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Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)
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Author:  Slezak [ Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Disclaimer: While Danganronpa is used in the title of this RP, and the RP features elements of the series such as the talents and the name of the academy the students attend, those wishing to join this RP do not need to be familiar with the series in any way, shape, or form. Also, while this takes place in a similar universe to JesusMonroe's "Danganronpa F1" game from the Berry Big Circus forum here on Court-Records, it is... ambiguously-canon to it (Don't ask; 'science fiction' stuff happened,) so new joiners do not need to be familiar with the events from that game either. Relax, have fun, and DFTBA!

Spoiler: Basic Premise
School Mode is meant to be a very laid-back, lightweight RP for most people. Activity will not be enforced unless you're the GM for the current event, but I would like to know if you plan to drop out or leave for a while to keep housekeeping relatively simple. The RP is technically always running, but at times where activity is expected to plummet, the mechanics and story might progress at a much slower rate, if they don't halt completely. There is never a time where posting will be discouraged or forbidden, unless you have indicated you are not participating in the event, have transferred all your characters away, or don't have any characters to begin with. Pay attention to the Updates at the bottom of this post and the Threadmarks section of the main thread's OP for all important announcements.

The idea is pretty simple: Thousands of students with outstanding or special "talents" are attending a school known as Hope's Peak Academy. A few of these students have been requested to, or have decided to, join a new experimental supplementary learning program. Throughout the school year, these students will be asked to participate in all kinds of different events. Some of these events will even have the students transported to different locations with several different sub-areas and scenarios. Students can either elect to stay and participate in the event or "go home for a while" to allow for other characters to participate. If a character elects to "go home," they can come back anytime we are at Hope's Peak proper and no events are ongoing.
Spoiler: About Locations & Chaperones
A Change of Scenery is Always Nice: Every event is something different here at Hope's Peak!
There are two phases during each event: Event Time and Break Time.
Event Time is, as the name implies, when we will be participating in the voted-on event. It lasts from Monday of the first week until either the Leader for that event decides the event is complete, decide the event has become a trainwreck and decided to abort it, or they lose interest and become noticeably inactive.
During Break Time, from the time the event ends until the Sunday of that week, the students will take a vote for the location idea they like best, which will end when Break Time does.
Polls will be conducted via If for some reason you are unable to use Strawpoll, PM me your vote and I'll make sure it's counted. Each player has one vote, regardless of the number of characters they have signed up.
The student who agreed to be the Leader of the winning idea then becomes the temporary GM for the next event.
They are allowed to pick one other student as their assistant (Co-GM).

Chaperoning: When one of your suggestions wins the poll, you will be responsible for making sure the students stay safe, but that they also remain studious!
Really, your job is to answer any questions the others might have about the event, including what the students are able to do and where students are able to go.
Keep in mind that as the GM or Co-GM for the entire duration of the event, you will be expected to handle all such responsibilities and duties associated with that title.

Rep System: NEW for the Winter 2018 Whatever-mester, after an event ends, a poll will be posted where students can rate how they enjoyed the event.
Really, it's more about how good of a job the GM and their assistant did.
Ratings help me (the Host) determine whose suggestions I should seriously consider in the future.
Every user starts in Good Standing.
If a user consistently receives bad overall ratings, they will drop to Probational and have to do more work to ensure their next event lives up to the standards we expect.
Earn enough high ratings and you will become Trusted and be allowed to keep some, or all, aspects of your scenario secret! Trusted event planners may even be allowed to do things which affect the very nature of school life at Hope's Peak!
Also, as a participant, you can gain or lose standing based on praise or complaints I receive about you. If you are frequently or blatantly disruptive, I may have to limit you on the things you are allowed to do until you clean up your act. However, if your participation is especially outstanding, I might have to figure out something special. In any case, just do the best you can to make sure we all have a great time!

