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Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)
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Author:  Slezak [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

A fanfic writer as a teacher? ...Okay, I gotta see this in action. Consider my interest piqued.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

I'm not very good at writing the good guys :p Always been a fault of mine. Can't say I don't prefer the villains more anyhow.

Author:  Slezak [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

I'm the opposite. I've never felt capable of writing an evil character, or really conflict of any kind. I guess I just need practice.

Author:  Planetbox [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

hahaha I can write both

...okay I'll go

Author:  Southern Corn [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

Maybe we do need practice! Wanna swap bodies, Slezak?

Author:  Slezak [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip! (Sign-up/OOC)

...Um, no. I have horrible eyesight and am terribly overweight. Unless you wish to be miserable, I wouldn't recommend. Still, swapping bodies wouldn't make us any better at writing good or evil characters when we return.

W-Wait, hold on! Why am I even seriously analyzing this? SC, you so silly.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Pfft, I've been walking to loose some weight of my own recently. I could make you thinner :p

No, Slezak, you so silly. ;)

Though out of curiosity (OOC, heh) why'd you start a new thread for Phase 2? To simplify matters for newbies?

Edit: Wow, kinda sad I didn't bring back Sophia now, sounds like she'd love hanging out with Isaiah.

Author:  Datamatt [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

It's time.

Character Sheet for Datamatt
Role*: Student
Name*: Matt Cognomen
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate Technophile
Appearance*: ... 4d9dd3.png An average-height man with blonde hair and blue eyes and an average physique. He is dressed in a simple black T-Shirt depicting a circuit and blue denim jeans, with matching black trainers. Nothing seems to stand out too much other than his one-of-a-kind shirt. He seems to bear dark circles under his eyes, likely by sleep deprivation.
Personality: Not much of an extrovert anymore and generally wary of others, after the events of F1. Still obsessed with technology in an almost unhealthy way. It's however a different kind of obsession than in the events of F1.
Extra Info/Notes: This is F1 Matt and not an AU, so he remembers every terrible thing from F1. Yes, even that. The rest, find out icly.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

I assume this is before his marriage? :p

Author:  Datamatt [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Southern Corn wrote:
I assume this is before his marriage? :p

Yes, this is before the ending happens, so he's not romantically involved with anyone. To clarify, the timeline would be something like this:

- F1 ends;
- He tries to make a time machine;
- Eli is worried, she speaks to him;
- Matt realizes his time machine plan is useless;
- He signs up for school mode.

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for MechaQdogg
Name*: Arthur Ranpo
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate Mystery Novelist
Appearance*: Arthur’s hair is short, messy and brown, and often obscured by his tweed hat. He also wears a gray tweed jacket. He is short for his age and this gives the appearance that he’s much younger than he is. He typically carries around a comically large backpack full of books, his own, and that of other mystery authors, along with various drafts of his.
Personality: Easily flustered, but earnest and kind. A bit of a workaholic, but for unknown reasons he seems to have eased off the workload. Can be a bit exasperated with silliness or over-the-top shenanigans, but is generally good-natured enough to let them go.
Extra Info/Notes: Alternate Universe.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Fine, I give up. I'm reentering anyway. But only one this time, since three is a bit of a hassle.

Spoiler: Same as in Student Roster
Role: Student

Name: Sophia Cox


Gender: Female

Talent: Ultimate Ventriloquist

Appearance: Sophia is a brunette, just like her brother, but unlike him, she doesn't wear glasses. She wears the American Hope's Peak Uniform with pride, but always carries her puppets around with her. She calls them Sully and Soap, and they both bear resemblance to her brother and herself, respectively. She also has a projector with her so that she can fool people with her puppets.

Personality: Sophia is always rather chipper. She loves her entire family, and will not hesitate to speak for them when being attacked. She doesn't have any problems with her school or her life. So when she hears about this programme, she thinks it's perfect to join it! Though that might change for the worst.

Extra Notes: Same as in the original post I wrote to Slezak.

