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Started a New RP Thread. justice and Truth.Topic%20Title

Justice is impossible without truth.

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I'm am thinking about starting a new RP Thread; Based on the two need things for Justice to work the Truth and Justice.
But am not sure what to call it may try out an opening sections.

Any ideas? Or Interest?

I tell you about my character.

DCI Dani Silver

Age 25

Bio: Young detective hates people that call people ' fool' or any sort of insult has a habit of making men flirt with her.

I really Mean it. She is known as the youngest detective: Currently the only female in the force.
Has a very strong opinion due to her rank not one person is to hurt her.

She has a tendency to have a black coffee when she is in a mood or a white one if she is happy leading
to the rhyme the force have made up.

' If it is white you be alright, If it's black your more than likely to get the sack!'

She has a habit for 'a right one' a telling off.

Though she hates doing them hates swearing and will not respond well to whippings.

Appearance; About the same height as Franziska but does not believe in wearing heels unless she needs to in court.
Red wine coloured hair that appears brown when not in direct sun light startling deep green eyes.
Her parents were attacked brutally in front of her Her father being a respected policeman and a DCI died in her arms.
Ever since then she has been determined to find out who this was; Helped by a character in a tench coat who was also a detective. Has two colleague who may make a brief appearance Grim and Butch.

Neat and tidy hates tardiness big time and untidiness: Her manner is well spoken but firm.
Wearing suit and caring an old battered brief case and a microscope both belonging to her parent whoa be tide anyone who touches them. Loves forensic. Hates people who do not knock on her door.
Indication when she is in a bad mood slight pauses and if upset will tend to rub her right arm like a little girl does when being told off. Depending on how many ' black' coffees she has is also a good indicator.

Example: I heard my door bang open and for a moment I did not even look up: Why didn't people knock..? I took a fleeting glance at my watch. Frowning I shook my head:

" ....Shut the door detective."

The door was swiftly shut;

" What time do you call this?"

I said looking up folding my arms in the process.

Just to show you an indication you can already tell it will be a ' black coffee moment'.

Example: I sank back into my chair and smiled the last case was a perfect case: forensic science had done me proud again sipping a coffee white of course I beamed what a brilliant day and soon a knock came at my door. I waited with eagerness ready for another case.

Now she is in a good more but be warn anything can change her mood for the worse.

Now are we interested?
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