Where Do You Wish to Go?: Have a burning desire to go somewhere? Refer to the Event Log to see what ideas are already submitted. If you have any ideas of your own, add them to the User Suggestions tab and put your username, as well as optionally the character in-universe who would be suggesting the event.
Event suggestions which receive enough negative feedback will be moved to the Rejected Suggestions tab.
If you would like someone else to handle the details of the event, add (Submitter) / [Leader Open] to the Contributors field after your username. Example: John Doe (Submitter) / [Leader Open]
If you would like to become the Leader of an event which doesn't have one, simply replace [Leader Open] with your username, then (Leader) after it. Example: John Doe (Submitter) / Don Joe (Leader)
Once I see there has been at least one idea posted and assigned a Leader, I will move it to the "Provisional" section and begin discussing the idea with its Leader.
The event's Leader must provide a somewhat-detailed list of areas for participants to explore (if we are traveling to a different location) as well as a scenario to encompass the whole event.
After all required details are provided, I will move the location into the "Ready for Visiting" section and it will be eligible for voting in subsequent polls.
Upon completion of an event, it will be moved to the "Archived" section.
If you would like to run an archived event again, or attempt to reinstate a rejected suggestion, just discuss it with me and present your case.
Spoiler: About Free Time
Socialization is an important tool in a good student's repertoire.
At any time, eligible persons may request to spend their Free Time with another eligible person. (See About Roles for who is and isn't eligible.)
When person A makes a request of Person B, Person B is asked whether or not they wish to accept the Free Time request.
If Person B accepts, they and Person A will receive a private topic to share and discuss whatever they want. There is no limit to the number of Free Time topics one may possess and they last forever, at least until both parties refrain from posting in it.
You are also not barred from sharing the link to the topic, but only the named participants are allowed to post in it.
Rogue posts will be deleted unless expressly allowed by the participants.
Spoiler: About Characters
Each student is required to possess a certain [talent], prefixed with "Ultimate", "Super High School Level" (or the Japanese equivalent), or some other superlative title. Other than that, there is no limit to the type of person (or being...?) they must be. I'm also not enforcing a gender balance.
Each student will also receive a dorm room of their own which they are given complete free rein over to decorate how they wish. When you sign up, I will make you a room, then PM or DM you a link to the room directory to choose where you want it to be located. Then you may go nuts editing your characters' rooms! (Relax, it's all text, so no graphic/interior design skills are required--unless you wish to add graphics, that is.)
[NEW!] To better accommodate attendees' talents and interests, we've begun offering space for [Research Labs]! If your dorm room is your ideal sleeping quarters, the Research Lab is your ideal work environment. Your Research Lab may be located anywhere within the premises of Hope's Peak #11038, and like the dorm room it's fully customizable to your specifications, as long as the items inside can be used to bolster your talent and/or other interests.

Character Sheet
Role*: //Can be anything listed in the Roles section discussed below.
Name*: //Can be a full name, stage name, screen name, or even just your CR username!
Age: //Anything believable, preferrably high school (mid-teens) or even college age (Late teens through twenties.) Parents must be of adult age (at least in their thirties) but Outsiders are unrestricted.
Gender: //Guy? Gal? Something in between? Nothing at all? Everything at once? Prefer not to say? All up to you.
Talent*: //Ultimate/SHSL/other-superlative ______. Each talent must be unique, so check the roster before you make your character. Parents and Outsiders are not required to have talents. If you are applying as Staff, your job title goes here instead. Oh! But if you still have an Ultimate talent, you can add it here too!
Appearance*: //Can be vague or detailed, but please give us something by which to imagine your character.
Personality: //How should we expect your character to act in certain situations? Can be left secret for that extra level of unpredictibility.
Extra Info/Notes: //Anything else you'd like us to know about your character or their backstory. Likes, dislikes, interests, turn-offs, favorite things, anything like that and more!

Fields marked with a * are mandatory unless otherwise noted. The rest is optional and can be left blank or listed at ???.
Spoiler: About Roles
  • Student: The default role. A character in this role is planning to be a long-term student at Hope's Peak and thus must join with a talent. All Students are eligible for Free Time.
  • Parent: If you would like an adult to accompany your bright, young, but impressionable student, you may elect to have one or both of their parents join them. Can be used to act as the "leader" when the student gets picked to chaperone, or simply to watch over the student. Does not require a special talent, but feel free to add one to embarrass your child impress the judges. All Parents are eligible for Free Time.
  • Staff: I've begun to realize it was a horrible idea to have one person run the whole show. Thus, if you believe you could perform an important duty for Hope's Peak #11038, simply fill out the rest of the form as normal, but in the "Talent" field, write the job title you will be applying for and, instead of talent scouts, you will be participating in a sort of job interview. I'm a bit desperate, so getting hired should be easy as pie!
  • Outsider: Not all locations the students travel to will be uninhabited. If you would like to join with a character that will just be traveling with us as a companion for a short while, or even as a local in the environment we visit, you may sign up as one of these. Outsiders do not need a talent either, but also cannot be selected as an option for Free Time.
  • Other: If you think of another interesting role for this, just PM me with a description and what restrictions it would have. We can discuss how it would significantly change the characters who would assume such role.

TL;DR for those who don't like wordy rules posts
- This RP involves high school/college students with unique special talents already attending a prestigious school who decide they want something a bit different.
- Participants suggest and create events for everyone to RP, which the players vote on after the previous event ends.
- In between big events, everyone can participate in group activities or relax and explore the school and its surroundings.
- Each signed-up character receives their own dorm room (unless they elect to share with another character) as well as a Research Lab, both of which can be fully customized.
- Characters can be Students, Parents, Staff, Outsiders, or some other role to be discussed with me.
- Expect a lightweight, casual experience which doesn't demand a lot of pressure or activity (unless the ongoing event specifies it.)
- There is no limit to the number of characters you create, but be reasonable as each one will have its own dorm room (unless they share with someone else), Research Lab, and set of Free Time topics. Note: Some events may involve roles which can only be assigned on a per-player basis. You may still use multiple characters for such events, but they will be working together under the same role.