Author:  Kachu [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheetsssss for Kachu
Role*: Student
Name*: Marcus Vicario
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate Magician
Personality: A rather easygoing and friendly guy, Marcus aims to impress and please everyone with his complex "magic" despite the others knowing that it's a series of sometimes simple, sometimes complex tricks. A magician never reveals his secrets, however! As such, Marcus remains silent about his work unless he's preforming a trick for someone else.
Extra Info/Notes: N/A

Role*: Student
Name*: Amelia Harper
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Talent*: Ultimate Dancer
Personality: A kindhearted, outgoing and loud girl who tries to get along with just about everyone. Hates seeing others upset and is more than willing to do whatever it takes to cheer them up. Though, is rather shy when it comes to her talent and prefers to keep that to herself when possible.
Extra Info/Notes: N/A

I believe that's it.. Uhh.. Yeah. Hope it's not too terrible or whatever.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

I'm going to use Remeku Lata and Lumica Moon, from the last game, in this one too.
Go on my character sheet and see my new character, Kirimi Lata, Remeku's big brother, and your teacher so watch out.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

@Kachu Nah, sometimes, simpler’s better. Just means you’ll have to develop a lot of personality for them while you RP than usual..

@MC_Kitten AAAAAAAA *watches out*

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Heck, I might as well just put this here now. No reason not to.

Spoiler: I'm not really sure why I thought this up tbh
[Jeremy] silently cursed his lack of foresight for hiring some janitorial staff.

Yeah, really should've thought things through, huh?


Character Sheet for Southern Corn
Role: Staff
Name: Janis Ingrid Torr
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Talent: Ultimate...Janitor
Appearance: Her gray hair tied neatly into a bun, Janis wears a janitor cap on her head as well as the standard Hope's Peak staff uniform. Her face is adorned with wrinkles just as much as her uniform is with stains.
Personality: After spending four years in Hope's Peak, 'Ultimate Janitor' was not the title Janis expected to receive. As such, she is cranky towards the students as they get to not only live lavishly for weeks and weeks altogether, but have a better chance at getting an actually decent job than she ever had.
Extra Info/Notes: Will clean up after the students whoever they go in whichever location they travel to. Prefers to be called 'Ms. Torr' rather than 'Janis', except for Jeremy, who is the only one she considers worthy of her respect.

I'm being entirely serious about this, just so you know. :yogi:

Author:  Hanzo Shimada [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

I spoke with KamiPanda to discuss a character from a past game and he approves of it. Which past game, you might ask? The 5th Nonary Game. And who's the character that I'm speaking of? Well, I'll let you guys read for yourself.

Spoiler: New Character Alert!
Character Sheet for Hanzo Shimada
Role*: Student
Name*: Gary Liddell
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate Heir
Appearance*: He is slim and somewhat average in height. His eyes are hazel. His brown hair is long enough to reach just halfway down his neck and there is a teal hightlight in his hair. He wears a rock band raglan t-shirt, distressed jeans, and red sneakers.
Personality: Gary is a friendly guy who loves hanging out with his friends. Yet he may be paranoid most of the time when it comes to making new friends.
Extra Info/Notes: Gary Liddell is different from his NG5 counterpart.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Hahaha! Great minds think alike, I suppose XD

Author:  KamiPanda [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Here's a link to the Discord page, if anyone's interested:

Author:  Southern Corn [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

I'm super interested, brb joining up now

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

I would like to add in one other character.

Character Sheet for Lida_Rose

Role*: Staff - School Counselor
Name*: Rosalida (prounounced “ro-sa-lie-da") O’Connor. She isn't offended by most nicknames, though the one she most often goes by is “Lida" (pronounced lie-da). She doesn't particularly like when people use her full first name. That’s only her name if she’s in trouble.
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Talent*: Ultimate Cheerleader
Appearance*: Lida has a tall, willowy frame, and is slightly underweight. Her skin is very pale. Her eyes appear blue, green, or even slightly gray depending on the light. But if one looks closely, one will see her eyes are actually blueish-green with flecks of brown. She has slightly wavy ash blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders. She wears square-framed, red glasses. Her favorite outfit to wear while working is a royal blue button down shirt, a dark green jacket, a black skirt, and black sandals. She doesn't wear makeup or high heels.
Personality: Lida cares deeply for all of the people she counsels, be they student, parent, or faculty. She is highly encouraging and cheers on anyone who walks into her office. She stresses the importance of those she counsels sharing their honest thoughts and feelings. She genuinely wants those she talks to to succeed. However, she tends not to let her own feelings known except to those she really trusts and forces herself to appear happy and energetic even when she isn't either of those things. She phrases things awkwardly sometimes and lets herself get talked over really easily. When she gets too excited, she has been known to slush her “s"es and not annunciate very well when it comes to lip poppers. She freezes in the face of too much conflict, but is good at comforting people after said conflict. Usually.
Extra Info/Notes: Lida is practically fresh out of college with her degree. This is her first “real" job and she’s excited to get started!

