edgeworth: Most likely, after Larry got himself lost, he eventually ended up at another location.

Larry: Hey! What the heck, man! I'm not that much of a bungler!

von Karma: It's because you have no self-awareness.

Edgeworth: It's also because the scenery around the lake is rather bland. There are few landmarks to use, so it's easy to become lost at night.

von Karma: That is possible, especially so for this man.

Lang: Not so fast!
If the place he returned to was different, what happened to the cart?

Larry: Yeah, that's right, Edgeworth! My cart was still there where I left it. What, did it just move somewhere else on its own?

Kay: He has a point. It is a little weird. He may have ended up at the wrong place, but how did the cart get there?

Edgeworth: Hm. I don't have the answer to that yet, but there must be some contradiction behind it.

Kay: In that case, let's all split up and look around!

Edgeworth: Very well. Agent Lang will go with Detective Gumshoe, and Franziska will go with Kay in the search.

Larry: Huh? What about me?

Edgeworth: You're coming with me.

Larry: Why do I have to go with you!? I'd much better show Kay and Franny my full potential!

Edgeworth: Don't complain. It's to look for your stand.

Larry: Tch... Kay, Franny, we'll meet up again later~!

von Karma: If anyone finds anything, let us know at once.

Gumshoe: Good luck with the search!

Lang: Leave the investigation to us!

Kay: Okay, let's get going!


Larry: Hmm... still haven't found it. Where did it go?

Edgeworth: Something still bothers me. Was the stand really found at a different place or not...?

Larry: So, the UFO didn't move it?

Edgeworth: Hmph, that's ridiculous.

Larry: But ya know, if it wasn't for that UFO, I wouldn't keep losing my stands.

Edgeworth: Keep losing? What do you mean?

Larry: Huh? Didn't I mention it? The stand that was stolen was a second one. It even had the same Samurai Dog design.

Edgeworth: What? The second one? Hold it right there!

Larry: What? What's wrong?

Edgeworth: The stolen stand was a second one. So, there are two separate stands...


Edgeworth: That's it!

Larry: You figured something out?

Edgeworth: Yes. I know where your stand may be.

Larry: Wha!? Where, where!?

Edgeworth: Your stand wasn't stolen in the first place. The other one was.

Larry: Huh? What are you talking about?

Edgeworth: Last night, when you became lost on your way back from the restrooms, you found that stand and believed you returned to the right place. However, that stand wasn't the one. Because it was there, you mistook where it was for where you had been.

Larry: It wasn't mine? Then, whose was it?

Edgeworth: The thieves'.

Larry: Huh? The thieves'?

Edgeworth: Most likely. They may have set it here in preparation of their transaction, but because of the event taking place at Gourd Lake, security has become tight. To avoid suspicion, they had to move a large amount of jewelry somewhere, and a hot dog stand was a convenient place to store them. There would be plenty of these stalls around for this event, and as it turned out, they're scattered everywhere.

Larry: So it's like hiding a tree in a forest, right?

Edgeworth: And then, your unlucky self just happened to wander onto the scene of their plot.

Larry: What the? Then, the one that flew into the air wasn't mine? Oh, but I really saw that thing fly. What was that about?

Edgeworth: That, I don't know yet.

Larry: Ah, well! I'm not complaining as long as we find my stand. So, where is it?

Edgeworth: It should still be where you left it.

Larry: Where I left it... so where's that?

Edgeworth: If you knew, you wouldn't get lost, would you...? Alright. For it to be a dimly lit area, it has to be somewhere where the moonlight couldn't reach. It would be a place where the moon overhead would be covered...


Edgeworth: So, it must be there!


Larry: Oh, I get it. It's pretty dim on this side 'cause the trees around here are so thick.

Edgeworth: This area has many tall trees. Among them is this camphor tree. Since it's an evergreen tree, even in this season, its leaves haven't fallen.

Larry: Aha, so with all these leaves bunched up there, you can't see the sky from here.

Edgeworth: You can't see the moon from here either, so it's why it was so dark you couldn't see your own hand. And this is the only spot in the park where these evergreen trees grow so close. I figured your stand would be somewhere here.

Larry: I see~! As expected of you, Edgeworth. Come on, let's hurry up and find it! I still have work to do.