As you open the elegantly-wrapped box which was just delivered to your place of residence, the first thing you discover inside is a typed letter, along with one or more tablet-like devices. You've been expecting this! You read the letter out loud to all those nearby who will be attending, or to yourself if you are going alone.

Dear Hopeful Hope's Peak Attendee,

Congratulations on your acceptance into Hope's Peak, and thank you for your interest in participating in the Supplementary Program for Learning Integratively Together (SPLIT)! Enclosed is a set of one or more Student Handbooks (e-Handbooks) which must now be set up before you can begin. When the e-Handbook is first booted up, it will ask for a biometric profile. Make sure the owner of each e-Handbook completes this step. Instructions will be displayed and spoken for those requiring assistance. Next, the handbook will ask for some information about you. You must fill out all the required fields, and if you would, please also fill out some of the optional information as well. Once that is done, you will be allowed to complete the setup process by completing a few specific commands as instructed and pressing the button reading "Let's Go!!" which subsequently appears. Please make sure all attendees are ready to travel before they complete the setup process, as the automated lock-on and transferral process will begin immediately upon pressing of the "Let's Go!!" button. Well then, good luck and have fun. We look forward to seeing everything you've got!

Your hopeful director,
Jeremy Slezak

Afterward, you get right to work, setting up the handbook(s)' biometric profle(s) as instructed. Now, it's time to fill out all the personal information. Please fill in the following form for each character you are adding and post it in this thread if you'd like to sign up publicly. However, if you would like to keep some of the information secret, but still let the host know about it, PM me (Slezak) and let me know which information you'd like me to withhold from the roster. Refer to the end of the rules above for more info on what can go in each field. Now then, let's get to it!

Spoiler: Copy-pastable Character Sheet
[u]Character Sheet for USERNAME HERE[/u]
[b]Extra Info/Notes[/b]:

"Thank you. Please gather all belongings you wish to bring along and move to an open space with around ten feet (three meters) of clearance," the handbook chirps. You comply, and begin to follow the provided instructions. You instinctively hold your breath as the "Let's Go!!" button appears and you tap it.

User Assignment Process Complete!
Initiating "Let's Go!!" Protocol . . .
Locking on . . . Done!
Synchronizing with nearby e-Handbooks . . . Done!
Allocating Physical Space for Transfer . . . Done!
Determining Best Location in Destination Space . . . Done!
Transferring--Remain Calm and Hold On!

A countdown begins and you brace yourself. Suddenly, the world around you goes white and you begin to feel as if you are floating. About a minute passes before you are deposited...wherever this is. Dizzy and disoriented, it takes a few seconds for you to adjust to your surroundings. You appear to be in a spacious, almost overwhelmingly-immense antechamber.

There are several kiosks on one side of the room which allow you to examine the student roster. If you so choose, you may use one to view all the public-facing info each student has chosen to reveal.

A vault door sits on another wall and acts as a one-way portal leading just outside the doors to the Main Hall of Hope's Peak #11038 proper. A screen above the door reads, "'ªßāĒěÍŜĕ£ÊĝõĢªIJŢàÉŅő ĔģŨåŬ¯ïŤĤ¾ĄÉĖ°ŢĴē¿ŹèÄŭ¥ÔÊĦé «ŷĖ´ÇýŰŻĬĂŚ¢Ğ åĥŊťř¨Ŭŷť Ķ´ĹūŔ ŢĠŵð½öŃÃąļľ ăÌşòĬóēĥłæãįâ ŐijÕìüĺē®«ßđÈħûľķŗģ³âŘġŅĞĎŧé Å ĶàŒÙïçĭÑŝŅžő±¾ªí«í œŚæßĻËýĪüļŬćěŮÉóĦž¨Žõç²òŅ ²äÖçÞŢĜĿ¸¦ ÌÔıďĽÃŁśŝЬűÏŜžħĽ ½űñęĴÿ¯čĦĦijŰŜŭĘħ Ųŗ÷äōŪ ²ćĐĢĐĻĢļĶŎ ËăŁ¾àČÆģ ÒĠŃĭIJʼnīăĹÌ'." A handwritten note taped to the door reads, "This door seems to be operating outside of standard working procedures. Please PM or DM the Director of this project, Slezak, or the current event's leader, Lida_Rose, if you would like to discuss access to the current event. We apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured we will have this door back up and running in a few days. in a couple weeks. sometime next month. when we can actually figure out what happened with it."