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

*Dusts off this thread* Does it count as a double post if the last post was by me, but it was a long time ago? I guess that's not important right now. What is important is this!

Hear ye, hear ye! I, Lida_Rose with an underscore, will host the next event after the one currently happening in the main thread. That is right, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have been plotting an event in secret since October, trying to get it ready for you, my fellow RPers! My event takes place in a virtual world designed by Austin, the SHSL Programmer! All the information you need can be found below.

Spoiler: Teaser
You stare up at the beautiful, colorful sky. Hues of pink and orange decorate the clouds as you breathe in the aroma of hundreds of flowers. You can hear the distant sound of water flowing down a waterfall, while the sound of birds singing is taken over by the hooting of owls and crickets chirping. When you bent over to pick up a flower before, after receiving permission to do so, of course, it felt so real in your hands. Even as you watch the sunset with stars and the moon already visible, you can hardly believe this is all just a computer game. You’re so relaxed, you begin to feel yourself nodding off.

“Okay. I think it's about time to call it a night. We should return to the real world.” You recognize the voice of Austin Zimmern, the creator of this world. He’s probably talking to Jeremy. A large part of you doesn’t want to go, but you recognize that you have to. As Jeremy makes an announcement via your e-handbook, you listen, but as you are half-asleep, you don't quite catch everything. Still, you nod to yourself and pull up your Menu screen as instructed to log out.

You don't see an option to do so.

“Austin,” you hear Jeremy whisper.

“It should be fine! This happens sometimes, but we should all automatically logout in . . . .”

You stop listening. The sky overhead has now become black with blood red clouds. The moon hangs overhead and is now full and red when it was just a white crescent before. The hoots of owls and chirping of crickets have suddenly stopped. Everything is eerily silent for a few moments.

Then you hear howling. Loud, awful howling that makes you shiver involuntarily. It sounds like wolves but wrong somehow. And the howling is getting louder. You get to your feet and look for Austin and Jeremy, swiveling your head from side to side.

They were gone.

You shiver again and try to remember what to do about wolves. Make yourself taller? Climb a tree? Run? It's hard to remember which it is in a state of sheer panic, but you’re pretty sure you should climb a tree. There just aren't any near enough to you. You have to run to one and then climb it. You begin to run faster than you ever have in your life. The howling gets louder and louder.

And then you see out of the corner of your eye a giant, brown blur. The next thing you know, you are on the ground, pinned by an awful creature that looks like a wolf combined with a bear. As it growls at you, baring its fangs, you notice blood on them and all along its muzzle. You scream and squirm, trying to wrench your arms free. The weight of the creature is on your legs, so you cannot kick it. Your life flashes before your eyes.

And then suddenly the creature is off you, and you register two wolf-bear-things fighting one another. One of them, the one that looks shorter, shouts in a raspy voice, “I’ll fend them off! Go to Jeremy!”

You have no time to argue and you run, not entirely sure you're heading the right way. Your E-handbook lights up and there is now a green dot where you presume Jeremy is. He makes an announcement.

“Attention, students! There is now a green dot on all of your maps. Please converge on that location as soon as possible. Together, we can --”

The screen suddenly goes blurry, then it’s pure static. No, no! How are you supposed to find him now?! Your E-handbook screen goes completely black and you cannot access anything on it at all! But you are incredibly lucky, because as you stumble your way down a hill, you see Jeremy.

But no one else besides him. Did no one else make it?

Austin leaps through the trees. It's still so odd to see him walking.

“Is Mom here?”

Jeremy shakes his head.

“No. Looks like no one else is here besides the three of us.”

He smiles slightly at you, expression relieved.

“Still, it is fantastic that you are okay,” he says before he turns back to Austin. “Our E-handbooks have shorted. I do not know if anyone else even knows where we are.”