Edgeworth: You sure seem enthusiastic about it, working so late into the night.

Larry: Yeah, well~ those are the crossroads of life!

Edgeworth: Crossroads... of life?

Larry: Eheheh, it's still a s-e-c-r-e-t! Soon enough, I'll leave it to you to make that speech...

Edgeworth: Speech? For what?

Larry: Oops, I said too much. L-let's just hurry and find it already.


Oh, I'm ringing. Ah, Mabel! Hello, it's me. What's up?

Edgeworth: You're rather lax about searching for your stand. Hey, Larry, I'll go on ahead.

Larry: Hm? Now? Of course, I'm completely fine with it!

Edgeworth: Why do I bother...

Larry: Huh? Why? Hey, wait, at least let me know why. I don't get it... What?


Edgeworth: Was it taken by someone? But, who would take a cart...?
Hm? That's...


It's a cart. "Samurai Dogs"... There's no mistaking it. This is where Larry was.
...Hmph. And he's still busy talking on the phone? Just to make sure...


!? Let go! Who are you!?


Spoiler: Ep 4
Kay: Mr. Edgeworth! Mr. Edgeworth, come on!

Gumshoe: He's coming to, pal!

Lang: Hey, Mr. Prosecutor.

Edgeworth: Where am I?

Larry: Y-you okay, Edgey?

Edgeworth: Yeah. It seems someone attacked me from behind.

Larry: When I showed up, you were already down.

Edgeworth: I was pinned and strangled from behind. During our struggle, I was struck on the head and thus lost consciousness.

von Karma: Are you alright?

Edgeworth: Yes, somehow.

Kay: Who did this to you? The criminal?

Edgeworth: N-no, I was suddenly attacked from behind. Larry, didn't you see anyone?

Larry: Huh? M-me? N-nope, nothing at all.

Edgeworth: What are you stammering about?

Larry: N-n-nothing! Anyway, I didn't see anyone. When I hurried over, you were already down. Aah! Maybe it's the work of the alien!

Edgeworth: The alien? Wait, what happened to the stand?

Gumshoe: We didn't find one, sir.

von Karma: Did you find it? How?

Edgeworth: Well...


Lang: So that's it. There were two stands after all.

The one that disappeared last night belonged to the thieves. I deduced that

Larry's was where he last left it, and I'm sure I found it here.

Gumshoe: But there's nothing here anymore, sir.

Larry: Y-yeah, when I came, there wasn't anything.

Edgeworth: Which means, someone had taken it away. If they had used a push car, it certainly wouldn't be too difficult to move it, but just who would...?

Gumshoe: Maybe the one who struck you, sir?

Edgeworth: Yes, I naturally thought so too.

Kay: But who could it be?

Lang: It could even be someone connected to the jewelry thieves.

Larry: Eh!?

Edgeworth: Larry, when you found me, did you really not see anyone?

Larry: U-um... ah, yeah, about that, I think I did see a shadow of someone running away.

Edgeworth: That's strange.

Larry: Huh? What is?

Edgeworth: Just earlier you said you didn't see anyone.

Larry: Oh, d-did I?

Lang: Something's fishy here.

von Karma: Indeed.

Larry: Wai-wai-wai-wait, there's nothing f-f-fishy about it at all!

Kay: He sure is stammering a lot.

Gumshoe: And getting more suspicious by the minute, pal!

Larry: Wh-why's everyone giving me that look like I'm the bad guy here?

Edgeworth: Larry, what are you hiding?

Larry: *twitch* I-I'm not hiding anything!

von Karma: So very suspicious. You couldn't really be a member of those thieves, could you?

Larry: Wha!? Why would I!?

von Karma: Speaking of suspicious, what's stranger than a hot dog stand being stolen by aliens? It's not inconceivable he's attempting to confuse our investigation by giving us impossible testimony.

Larry: I wouldn't do anything like that! I don't know about any jewels!

Lang: Just to be sure, we're gonna give you a full-body search.

Larry: B-but I'm not hiding anything!


Edgeworth: This is...

Kay: It's a ring, isn't it!?

Gumshoe: Could it be one of the stolen goods!?