Updates - Watch this space to stay informed on changes to the sign-up procedure or the rules.
Update - 2017/10/24: Overhauled the Rules and added the Staff role! Check the Roles section for details.
Update - 2017/11/03:
  • I have added a blurb to the Basic Premise section describing what type of RP this is expected to be.
  • Also, I finally added in the part where each student receives their own room to decorate! This was always a thing; I just never bothered to add it to the rules.
  • Finally in accordance with this post, I would like to know who is staying and who is going for good. Please let me know either way. Of course, if you'd like to exchange characters for new ones, you can do that too--just tell me who's going away when you post your new profile here.
Latest Update - 2017/12/18:
Now that F2 is pretty much complete, I've decided to try to overhaul this post once again. I've tried to make the rules more clear, added a TL;DR, and changed the initial story. The basic idea remains the same though: Post your character sheets here and PM me here or ping/DM me on Discord to let me know to add you to the roster, and then you can join the main thread assuming there's no event currently happening.

For all relevant School Mode links, check out the School Mode Essentials document!

Author:  Southern Corn [ Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

((Nice. I like what you did with Germ there))

Author:  Slezak [ Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

((You don't need to use double-parens here. This is all OOC chat. That said, neither do I.))

Anyway, "Germ?" You mean Jeremy? Yeah, I was planning that as kind of a meta twist.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)


Honestly, I was planning to do something similar but I couldn't really think of a subtle way to incorporate that element into it. So, isolated OC.

Author:  Slezak [ Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

A few updates for the few of you who care about this:

- I'm planning on waiting at least a week after Danganronpa F1 finishes up to start this, so that should give you plenty of time to make your backstory-rich characters, or add backstory to some that you already use.

- I'll admit, I was hoping some of the people who died in the game might submit their characters here as alternate-universe versions, though I understand they might not have much left to say about them. One of the reasons I started this was because daily life and learning about the characters was one of my favorite parts of DRF1. I regretted not being able to talk with more of the characters during the game and learn about some of their backstories in more detail. I'm sure most of you don't care as much as I do about this stuff, but I figured I'd gauge interest and start something to see what happens.

- It seems a couple vocal people think that I wouldn't be able to provide enough content to make week-long stops at each location exciting enough to hold interest. Thus, I propose a slight change: There could be two locations a week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday would be spent at the first location, while Thursday, Friday, and Saturday would be spent at the second. Sunday would be kind of a "recoup" day as well as voting for the next two locations to visit.

- Free time topics would still last a week... if I keep them. I mean, I enjoyed them in DRF1 but they were really just places you could talk about your character in a more private setting. That was cool and gave a more personal feel to the game, don't get me wrong. However, in a potentially infinite, lightweight RP like this is going to be, I'm not sure about their usefulness. This is especially true since people can just PM each other anyway. Still, if you have anything to say on the matter, I'm all ears... well, eyes, but whatever.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Name: Remeku Henashoru

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Talent: Ultimate Sorceress

Appearance: She has multi colored eyes, having a blue left eye and a green right eye. She is only 4.2 feet tall, making her strength and age misunderstood. She wears a over sized lavender shirt with a rainbow rim, to others it might look like a dress. She has shorts on that can't be seen. She doesn't wear shoes, to take on the roll of a character she adores.

Personality: She is very kind and would risk her life for any stranger. It is very hard for Remeku not to forgive someone and some might take advantage of that. She has no tolerance for people who hurt her friends or family, and she will use violence to protect anyone.

Backstory: She was an unwanted child to evil scientists that did experiments to children. When she was born, she was put into one of their inventions for a year that was for a project that succeeded. She was taken by the Lata's Family when she was 2, living there away from suffering for 8 years, until she was tricked to coming back at the age of 10. She was put into a killing game, the 3rd one ever done, and had to go through the pain of watching her friends betray and get killed. She luckily survived, and escaped with Lumica's help.

Extra/Notes: Remeku is heterosexual/straight. Her birthday is 7/4/2003.


Role: Student

Name: Lumica Kakusereta

Gender: Male

Talent: Ultimate Escape Artist

Appearance: He has ocean blue eyes that look through black and red glasses. He has curly green hair that goes to his shoulders but curls up to his ears. He wears a long sleeved black sweater with white jeans and red sneakers. He has a multi colored bead bracelet that Remeku made for him when he was little.

Personality: He is sweet and forgiving. He always has room in his heart for others and he doesn't like to think about himself more than others. He has a special place for Remeku, who he is in love with.

Backstory: He lost his parents to the Henashoru's and would have been next if he hadn't escaped at the age of 5. He came back to save more children, using his techniques to escape with them. He always found it interesting that he could make someone fall asleep with his singing voice, which he uses as his favorite technique.

Extra/Notes: Lumica is heterosexual/straight. His birthday is 4/25/2003.