“I see. Well, I need to update all of them, anyway.” Austin nods to himself, then pulls up a digital screen before his eyes. His hands move quickly as his eyes dart back and forth. All you see is a light blue, translucent square in front of him.

Then you see weapons before you, a myriad of them floating right before your eyes, and you can feel your features changing.

“Choose your weapon,” Austin says.

As you reach for one, he adopts his own wolf-bear shape.

“Excellent choice. I changed your species to suit the weapon, if you don't mind. If it's a fight they want, then it is a fight they shall have. Let's go find the others and drive these Werewolves back!”
Spoiler: Character Sheet
Character Traits (This section is what you, the player, fill out.)

Appearance: (Note: Species choices make minor alterations to one’s appearance. Familiars/Magic Items should be listed here for Mages and Druids)

Species: (Just about any species you could think of is part of this game. If you wish to be something not listed below, PM/DM me and I will add it)

Generic Class: (Warrior, Mage, or Druid?)

Special Class (if applicable): (Custom name for your class)

Default Element: (Your species will have an element it defaults to. This determines base spells and skills as well as what you are weak and strong to. These elements are: Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, and Water. Your species may not have an element predetermined, in which case, the default is Non-Elemental. More on this in Element Descriptions)

Specialty Element: (Mages and Druids only! In addition to their default elements, Mages and Druids can pick another element in which to specialize. Their options include all of the elements listed above as well as Combination Elements. Combination Elements include: Lightning (Air + Fire), Plant (Earth + Water), Lava (Earth + Fire), and Storm (Air + Water). Note: Opposing elements (Fire and Water, Air and Earth) do not combine. More about Combination Elements in Element Descriptions)

Weapon of Choice: (What does your character use to attack with? Mages would put either staves, instruments, rods, their magic item, or no weapons at all.)

Armor: (Does your character wear armor? What kind is it? How heavy is it?)

Stats (This section would be filled in by me)
HP: (Hit points)
SP: (Skill points)
Attack: (How strong your physical and special attacks are)
Special: (The higher the special, the more powerful your skills and the higher your defense against enemy skills. Determines effectiveness of cure spells and buffs. Determines proficiency with your skills, as in, how accurate they are.)
Defense: (How well you withstand attacks. Increased with Armor)
Speed/Evasion: (How fast you move and how well you dodge attacks. Decreased with armor)

Level: (This is to be filled in by me. I will keep track of level ups and update levels. Everyone starts at level 1)
Skills/Spells Known: (This is for me to keep track of for each character. Every player has a chance to name their Skills/Spells whatever they wish within reason.)
Spoiler: Element Descriptions
Air: With the ability to cause cyclones and fly, Air elementals run around and wreak havoc. Those who specialize in this element utilize Spells and Skills that boost Speed/Evasion, making them light on their feet and hard to hit, and allowing their allies the privilege of being the same.

Earth: With the ability to cause earthquakes and move mountains, Earth elementals stand their ground. Those who specialize in this element utilize Spells and Skills that raise their and their allies’ Defense, allowing them to endure more damage and aid their allies in doing the same.

Fire: With the ability to barrage their opponents with fireballs and turn their opponents to ash, Fire elementals know no fear. Those who specialize in this element utilize Skills and Spells that boost their and their allies’ Attack, allowing them to cause more destruction and aid their allies in doing the same.

Water: With the ability to overwhelm their opponents with icicles and sweep away their opponents with tidal waves, Water elementals go with the flow of combat. Those who choose this element as their specialty utilize Skills and Spells that boost their and their allies’ Special, allowing them to strike their opponents with precision and aid their allies in doing the same.

Light: Associated with purity for better or worse, Light elementals can bring back one ally from KO. Those who choose this element as their specialty learn Skills and Spells that restore the HP and SP of their allies, making for excellent team support.

Dark: Associated with chaos for better or worse, Dark elementals can take whatever they want from their opponents, even their stat buffs. Those who choose this element as their specialty learn how to minimize their own SP cost and how to take SP and HP from their opponents.

Non-Elemental: An element that appears unremarkable on the surface, it may actually be the most powerful of all. People who choose this element do not learn Skills or Spells that boost any stat in particular, instead learning some that boost all stats slightly. Not specialized, but not really needing to be, Non-Elemental skills are not resisted by any.