Lang: Let me see that... Hm? This is...!

von Karma: It looks like one of the stolen jewels.

Kay: Eeeh!? Larry, why did you... No way...

Gumshoe: *glare*

Larry: Why is everyone looking at me like that!? Y-you're wrong! That ring's got nothing to do with it! Edgeworth, say something!

Edgeworth: It's what you deserve for giving such shoddy testimony.

Larry: Don't give me that! Do something!

Edgeworth: If it's you, then I suppose I'll have to.

von Karma: So, can you prove this fool's innocence?

Edgeworth: Yes. Allow me to show you.



Edgeworth: First of all, on what grounds do you suppose Larry to be the criminal?

von Karma: It's his testimony that's confused the investigation, not to mention the ring we found on him. It's all highly suspicious.

Edgeworth: Hold it!
Yes, Yahari's testimony is certainly nonsensical. However, if he is indeed a

member of that group of criminals, would he really have needed to come and give

false testimony to me, a prosecutor? If he would just stay quiet, I would never

know he was even involved.

von Karma: Objection!
It's to obstruct the investigation. By giving that false testimony and confusing

us, he may be trying to stall for time.

Edgeworth: And for what?

von Karma: To make sure the jewels have been moved to a safe place, of course.

Edgeworth: Mmph... And yet, it was Larry's actual stand that disappeared this time. Recall that the cart the thieves used the other one to hide their spoils.

Lang: Not so fast!
If that guy's one of those thieves, that entire premise is overturned. It's only

natural to think he hid the loot in his own cart.

Edgeworth: Grk... It's no good. There's no room for error in their reasoning. If this keeps up, I won't be able to overturn their suspicion of Yahari. Not to mention, I don't have proof otherwise...

Larry: N-no way! I really don't know anything about it! I just didn't want anyone to find that cart! ...Ah!

Edgeworth: What? Just what do you mean by that?

Larry: I, um... I'm not talking! I dun wanna say it!

von Karma: So now it's come to this.


Larry: Eek! 'Cause it's embarrassing!

Edgeworth: You think this is the time to be embarrassed!?

Larry: I can't help being embarrassed by something that's embarrassing!

Edgeworth: What an unreasonably stubborn guy. But, now I understand what your attitude just earlier was about. If you're not talking, then I'll just have to explain it myself.

Larry: Eh?

Edgeworth: You aren't a member of those thieves. However, the one who snatched away the stand I found was none other than you!

Larry: Eep!

Kay: Huh!? Then, the one who attacked you was Larry!?

Larry: I-I didn't mean to attack him! I just thought that it'd be bad if that stand was found! When I tried to cover his eyes, I accidentally knocked him over.

von Karma: And so, he tumbled over and hit his head on a rock, and that's why he fainted?

Gumshoe: But why did that even happen?

Edgeworth: He didn't want that cart to be found.

Lang: Then it wasn't one of the stolen goods, huh?

von Karma: You mean that ring, yes?

Edgeworth: No, it was not one of them. It is a present for someone called Mabel or something like that.

Larry: Ack! Edgeworth, how did you...?

Edgeworth: Mabel was the one who called you just earlier. She called to break up with you, didn't she?

Gumshoe: You were being dumped, pal!?

Larry: Aaaaaaaaaah!

Lang: Looks like a bulls-eye.

Edgeworth: Larry planned to propose to her, so that ring must have been an engagement ring.

Larry: H-how do you know so much?

Edgeworth: Earlier, you mentioned that you might ask me to give a speech. Did you mean a wedding speech, perhaps? In that case, everything ties together. And it couldn't just have been a ring you were storing in the stand, or else you wouldn't have spent so much time working on it. But, once that call came in and she dumped you, all that work had to disappear. Or rather, had to be hidden. That's why you hid the stand altogether.

Larry: Eegh...! You figured out even that much... Edgeworth, you're terrifying.

Kay: Aha, so the culprit WAS Larry, but it was for a matter unrelated to the other case.

von Karma: A false alarm...

Kay: Larry, why did she dump you?

Larry: That's what I want to know! Waaaaaaaah...

Edgeworth: You'll have time to cry later! Where did you move the stand?

Larry: *sniff* Over there.

Edgeworth: Alright. Let's go have a look.