Role: Staff, Teacher

Name: Kirimi Lata

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Talent: Ultimate Fanfic Writer

Appearance: Has black shiny hair that goes down right beneath his ears. He has big purple glasses that cover his dark purple eyes hanging on the tip of his nose. He wears a black and white plaid shirt that hangs a little over his black pants. He has silver shoes that clap every time he walks.

Personality: He is very quirky and likes to ship people that he see are cute together. His voice is a higher version of Korekiyo Shignuuji's, but if you don't know who that is, well then, look it up.

Backstory: He use to work for the Henashoru's but by force. He was tricked, thinking that the Henashoru's felicity was a job for writers, but soon found out that it was not. His memories of what he was doing were taken away and told Remeku that it was just work, since that was what he thought himself.

Extra/Notes: Kirimi is heterosexual/straight. His birthday is 9/15/1993.


Role: Student

Name: Kishima Henashoru

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Talent: Ultimate Mind Reader

Appearance: He has white and black hair, white on the right side, black on the left. It's known to show the good and evil within him. He has multi-colored eyes, a left grey eye, and a right blue eye. He wears a blue plaid jacket, with black jeans and dark purple running shoes.

Personality: He's very calm and collective. He appreciates the world around him and takes care of the planet. He doesn't really talk to anyone he doesn't know or has no connections of. He prefers to not read the minds of those who don't want it, but sometimes he doesn't have a choice.

Backstory: He was born from an experiment called, "The Ultimate Despair Project". He was specifically made to be a murder machine but never followed his orders. He never had parents but the Henashoru's were considered his parents for his making. Remeku was transferred into his body to test if they could both survive for a whole year with just themselves. It worked, and Remeku was taken out that year later. She didn't seem to be in the best shape because she took some of Kishima's despair with her. That's the reason Kishima and Remeku have a strong connections and it's easy for him to find her when needed.

Extra/Notes: Kishima is heterosexual/straight. His birthday is 11/13/2004


Role: Student

Name: Warai Lata

Age: 13

Gender: None Specified

Talent: Ultimate Spirit Keeper

Appearance: He has bright orange hair that covers the right part of his face, which strangely doesn't have an eye, due to him being born that way. He only has one right eye that colored a golden brown. His face has markings of what looks like the sun shooting light from it, which he carved into his face. He wears a green, yellow, purple, and pink priest outfit and grey gloves with black shoes.

Personality: He is an odd boy who considers himself as the sun and believes he is in the afterlife, calling himself "it". He talks in the 3rd person to people he doesn't know very well, he talks in the first person only to someone who is very important to him. He can be rude sometimes because of his lack of understanding manners. His biggest fear, disgust, and least favorite thing in the world is love. He has a hard time understanding it and doesn't like being around it because he thinks it can hurt people. That's why it is hard for him to consider someone as a "friend".

Backstory: He was taken away from his family when what he thought was a normal school was the Henashoru's lab. He had lived there his whole life, scared of every person he met. But, Kishima Henashoru gave him hope and became his hero. Kishima was the only one that wanted to teach Warai things, like how to spell, read, and protect himself. To other people, Warai is very smart and it's because of Kishima.

Extra/Notes: Warai is strai- wait, he doesn't even want love! His birthday is 7/31/2005.


Role: Student

Name: Kadence Lata

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Talent: Ultimate Bionic

Appearance: Kadence has two pink eyes with dirty blonde hair that goes down to her hips. She has the whole left side of her, except for her head, replaced with robotic parts. She covers them up with a blue tie dye shirt with black leggings and blue flip flops.

Personality: She is skeptical of everyone she first meets, not know what kindness really is. Not even her own brothers can help her understand what kindness is, which makes her a little distant from them. She is good at talking out her feelings, even if they're hard to understand, herself. She loves little things about life, like animals, bugs, or new creatures being born. She also had a strange fear of Vending Machines.

Backstory: When she was 11, she tried to save a cat from being hit by a car, and instead, she was hit and would have died from it, had she not been replaced with robotic part that helped be able to move and help her other wounds heal. She had been made fun of from her whole half body being robotic. Some called her a recyclable human and a forgotten toy. Sad thing is, she didn't know they were being mean, not knowing what it meant.

Extra/Notes: Kadence is heterosexual/straight. Her birthday is 3/29/2002.


Role: Student

Name: Damien Heartcatcher

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Talent: Ultimate Love

Appearance: He has long greenish blue and pink hair that goes just beneath his shoulders. He has red eyes that are never angry. He wears a long sleeved pink sweater that says, "L O V E" on the front in light blue letters with black jeans that have chains on the sides and brown boots.

Personality: He is a very quiet, sweet, and respective person. He rarely ever gets upset or even a little irritated, he is know to be the most understanding person in the world. The one thing he finds very fascinating is Love.

