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Though I've played the case multiple times and know the story, I still have mixed feelings about putting the blame for the kidnapping plot entirely on a 14-year-old. I'm sure Dahlia was pretty manipulative then, but as adults, Valerie and Terry should be shouldering some of the blame too. Terry being a simpleminded fool only goes so far as an excuse, and Valerie was in the police force, so she absolutely knew better. (Of course, at 19, Dahlia is a nasty piece of work and can't really rely on any excuses for her crimes.)

Terry killing himself in court... tragic in the game, and a bit worse here. It's sad when you realize that Mia, who knew Terry for all of a few hours, was more torn up over his death than Dahlia, who'd carried on a relationship with him. (I mean, obviously, she was only using him, but years later, she didn't care that she'd framed him for her faked death, or that he was still willing to die for her.)

Loved that moment where Diego turned around and made eye contact with Dahlia. Pretty damn chilly.

I was hoping for one more filler case before BttT, but I guess I shouldn't be too greedy.
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