Combination Elements
Lightning: A jolt of electricity crashes down from the sky, burning whatever it touches to cinders. Lightning is the combination of air and fire, an element of unbridled energy. It costs more SP to specialize in this element, but it will be worth it to electrify your foes and boost your allies’ Speed/Evasion and Attack.

Lava: Molten lava spews up from under the earth, the unbearable heat damaging any foes nearby before the lava even touches them. Lava is the combination of Fire and Earth, an element of slow and steady devastation. It costs more SP to specialize in this element, but it will be worth it to vanquish your foes and boost your allies’ Attack and Defense.

Plant: You can do so much more than trap enemies with vines or stab them with thorns. Entire forests bend to your will and you have a plant army. Plant is the combination of Water and Earth, an element of taking root and being an immovable object. It costs more SP to specialize in this element, but it will be worth it to crush your opponents while boosting your allies’ Defense and Special. Your bark is worse than any bite.

Storm: A fierce storm drenches and blows away your opponents. You may not have the power to summon lightning, but you can control the weather. Storm is the combination of Air and Water, an element of constantly flowing frantic energy. It costs more SP to specialize in this element, but it will be worth it to keep your opponents at bay while boosting your alles’ Speed/Evasion and Special.
Spoiler: Available Species and their Default Elements
Every species has a default element attached to it, as well as some passive, innate skills that don’t necessarily influence combat. They also have Stat Attributes and Stat Weaknesses which determine stat distributions.

Werewolves: The default element for all Werewolves is Fire. They are all warm to the touch at all times as a result. A Werewolf’s human form is more tanned, has more hair, and is taller than normal. The power of Werewolves’ wolf form depends on phases of the moon. When Werewolves transform during the full moon, their stats are increased by one level. During the new moon, their stats in wolf form are reduced one level (the human form stats are also reduced one level during the day). During the crescent moon, their stats remain the same as their human form. During the half moon, their stats are increased by half a level. During the gibbous, their stats are raised by three-quarters of a level. Because Werewolves have very little SP in their Mage Class and have a tendency to destroy their magic amulets and attack their familiars, the Warrior class comes highly recommended for this species, particularly Berserkers.

Stat Attributes: High Attack and HP
Stat Weaknesses: Low Special and SP

Vampires: The default element for all Vampires is Water. They are all cool to the touch as a result. Vampires are paler, have less body hair, and are thinner than their human counterparts. Whenever Vampires drink human blood, they gain stat bonuses akin to gaining one level, but if they drink the human blood enough to kill said human, they gain two levels worth of stat bonuses. However, they can drink non-humanoid creature blood in order to slake their thirst. They do not gain any bonuses for doing this. Their thirst for blood becomes overwhelming and they gain the Blood Crazed attribute after a week without any blood. Blood Crazed Vampires will be compelled to drink from the first available Humanoid blood source until it dies (which does not give them a bonus in this case, merely restores stats and HP to normal), gradually loses HP, and loses a level stat-wise for each day they are Blood Crazed. Because Vampires have such good Special and are glassy, Mages and Rangers are great classes for them.

Stat Attributes: High Speed/Evasion and Special
Stat Weaknesses: Low Defense and HP

Angels: The default element for Angels is Light. They shine slightly in the sunlight and can see even when the light is harsh as a result. They tend to be pale, their hair tends to be light colored, and they all have white wings they can’t quite hide.

Stat Attributes: High SP and Special
Stat Weaknesses: Low HP and Attack

Demons: The default element for Demons is Dark. They can see in the dark as a result. When pretending to be human, demons have gray skin, dark hair, and horns they can’t quite hide. Their true forms are highly varied in appearance.

Stat Attributes: High Attack and Defense
Stat Weaknesses: Low Special and Speed/Evasion

Kittykin: The default element for Kittykin is Fire. They are warm to the touch as a result. Kittykin are a mix of cat and human and therefore have feline features, such as cat eyes, cat ears, whiskers, fur, claws, and a tail. How closely a Kittykin resembles a cat depends on the player.