Kay: Ah, there it is! It's the stand!

Edgeworth: Are you sure this is it?

Larry: I'm sure.

Gumshoe: He sounds kinda like a suspect.

von Karma: Wait a moment. Let's check it... Hm, these do seem to be ordinary hot dogs.

Lang: As I thought, the thieves' treasure was on another stand.

von Karma: The bomb may also be there.

Gumshoe: Oh yeah, the bomb hasn't been found yet. Talk about dangerous, sir!

Kay: Huh? Gummy, what's that you got there? A bag?

Edgeworth: I don't recall you having that earlier.

Gumshoe: I found it over there just now, sir. I thought it was something sent to the police box, and I should take it in.

Lang: You're a police officer too, you know. How about checking what's inside?

Gumshoe: Oh, now that you mention it, I am. Okay, I'll open it up!


Gumshoe: Huh? I think I've seen this somewhere before...

Kay: Ooh, let me see!... Aaaah! Isn't this dynamite!?

Edgeworth: What!? What's something like that doing in here?

von Karma: Th-that's the bomb I've been searching for. The one the thieves use.

Gumshoe: D-d-dynamite!? What do we do with this!? I-it's gonna blooow!!

Edgeworth: Settle down, Detective Gumshoe! If it's not lit, it won't explode.

von Karma: That's right. First of all, it was left in a bag, on top of that cart.

Gumshoe: M-my hands are sh-shaking, sir... Ah! Th-the bag got caught on some kind of lever!

Larry: That's not good!

Gumshoe: F-fire!!

Larry: I told you it wasn't good!!

von Karma: Why is there fire coming from here of all places!?

Lang: The dynamite's been lit!

Edgeworth: Leave it, let's get out of here!

Larry: Aaaaaaaaaah!!


Spoiler: Ep 5
Kay: Eeeeeeek!

Larry: Waaaaaah!

Edgeworth: ...I-is everyone alright?

von Karma: I think so...

Kay: *cough* It looks like everyone's still alive!

Lang: What was that fire?

Larry: It was the fireworks I set up for...

Lang: Fireworks? ...Ah? What's all this?

von Karma: It's the fireworks.

Kay: Whoooa, so pretty!

Gumshoe: Ah, fireworks in the winter sure are nice, pal. But why were there fireworks in the cart?

Larry: Stop! Please stop it! This can't be happeniiiiinnngg!

Edgeworth: Larry, what are you panicking about now?

Kay: Huh? Now the fireworks are forming words.

Gumshoe: Uh, "I Love M, a, b..."

von Karma:
It says "I Love Mabel".

Lang: What the hell is this?

Larry: Waahahaaaah...

Kay: M...A...R...K... Mark y me? Sounds like a code! Do we have to solve it to get it?

Edgeworth: No, I believe that's meant to be an 'R'. It says, 'Marry me'.

Lang: Huh, he mixed up one R with a K, but not the other.

Larry: *sob* Please make it stooop!

von Karma: So this was how he was intending to propose?

Larry: I prepared all this so I could propose to Mabel during the fair!

Gumshoe: So this was what you were hiding, pal?

Kay: And before he could show it, he got dumped. Poor guy.

Larry: ...I can't take this anymore...

von Karma: Stop bothering us with these foolish little ventures of yours!


Larry: Eek! I didn't mean to!!

Gumshoe: Considering he's practically dead from emotional trauma, this is literally whipping the dead!

Larry: Tell me about it! I've lost my love and now my stand. I just don't know what to do anymore...

Edgeworth: If it's the stand you're worried about, I'd say there would still be one around, wouldn't you?

Larry: Huh? Where?

Edgeworth: Detective Gumshoe, there must be signs left from the crane car around the lake. Look for it.

Larry: Why the crane?

Kay: Wait, so, I was right!? The cart really did transform into a crane!

Edgeworth: No.

Kay: Aw, I'm wrong?

Larry: Then where is it?

Edgeworth: At the bottom of this lake.


Kay: Ah! It's the stand! It really was down there!

Edgeworth: As I figured, the jewels were hidden at the bottom of the lake.

von Karma: It's the thieves' stand, isn't it?

Edgeworth: Yes, it is. When the Interpol were close to discovering it, they must have hurried and submerged it into the lake.