Backstory: When Damien was born, he had very bad eyesight, he can only see blurry pictures that can't focus. He tried to use glasses, but that only made it worse. He had learned to deal with it and excepted his disability. Kids made fun of him for accidentally running into things or people, but he thought he was making people happy, so he never got upset about it. His biggest weakness is being ignored.

Extra/Notes: Damien is bisexual. His birthday is 2/14/2001.


Role: Staff, Teacher

Name: Ezra Heartcatcher

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Talent: Ultimate Wielder

Appearance: She has short pink hair with greenish blue tips that have brown antlers and small ears poking out of her head. Dark blue sparkly glasses cover her big orange eyes along with many freckles on her face. She wears a green sweater with black shorts with knee high black boots. She has a 4 inch long tail that shows from under her sweater at the back. She has a little companion that is a black cat with bat wings named Mavonaka, meaning Midnight. It prefers to be on Ezra's shoulder.

Personality: She is very outgoing and never keeps to herself when she is exited. She smiles a lot and tends to make friends quickly. When is comes to the protection of her youngest brother, she will lose herself.

Backstory: Ezra was born from a full deer demon that fell in love with her mother, but he wasn't planning on having a child. Too scared to take care of such a responsibility, her father left and Ezra's mother married a different human man that took care of Ezra and her two younger brothers. It took a few years until she was 5 for her mother to realize that she had gotten most of her genes from her biological father, making her a full deer demon. Scared for her survival, Ezra's mother taught her how to fight with weapons and use her power to protect herself. She became very skillful and tried not to use her abilities as much as she could. Kurayami, one of Ezra's younger brothers had grown terrified of her and left the family at a young age, going off on his own. Damien, Ezra's youngest brother was only worried as to why mother was so scared for her survival. They soon discovered that Damien had awful eyesight, and he needed help to be able to get around. Ezra became very protective of Damien and wouldn't leave his side.

Extra/Notes: Ezra is heterosexual/straight. Her birthday is 4/11/1981.

Author:  SiRReN [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for SiRReN
Role*: Student
Name*: Theresa-Rose Williams
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Talent*: Ultimate Zoologist
Appearance*: Petit, with blonde hair, green eyes, and lots of freckles
Personality: She is very shy to start out with, but once you get to know her or get her talking about animals, she is very friendly and vocal. She is respectful of authority and has many leadership qualities. She is confident about the things she is skilled in, and when a decision must be made is quick to analyze the situation and make the choice - but she is not spontaneous.
Extra Info/Notes: Her skill with animals is something she was born with - since she was a little girl animals and she have been drawn together. This doesn't mean that animals she interacts with aren't dangerous though, and by talking with other experts and with personal experience she has learned how to interact properly with dangerous animals. Her goal in life is to interact with as many animals as she can, and to help preserve and rebuilt population for endangered species.
She is the first of four children, having one sister and two brothers.

Role*: Parent
Name*: Mrs. Roslyn Williams
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Talent*: Ultimate Mom
Appearance*: Tall and slim with blonde hair, green eyes, and faded freckles
Personality: Her amazing skills at being a Mom have made her very knowledgeable and confident - she has many leadership qualities. She is also very protective of anyone under her care, and is willing to be assertive if she has to be.
Extra Info/Notes: Mrs. Williams is a stay-at-home Mom, in order to be as available to her children as possible. Her husband is the breadwinner, and he makes sure the family comfortable financially. Coming hand in hand with being the Ultimate Mom, Mrs. Williams is very good at cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing, and most importantly, being there for her children however they need her.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)


Slezak, how will the talents play into this RP again? I quickly went through the OP and didn't really see any sign of its use being mentioned there, so if it was, my apologies.

Author:  Slezak [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Well, the talents are just part of the theme, really. Something to make every character unique. They will not really "play into" the RP unless the Chaperone for the location decides to use the special talents in a scenario. I mean, your Baker might wish to travel to different places with exotic kinds of bread and pastries, the Musician (whatever she decides to specialize in) might decide to put on a concert, or the Zoologist might lead us on a jungle expedition!

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Ah, I see.

I do hope some more boys join in to even things out though. The reason I made my character female was because I haven't had any experiencing RPing as a female character :payne:

Author:  Slezak [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Huh... you're right. We currently have an all-female cast. Well, at least Lone and Kami won't be stuck playing girls this time, right? Haha...

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Well, excluding you since you're the 21 somehow. Goes with the DR theme of being unusually good at your talent to the point of surpassing those of reali life professionals.

Well, Lone seems interested in joining, but I'm not sure about Kami yet :P Might have to ask him 'bout that later.

Author:  SiRReN [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Could do an all girls school though *eyebrow waggle*

Author:  Slezak [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Um... no. I'm not putting my Jeremy in that kind of situation. If everyone's a girl, I'll retcon 'his' name to Jamie and make 'him' Jay's sister instead.

