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Re: Case 5 discussion thread (SPOILERS)Topic%20Title
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Love the name "Turnabout for tomorrow", love the intro, especially the intro music.
The case itself... it was good, but quite a few things could have been improved to make it much more enjoyable.
Spoiler: Annoyed rant
My biggest complaint is how it turns into an absolute cringefest by the end. I never got why they thought it was a good idea to have the lawyers put the final nail in Phantom's coffin by... talking shit about doubt and feelings? What the hell does it matter whether or not he can feel trust towards people when he's about to go down as the killer and likely be arrested anyway? And look where it got him - he got shot. That breakdown itself always makes me uncomfortable, too.
And Apollo's "rebellion" which was great for about twenty seconds. Not that I actually got why he did that since Athena already was arrested for Clay's murder, and, if my memory is correct, wasn't her trial gonna take place that day anyway? And if so, why couldn't they just have let Aura hijack that courtroom and make it a double-trial for Athena, for the murders of Dr. Cykes and Clay? I guess it was just cooler with a broken courtroom and also bandaged Apollo. But I liked his little nod to Kristoph, it was subtle enough but still it would have been neat if Phoenix had somehow acknowledged it, like gotta get this child on the right track before he turns into his superfreakexmentor.
Seriously though, Apollo had all the reason to suspect Athena - his bracelet reacted and then he went off on an investigation that showed that logically speaking, she was the only reasonable suspect, and the lighter with "her" fingerprints just added to that. And yet Phoenix treats the situation as if he's mean and crazy for suspecting her, because Athena is Phoenix' friend and Phoenix' friends would never kill and that's just how it is. Overall, Phoenix' behaviour felt less "this is my client and I have to believe them to defend them well" and more "no I refuse to believe Athena is guilty LALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU". And Apollo himself backs down after one stupid theory and even if he had legitimate reason for his doubt and had explained in court already that he personally wanted to believe Athena they had to add in that blubbering booo how could I ever doubt you please punch me-bullshit that was so cringey my face still hurts. A simple "Sorry for indicting you for murder" and "Nah, we're cool" wuld have sufficed. And then just to add salt to the wounds that damn Aploplo takes his dead best friend's jacket that was said dead best friend's pride and symbol of him achieving his dreams and throws it on a filthy floor. ... And they film him upwards in this triumphant manner and then they reach his face and we're greeted with THIS monstrosity: Image ... But I digress.

Well then, about the case itself, there were some elements here and there that we'd already seen, and I found the whole Phantom-thing left a little too much unresolved. And Trucy being one of the hostages feels as unnecessary now as it felt 2013, not that it directly harmed the case for me, but it did absolutely squat.
Somehow it felt like a lot happened, not in an overbearing way, though, but in a varying way that kept the case feeling dynamic. Like, we had the investigation and hanging out a little with Trucy, hearing Athena's backstory, the hostage-situation, we had robots in court, Simon's emotional testimony that I found very intriguing and compelling to figure out, Athena's black psyche-locks, Apollo turning against us and then the whole Phantom-stuff where rather than bickering with a persistent and cunning mastermind for five hours, everything just turned into utter chaos. I found it quite entertaining. "THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! :D" Although I didn't understand how Apollo and Phoenix, from the start, could be so sure Fulbright was lying about being an accomplice to and threatened by the actual Phantom. The revelations of the crimes and the culprit felt a little flying all over the place, but nevertheless it was engaging and seeing Athena's, Simon's and Aura's personal in-game stories come to an end was satisfying. When Aura said she was glad that Simon and the princess had both been declared innocent, that was actually really beautiful. Breaking the black psycholocks was beyond satisfying and gave me the chills. Also really liked the thought route.
It was interesting to see Ted Tonate and that his crime and the first case weren't so clear-cut. I had completely forgotten about that and really thought he was the kind of first case-killer that we'd never see again. Overall I think the cast of characters present in this case was nice. Edgeworth was a joy to have, and investigate (miswrote that at first as "incestigate"... worst typo ever) with.
- Why didn't you say so earlier?!
- Because YOU shouted "hold it" and cut me off!
And I did like Pearl's role. I liked investigating with her, if only for a short period of time. Same goes for Trucy. I thought Yuri was okay in case four, rather funny but I wasn't sold on him, but I really came to appreciate him more here. I appreciated Athena more as well and how she kept soldiering on.
Overall, if I try and supress all the cringe and cheese from my memory, it was a joy to play and a neatly done case.
(......Ack! I've run out of snide comments!)
Re: Case 5 discussion thread (SPOILERS)Topic%20Title
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I actually really like how cheesy the final confrontation is. It was a serious giggle fest.
Re: Case 5 discussion thread (SPOILERS)Topic%20Title
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What if Apollo was playable in the final part of the trial after he takes his bandages off, instead of Phoenix? His playable role was too small in this game.
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