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RP: Mystere Detective Agency (OOC and Sign-ups)
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Author:  P.B. Crudstache [ Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  RP: Mystere Detective Agency (OOC and Sign-ups)

In the future, crime is becoming more and more common. Detective agencies are opening up everywhere to cash in on this sudden outbreak. Around this time, Jack Mystere III opens the Mystere Detective Agency, which thus far has a very high success rate. You play as a detective employed by the agency.

Gameplay: Several detectives are handed a case which they have to solve through deduction. If you present your argument well, anyone can be sent to jail. If you see something wrong with your opponent's(the other detectives) deductions, point it out. If they can't disprove your point, the investigation continues. No matter who is convicted, the real criminal will be revealed at the end. Once a case is closed, it can never be reopened. The winner will be in charge of the next case.

Character App:
Character Name:Should also be obvious.
Age:How old your character is.
Appearance:How your character looks. This should also include any items they have on them and where they are.
Reasoning and Personality:How your character thinks and makes deductions. This should affect your judgement and deductions.
Skills:Does your character have any special skills? Can they notice tiny, tiny details like Holmes? Do they have mild ESP?
Weaknesses:Your character must have at least one weakness that's not ridiculous. For example, they could have a phobia of blood but they can't have a phobia of unicorns.
Backstory: Tell me a bit about your character.

Spoiler: Jack Mystere III
Username: Detective Luke Atmey
Character Name: Jack Mystere III
Age: 27
Appearance: Usually wears a black top hat, a white dress shirt, a black suit jacket, a red bow tie, black trousers, and black dress shoes. He has slightly long, straight black hair and emerald green eyes. He has a monocle with a gold rim, a cane with a silver squirrel head on top, a pocket knife which he usually keeps in his pocket, and a notepad used for deductions and notes.
Reasoning and Personality: Jack is a bit egotistical, and gets on some people's bad sides. He tends to be very organized, and is kind to people who earn his respect. He bases his reasoning on theories he creates when replaying the crime in his head and making thorough searches.
Skills: He is good at spotting details that most people don't notice, therefore he is good at chess, being able to spot when his opponent has left an area open to attack.
Weaknesses: He is afraid of spiders, to the point that he carries a pocket knife to cut their webs with. He's also not very good at card games.
Backstory: Jack comes from a family of celebrated detectives, which became quite wealthy from all the cases they took. From these cases, they earned friends and enemies. Jack had eventually gone on to get a lot of cases. One day, when returning home from a case, all of his family fortune had been stolen, and the mansion ransacked. His father had disappeared, leaving him a note. It read that he had to flee the manor as one of his enemies had caught up to him and that he couldn't give more information. He had left Jack something which he was to retrieve in a situation like that. Jack eventually found what was to be left to him, a large amount of case files from past cases. Jack studied them carefully and became the master detective he is now. He's made a decent amount of money from the cases he's taken, and opened up a detective agency to put his talents to use.

Spoiler: Isabelle Heifer
Username: Detective Luke Atmey
Character Name: Isabelle Heifer
Age: 21
Appearance: Usually wears a deerstalker hat, a brown coat, a dark brown vest, a white shirt, brown pants, and black boots. She has long bright red hair that goes down her shoulders and brown eyes.
Reasoning and Personality: Isabelle is friendly and kind, but is a bit lazy. She bases her reasoning on people's actions as well as the evidence she finds.
Skills: She's good at reading people and deducing things about them and is good at poker and other games like that.
Weaknesses: She doesn't like being proven wrong, can sometimes slack off when she should be investigating, and has a fear of heights.
Backstory: Isabelle was born in England to wealthy parents. Unlike her siblings, who were both inventors, she decided to become a detective. Her parents gave her the money to study in the United States, so she left England and studied to become a detective. Upon finishing her studies, she joined Jack Mystere's detective agency when it opened up.

Jack Mystere III(Detective Luke Atmey)
James Parker(Dr. Pik)
Isabelle Heifer(Detective Luke Atmey)

I'll start with the first case when I get a few people.

Author:  Dr. Pik [ Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RP: Mystere Detective Agency (OOC and Sign-ups)

I've never really RP'd before, but I'm entirely interested, so, here goes...

Username:Dr. Pik
Character Name: James Parker
Age: 54
Appearance: Looks like he could be in his 30's, accredited to his orange hair and bad posture. He wears a suit to match his hair color, and a white silk cloth is folded up in his breast pocket.
Reasoning and Personality: He has a strong sense of justice, passionately believing that people should get what they deserve. However, he's lost his enthusiasm for life, and if his job stops presenting him a challenge, he loses his luster for even that. He is incredibly dry, and doesn't like to open up to people. His passion is often mistaken for rage.
Skills: He works well under pressure, especially when it comes to using logic and memory.
Weaknesses: As he does not generally like to get close to people, there is a lot of information he misses out on. While he may be able to use evidence, obtaining it is another story. In addition, if something does not spark his interest, he may not be fully committed until it transpires, so he misses quite a bit.
Backstory: James was born with a disease that prevents him from growing any hair on his body, and has had to resort to wigs and even artificial eyebrows throughout his life. He was a prosecutor for a good portion of his life, until his license was revoked due to incompetence, after which he worked as an attorney for hire, getting mostly divorce cases. After about 6 years of this, he became accidentally involved with a controversial case that had been closed decades ago and reopened by one of James' client, who was killed as a result, and though the murderer was arrested, James never saw a true conclusion. However, he had been offered a position at a detective agency as a result of the investigation, and though he never really got closure on the controversial case, he decided to put his efforts into arresting those who do wrong. It was the next best thing to prosecuting them.

Like I said, I'm new to this, but I hope I'm any good.

Author:  P.B. Crudstache [ Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RP: Mystere Detective Agency (OOC and Sign-ups)

Looks good. Accepted! I'll put your guy in the OP and will put up the profile for the main inspector soon.

Author:  P.B. Crudstache [ Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RP: Mystere Detective Agency (OOC and Sign-ups)

The main inspector's profile has been added. We can start soon if we get like four more people.

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