My aim was always to wait until JM's game in the BBC finished, then probably a week afterward to let people rest and give time for any of the participants to decide whether or not they wish to join.

Remember, my intention with this is to make it a very casual, lightweight RP where you aren't obligated to post every day. If you are going to be abstaining from a trip for a week (going on vacation IRL, have important stuff to do, or just aren't up to it) just make it known which week so the Chaperone for that week knows not to make you an integral part of the week's scenario.

By the way, is everyone okay with Strawpoll as the method for location voting?

Author:  SiRReN [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Yeah I'm cool with Strawpoll

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)


Real talk I was originally planning on making my OC Sophia- THAT Sophia. Unfortunately, never really came to fruition :(

Author:  Lone [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Slezak wrote:
Well, at least Lone and Kami won't be stuck playing girls this time, right? Haha...

I did that voluntarily

Yeah, I will sign up, just need some more time to get my OCs backstory. And I'll play as a guy this time.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Slezak, I was wondering, could there be romance in this roleplay? I know its stupid but I like that stuff.... That's why I love to write fanficts!

Author:  Slezak [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

R-Romance? Uh, that's an odd question... But I mean, if you build up a good friendship with one of the students and they're cool with it, I guess it's possible they could fall in love. But remember: A sturdy house starts with a strong foundation. Everyone in this RP starts as strangers, so just start talking with people and you'll make friends I'm sure.

Just have fun, enjoy yourself, and be cool.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

It was really a joke but okay. I knew you were probably going to answer that way. I asked to see your reaction. ;P

Author:  Lone [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for Lone
Role*: Student
Name*: Viktor Yegor Esquivel
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate Warden

Appearance*: Tall muscular man. Hair cut very short. Sometimes wears various assortment of hats. Typically wears a heavy burgundy or crimson jacket, with gray or black pants. Viktor always has a deadpan serious face, with thick eyebrows and facial features. His eyes are a surprising blue. He often wears a various assortment of medals on his jacket, purely for decorative purposes.

Personality: A strong but silent type, Viktor possesses immense strength which he refuses to use unless absolutely necessary. His parents being Russian immigrants, English is his first language. He often speaks in short direct phrases, allowing everyone to know exactly what he means. He considers loyalty the most important thing, and won't fall to bribes sweet talk or anything.

Extra Info/Notes: The ultimate Warden. He had little time for school, and often dropped out in pursuit of other tasks. His parents ran a restaurant, to which he woke up at the crack of dawn to help set up. The oldest of five, and his parents not speaking English, he was the leader of the family. One such time he stumbled across the bad part of town. In there, he saw a drug dealer force a druggie to stab someone for cash. Outraged, Viktor beat down both of them. He dragged the dealer to jail, and personally payed for the druggie's rehab. Few knew of this, but those who did were grateful. Viktor realized what he was put on his earth to do, so he single handedly cleaned up the rest of the town. Because of this, he was offered a job as a high ranking Warden, despite having only graduated Middle School. He takes his job as Warden very seriously, and ensures no prisoners escape, riot, or sweet talk him. He has a reputation for stopping a prison riot using nothing but his ice cold glare.

Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for Pancakes
Role*: Student
Name*: Aflons Einarrson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate Archer

Appearance*: Alfons has bright red hair that parts over his right eye. He wears a green hood and cape adorned with expensive looking jewels, and always keeps his trusty bow with him on his backside. He has an ideal figure, but he is actually quite short, though his height helps keep him nimble.

Personality: Alfons is an overbearing young man who typically overwhelms people with his loud personality. He has fits of grandeur almost all the time, and he is actually quite sneaky and likes to put people against each other in order to advance his needs. While devious, he also has somewhat of a hero complex.

Extra Info/Notes: While Alfons bills himself as a "new-Century" Robin Hood, and he does genuinely enjoy helping certain people, Alfons is more of a trickster than anything. He uses his power for devious tasks, and he typically works for himself. Ironically, around the same time he left his neighborhood to join the Hope's Peak school, reports of the "Great Thief of Keflavik" reduced significantly, if not 100%.

Author:  SiRReN [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

So far Theresa is set to be the youngest of the group!

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

And Eta's the oldest! Not counting Germ though.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Its funny because me in general is younger than all of you! And yet my charector is one of the older ones! This is going to be fun!

Author:  Slezak [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

@SiRReN: Ha, that she is.
@SC: Ha, that she is.
@MC_Kitten: Ha, that she is.

Though that reminds me, maybe everyone should think up birthdays for their characters, and when they're about to come around (assuming this RP lasts for at least a full year) we should throw birthday parties for them! Speaking of which, this RP won't start in time for my characters' birthdays, so they'll actually be a year older by the time the RP is underway!

