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Case three discussion thread (tagged spoilers)
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Author:  Danchat [ Thu May 24, 2018 12:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Case three discussion thread (tagged spoilers)

Southern Corn wrote:
Oh my god this cassssseeeeeee

Spoiler: 6-3
This thing is the most excruciating thing to replay in SoJ. It feels so DD-esque, with the investigations that hardly help you and the useless court days with a terrible witness which doesn't help uncover anything and FOUR MODERATO TESTIMONIES IN A ROW I MEAN HAVE YOU NO SHAME?! Rayfa I think is the only redeeming part of a good deal of this case because I just want to fall asleep during the rest of it.

Though not all of it is bad. The parts in the palace and the rebel hideout were tolerable (though I still despise Datz and maintain that Larry is worse than him) and the second trial day is interesting, especially after Tahrust is channeled. I actually do like what they were trying to do with the story here- show don't tell, unlike DD's garbage attempt at one. The emotional impact of the "breakdown" is something else too, and I like the rather somber ending. Animations are really nice this time as well.

So overall, this case…just skip over first investigation/trial. Then it'll get…slightly better, I guess.

Case 3 is odd... on one hand, I like several of the unique twists this case brings, like having the antagonist be the victim and facing off him on the witness stand while being dead. Though the "killer" is technically the victim's wife, though I'd call it more of an accident. Unfortunately, the first day of the case isn't good. Datz's testimony is just filler! He even admits he completely made the testimony up! (Nahyuta should really get in trouble for having an amnesiac witness lie on the witness stand.)

Thinking upon it further, I think one reason why this case fell a bit flat was the fact that Kee'ra turned out to be the second victim who didn't even have a single line of dialogue. I think it was a major missed opportunity to not have Phoenix face off against a state-sponsored murderer posing as a legendary hero on the witness stand. Puh'ray being Kee'ra is an incredibly unsatisfying plot twist.

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