Stat Attributes: High Speed/Evasion and SP
Stat Weaknesses: Low Defense and HP

Fae (also spelled Fey): Lots of creatures fall under this category, from fairies (also spelled faeries, also called pixies) to nymphs to changelings to cait siths. Because so many creatures fall under this umbrella, they do not have a specified, inherent default element that fits all categories. They all have some things in common, though: they have pointed ears, a true form that differs drastically in appearance from their human forms, and innate shapeshifting powers. They also have the same stat attributes and weaknesses.

Stat Attributes: High Special and Speed/Evasion
Stat Weaknesses: Low Defense and Attack

Dwarves: Short in stature, with long hair (for males and females) and beards for males, Dwarves are known for their determination and endurance. Their default element is Earth. Their hardiness makes them difficult to defeat. They can naturally see and breathe underground.

Stat Attributes: High Defense, High HP.
Stat Weaknesses: Low Speed/Evasion, Low SP.

Valkyries: With beak-like noses and wings that vary in color but are usually earth tones, Valkyries are air elementals and a highly combat oriented species. They can even fly when wearing heavy armor, though most prefer not to. They like to swoop down, hit their opponents, then fly away.

Stat Attributes: High Speed/Evasion, High Attack.
Stat Weaknesses: Low Special, Low SP

Elves: Cousins of Fae, Elves also have no common default element. Their element depends on the location at which they were born, as their evolutionary line allowed for them to have the optimal element for their environment. It is rumored that Light and Dark Elves were not born but made through rituals on their young. These have not been confirmed. Looks vary based on environment, however all elves have pointed ears they cannot hide, just like their cousins. Elves all have the same stat attributes and weaknesses regardless of environment.

Stat Attributes: High Speed/Evasion and Attack.
Stat Weaknesses: Low HP and Defense

Humans: The default element for Humans is Non-Elemental. They have no inherent strengths or weaknesses. Their appearances do not change from the original profile.

Stat Attributes: None.
Stat Weaknesses: None.
Spoiler: Classes

Mages are by nature fragile. They prefer not to fight in the front lines because of their general squishiness. All Mages have a magic item or a familiar from which they draw their magic powers. If such a thing were destroyed, the Mage’s spells would all be very weak.

Mages get two spells in their default element (which are a cure spell and a shield spell), one spell in their specialty element (or special class or both), one skill based on their species (or, if they’re human, another special class skill), and one skill based on their special talent, totalling 5 skills at level 1. They start with 15 HP and 25 SP regardless of species and special class.

Special (Mage) Class Examples

Bard: With the gift of singing, playing music, or reciting poetry, a Bard can boost their allies’ stats with a single song.

Beast Tamer: Beasts will heed a Beast Tamer’s beck and call, coming to their aid in battle.

Summoner: Rather than call upon existing creatures for aid, a Summoner summons a being from within themselves. Every summoner starts with one summon, but they can gain more by leveling up and complicated rituals performed outside of combat.

Healer: A Healer learns skills that heal people. They rejuvenate and support their allies.

Necromancer: A Necromancer summons the bodies of the fallen and reanimates their corpses to fight for them.


Warriors like to get their hands dirty. While some of them fight with ranged weapons, most like to attack up close and personal. They tend to wear armor to boost their Defense.

Every Warrior gets Power Strike (a skill that gives you a strong attack), Guard (a skill that buffs Defense for a turn), a skill pertaining to their Special Class (or default element or both), a skill granted by their species, and a special skill pertaining to their talent, totalling 5 skills at level 1. They start with 25 HP and 15 SP regardless of species or special class.

Special (Warrior) Class Examples

Ranger: Experts with the bow and arrow, Rangers learn skills that aid in their precision. They tend to be agile and hide behind cover to shoot.

Berserker: A class that tends to use heavy weapons, Berserkers learn skills that boost their attack and make themselves a fright to their opponents.

Knight: Usually heavily armored, the Knight may move slowly, but doesn’t take much damage. Knights make excellent cover for ranged attackers. Their skills boost defense and give them the ability to take damage for their allies.

Rogue: A class that emphasizes Speed/Evasion and learns skills that boost that stat, the Rogue likes to move in stealthily, strike their foe, then move out of range for the next attack.

Weaponmaster: A class that learns both Attack and Defense boosting skills, Weaponmasters dual wield weapons. They are also usually considered the biggest threat in the party by enemies and will be targeted more frequently than the other classes.