Also, I do have to apologize for something. As I stated before, one of my reasons for creating this was to potentially have some of the participants of DRF1 bring their characters over. Now I realize that not only would bringing back a dead character cheapen the impact their loss created, but I don't think even the survivors would be in any shape to want to get trapped in a school again, even if it's a completely benevolent one. So, I'm sorry for being so foolish and idealistic. Let's all have fun with the completely new characters we make, right?

Author:  Lone [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Socot wrote:
And Eta's the oldest! Not counting Germ though.

Why is a college student attending the super high school level class trip I wonder… I hope you're not up to something

Though Viktor might be older. He's missed so many years of school, and no one knows how old he is. Even his parents strangely. He might be a 25 year old high school student for all we know.


Ehh, if this is happening in the same universe as F1, then what you said. Might be fun to tie our characters here to our original ones (first I need to see if Flo even survives.)

Author:  SiRReN [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

SiRReN of DRF1 is dead dead dead

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

I mean F1 Cox know. I don't want to really bring him back for this :P

Don't worry Lone I'm not up to something. I think

Author:  DarkAgea [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

I finally managed to craft a backstory for one of my OCs. Hope I'm not too late.

Character Sheet for DarkAgea:
Role*: Student
Name*: Felicity Clover
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Talent*: SHSL Lucky Student

Appearance*: Felicity has bright honey-brown eyes and curly blonde hair, tied in two ponytails with jade-dragon bands. She wears a dark-green dress - with the skirt reaching slightly past her knees - over an amber full-sleeve t-shirt, along with black sandals. She also wears a white bracelet with the symbol of a sun atop it on her right wrist.

Personality: An optimistic, cheerful and very loud girl, Felicity is the epitome of happy-go-lucky to many and naive to others. Her energy is very difficult to keep up with, and has often left those around her exhausted in the attempt. She lives life in the moment and swears to do her best in never letting a single second pass by with regret.

Extra Info/Notes: Felicity is an only child, having had very few close friends. Her life has been one series of lucky moments, from nearly avoiding blindness to coming out of a car crash with superficial injuries despite the state of others, and these have seemed to lead up to Felicity becoming the SHSL Lucky Student - another stroke of luck for her, as she never gave in her name for the lottery and it was secretly done for her by a friend.
Felicity hates awkward silences and tries her best to break them up. Her favourite colour is yellow, she likes sweet foods and lemonade is her preferred drink.

Author:  Slezak [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Psssh, of course you're not too late! This RP won't even start for another two weeks at least. Hm, maybe I should start it and have it be a super-extended introduction phase. Lemme know.

Also, congratulations on getting lucky number 7 DarkAgea! It's almost like you planned it that way! (I even made a small note in your roster entry in the OP.)

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Lol. Nice! Though in DR the Ultimate Lucky Student has a slightly different meaning. Basically the protagonist whom you play as, who got invited to Hope's Peak by lottery.

Author:  Slezak [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Was that directed at me? If so, I know that. Still, they do end up having some strokes of good luck a bunch of times. The Lucky Number thing was just a nod to that.

Author:  DarkAgea [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Also, congratulations on getting lucky number 7 DarkAgea! It's almost like you planned it that way! (I even made a small note in your roster entry in the OP.)

... Okay, that was completely unexpected. Guess Felicity really was meant to be a Lucky Student.

Lol. Nice! Though in DR the Ultimate Lucky Student has a slightly different meaning. Basically the protagonist whom you play as, who got invited to Hope's Peak by lottery.

If that's to me, I know that (currently watching a playthrough of DR-1). The original plan was to use Alchie's older brother, but I don't know enough about psychology to make that work. I'd been having a few ideas for DRF2 (whenever that gets hosted) and I thought Lucky Student really wouldn't fit in there, so I decided to use Felicity here instead.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

I see. How far are ya into it?

Although MC_Kitten. Congrats on being the 20000th member of this forum! :D

Author:  DarkAgea [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Actually, I just started, so I'm somewhere around the first murder. My favourite out of the group at present has to be Sayaka Maizono.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Has the murder started yet?

I'm not sure if you'll like her more or hate her more by the end of the first trial tbh. All I can say is that it gets better from here. Currently on the fifth chapter start. Sooo pumped.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

My uncle was reading me the game he is finishing right now, and it made me really sad when SIRReN died and Jay was all sad trying to ask her to stay but she could'nt... I don't know why I bring this up its just that its the one thing I can thing of right now. :/ how sad were you SIRReN?

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

The saddest one of all was me because I didn't get to participate beyond Chapter 1 :,( #PrayforCox

Author:  SiRReN [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

#CoxDidNothingWrong #BringBackCox

I honestly wasn't that sad, I wasn't too invested in the character because she was thrown together last minute and above all it's just a game. The main thing is I had a good time.

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