Gumshoe: So they didn't send it off into the air, huh?

Larry: But, I swear I saw it. It flew up into the air.

Edgeworth: It's true that it did move upward for a moment. But that was to submerge it.

Gumshoe: What do you mean, sir?

Lang: Ah, that's where the crane comes in.

Edgeworth: That's correct. From the outset, the stolen jewels were hidden at the bottom of the lake. To complete their transaction, they would have had to pull it back up. That was what the crane was used for.

Larry: So it was that crane that I saw?

von Karma: The tank used for diving and the wetsuit were used for that purpose, I see.

Edgeworth: To use the crane wire to pull up the jewels at the lake bottom, there had to be someone to dive for them.

Larry: Then, what about the alien I saw...?

Edgeworth: It was the diver that emerged from the water.

Kay: The shiny and slippery black body was the wetsuit, and the huge eyes were the underwater mask, huh?

Edgeworth: And its voice was made by using the gas mixture with helium in it to make it sound higher.

von Karma: Confusing a diver for an alien, you truly are one annoying fool!


Larry: Eek! But that's just what I saw!

Edgeworth: It must have been because of the silhouette cast by the full moon's light. Moreover, he was struck by one of the thieves and fell unconscious.

Larry: Eh? Someone knocked me out?

Edgeworth: Feel the back of your head.

Larry: My head? Wha!? Th-there's a bump!

Lang: What an astounding guy. You didn't even notice it until now?

Larry: I did think my head hurt a bit.

Kay: But Mr. Edgeworth, how did you figure out he was hit?

Edgeworth: Everyone must have noticed the swelling on the back of his head.

Gumshoe: Oh yeah, he was freaking out and telling us to take that chip out of his head.

Edgeworth: Yes, since he kept panicking about having 'a chip planted in it', he missed the real cause entirely. Aliens don't exist, so couldn't have a chip in his head. If we assume that it's only a bump, then it's clear enough. Simplicity is the answer.

Gumshoe: I see.

Edgeworth: Furthermore, it wouldn't make sense for him to faint purely at the sight of the aliens, no matter if he was shocked by them. He's not that delicate of a person.

Larry: Why not!? I'm plenty naive!

von Karma: He certainly had a delicate way of proposing.

Larry: Please don't bring that up again!

Edgeworth: If we put together the swelling and the fact that he fainted, we can easily deduce that he lost consciousness due to a blow to the head. And just before he lost consciousness, he claimed to have seen a UFO fleet.

Larry: Yeah, you're right. I really did see it. That's why I thought the diver was an alien.

Edgeworth: You have it backwards. It's because you thought you saw an alien that you mistook the blinking in your vision as the flickering of a spaceship.

Lang: The blinking in his vision? What are you talking about?

Edgeworth: It's what's known as "seeing stars" upon being hit. When this idiot knocked me over and I hit my head on that rock, I saw them too.

Larry: Don't bring that up anymore either! I said I was sorry!

von Karma: Unbelievable. Are you saying he mistook that for a UFO?

Kay: That sure sounds like Larry!

Larry: Eh~? Really?

Edgeworth: It's not a compliment.

Larry: Then, could I have that stand? That way, I'd have one to set up for the fair.

Edgeworth: What are you talking about? That stand was yours to begin with.

Larry: Wha? Mine?

Edgeworth: The first one to be stolen was that very stand. There aren't too many Steel Samurai Dog stands around, after all.

Larry: Oh, so it was mine all along?

Kay: Isn't that great, Larry?

Larry: Alright, with this, I'll turn over a new leaf and sell those Samurai Dogs like crazy! And find new love while I'm at it!

Edgeworth: Don't get worked up over nothing! Now, go home. It's going to be completely dark soon.

Kay: Guess this pretty much ruined your day off.

Edgeworth: We've uncovered the truth yet again. That's good enough for me. It's my job, after all.


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Well, I can't give any comments on the 'flavor' of the speech styles of the characters, as I haven't played any of the GK games in English...
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Wow, this is surprisingly good! Thanks for putting it out there! Your localization was also very good. Edgeworth would be proud. :think:
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Thank you so much for localizing this, this was so funny!!
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