More physically bulky than Mages but less so than Warriors, Druids tend to fall in between the other two classes in everything. They’re jacks of all trades, but masters of none.

Every Druid gets one default element spell (either Shell or Cure), Guard, a Special Class skill, a species skill, and a special talent skill, totalling 5 skills at level 1. They start with 20 HP and 20 SP.

Special (Druid) Class Examples

Paladin: A combination of a Knight and Healer, Paladins make great walls, shielding their allies in battle and curing their allies. They do not start with a steed, however, and will need to obtain one later by taming a wild creature. They will learn a skill to do this.

Weapon Blesser: People in this class cast spells on weapons that have been blessed to survive the enchantments. Want to set your sword on fire and attack your opponents for extra damage? Then give this class a try.

Shadow Thief: A rogue who uses magic to make them better at thieving and trickery, the Shadow Thief is exceptional at landing a hit, then disappearing into the shadows.

Survivalist: These Druids never felt like they belonged anywhere, and so they have traveled the world, learning secrets to survival. They learn how to resist elements, even their opposition element, and how to conserve their SP.

Spirit Guide: These people try to guide spirits to the land of the dead. They can summon spirits to aid them in battle. They are also good at unarmed combat for the spirits who refuse to be guided and instead go around possessing people. They learn skills that aid in combat, and they send spirits to the land of the dead, where they belong.
Spoiler: Combat and Other Mechanics
Combat will be scripted out prior via google doc. Everyone fills in their characters’ actions on a chart, and then I have the enemy move after enough people post in the chart or 12 hours have passed and then another round begins. Then posting order in the thread proper is determined by characters’ Speed/Evasion. When people are speed tied, I will let whoever wants to post first between speed ties do so, but if both (or all -insert number of speed ties here-, as the case may be) want to post at about the same time, then I will determine by dice roll who gets to post first.

Against Mooks: Mooks are easy peasy enemies taken out to grind for experience. When you come across such enemies, I will post what they’re doing and then you can control whichever mook is attacking you or that your character is attacking. This is to ensure quick battles.

Against Bosses: Bosses use the chart system. The first battle will be a boss fight. They are not easy to defeat, but if everyone works together, the good guys will triumph!

How Damage is Calculated: PC’s Attack - Boss’ Defense + ½ PC’s Special, rounded up + Opposition Bonus (if applicable). I will call whether or not the boss dodged the attack via a similar formula: (PC’s Speed/Evasion + ½ PC’s Special, rounded up) - Boss’ Speed/Evasion. When a Boss attacks a PC, the calculation is simply Boss’ Attack - PC’s Defense. I will determine whether or not a Boss hits based on how the PC reacts to the Boss targeting him/her/them. I will be mostly looking at the PC’s Speed/Evasion to determine this.

Level Ups: All stats besides HP and SP are increased between 1 and 5 each level. How much a stat increases depends on a combination of PC’s class, PC’s species, and dice rolls. When it comes to SP and HP, things work a bit differently. Each level, the default is to get 5 HP and 5 SP, however for a High HP or High SP attribute species, the increase is 10 per level. For low HP and SP weakness species, the increase is alternated between 2 and 3 such that the increase totals 5 every other level.

KOs: If a character reaches 0 HP, their unconscious body remains for 2 combat rounds (a turn is when somebody moves; a round is when every active player moves). If the character is not revived in that time, they will be booted out of the game and can no longer participate in this event. But really, there shouldn't be any of that in the first place.

Combination Spells: When Mages and Druids combine spells with one another, they may produce a combination spell that does not make a combination element. These include but aren't limited to:
Hurricane (Air + Water: A swirling vortex of air and water captures your opponent in a deadly spiral)
Ice Storm (Air + Water: Icicles crash down from the sky)
Fire Storm (Air + Fire: Fireballs fall from the sky)
Fire Vortex (Air + Fire: a deadly vortex of fire and air)
Geyser (Earth + Water: Water shoots up from the ground)
Eruption (Fire + Earth: A burst of magma and fire spews up from the ground or, if you are near a volcano, the volcano erupts).

