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[S2] Episode 18: "Bridge to the Turnabout — 2nd Trial"Topic%20Title
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Discussion thread.

lol @ Bikini blowing her nose on Gumshoe's tie.

Edgeworth wondering about Phoenix's experiences as a defense attorney, I just love. But I feel like these kinds of moments got dealt with and filed away in 3-5, and weren't necessary in the AAI games... at least, not in the sense that thinking from Phoenix's POV is a new thing. Sorry, random side rant (I know that not everyone agrees).

The absence of Maya's magatama was obvious this time, but I guess one doesn't need a charm to tell when Larry is hiding something. I thought it was great when Larry jumped out in court for Iris' sake, without being prompted by anyone else. IMO that is such a Larry thing to do. Though it kind of takes away from Edgeworth's vow to drag Larry to court.

Spoiler: also
Gotta love Edgeworth.

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.(/Larry the Cable Guy)

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