Skill/Spell Types:
Instant Action/Spell - One-and-done effect.
Concentration Spell - Effect lasts the whole turn, so it can affect movement/attack stats. Meant to be cast multiple turns in a row, so they have an “over time” cost.
Full-Turn Action - That's the only thing you can do that turn.
Lasting Effect - Set it once and forget it--at least until it runs out.
Passive Skill - While you are conscious, this skill is always in effect.
Reaction - Can only be used when the condition detailed in the skill is met.
Out-of-Battle Action - As the name implies, cannot be used in the middle of a fight.

Special Talent Skills: Each character will start with a unique skill based on their Ultimate/SHSL talent. Special talent skills remain secret until claimed or used. Unlike other skills, these do not upgrade, but they don’t really need to. I will keep track and add the special talent skill into the profile after it is revealed.
Spoiler: Links

Please have fun and enjoy the process of adapting your characters, with my guidance, of course.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

You really put the RP in RPG, Lida. Wow.

That said, I probably won't be participating this round since personally this type of stuff isn't really my cup of tea.

Author:  UkuleleLady [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for UkuleleLady
Role*: ???
Name*: Hector Mendoza
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Talent*: Ultimate MacGyver
Appearance*: Hector is a short, muscular, broad-figured man with dark skin, short black hair, and big green eyes. He typically wears a plain white sleeveless shirt and loose, hemmed brown pants. He prefers sandals or no shoes at all.
Personality: Introverted, curious, and strong-willed, Hector has a black-and-white view of the world and a strong sense of moral responsibility. He will rush to defend the helpless, even at risk of being harmed himself, without hesitation. Even when he's gotten himself into a desperate situation, he maintains an uncanny level of calm.
Extra Info/Notes: Hector has amnesia. He remembers his name, age, and skills, but nothing else. Oddly, this doesn't seem to bother him much.

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

@UkeleleLady! AAAAA! I'm so happy to see that your on CR now! I can't wait to see your character blossom in the forums! XD

Author:  UkuleleLady [ Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for UkuleleLady
Role: Student
Name: Bartleby Isaac Washburn (goes by Isaac)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Talent: Ultimate Tinkerer (Electronics Engineering)
Appearance: Isaac is fair, blond, and blue-eyed, average height and slim. He typically wears jeans, sneakers, and a plaid button-up shirt left open over a tee shirt.
Personality: Optimistic, sweet, and impulsive, Isaac doesn't see the world through rose-colored glasses; rather, he sees it through the eyes of an excited puppy. Every person is a friend, every animal a playmate, every object a puzzle, and every place an invitation to explore. Isaac brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything he's a part of, but his attention span bounces between obsessively long and exasperatingly short with no middle-ground. His is a world of grand romance and idealism, of exhilarating highs and devastating lows.
Extra Info/Notes: Isaac is bisexual.

Author:  PhosphorousLaw [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Character Sheet for PhosphorousLaw
Role*: Staff (Teacher, Tactics and Martial Arts)
Name*: Merin Bartor (Nicknamed Maris)
Age: 32
Gender: ??gender, ze/hir and she/her pronouns
Talent*: Ultimate Battle
Appearance*: Maris is a tall androgynous individual of ambiguously brown coloring. Her bearing is one of class and ze exudes an air of style. She wears suits almost exclusively, with hir purple hair braided down her back.
Personality: Maris is a stern and commanding figure. Ze softens in the presence of students in need and butterscotch, which is her favorite treat. Ze is compassionate, but has difficulty knowing how to act upon it.
Extra Info/Notes: Maris is autistic. She also has a Pomeranian named Gina which ze sometimes brings to class.

So uh, how’s this? :athena: Hope it’s good!

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

This is great! I like Maris already! I can't wait to see her in the thread!

Author:  PhosphorousLaw [ Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Awww, thank you! I’m excited to see hir interact with y’all!

Author:  Slezak [ Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Approved! Adding you to the roster. Look forward to seeing you in the thread after the current event's done!

Author:  Sanity Serenade [ Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

Question: Is it pronounced, (Mar-ees) or, (Mar-iss)? Just a dumb curiosity of mine . . .

Author:  PhosphorousLaw [ Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa School Mode (Sign-up/OOC)

It’s pronounced Mare-iss. And Mare-in. (*insert wild mare joke here* :franny: :godot: )

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