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I wanted to explain... I think the anime was a big success and overall great, and I recognize that Takumi supproted the extra story bits and everything. However, there is one thing that always bugged me. It's not necessarily a problem, but something worth noticing.

When the Pachinkoanime bits were released, which were the first production of Attorney Attorney Anime, I got more excited because of the way they had a bit more detail and shading. But I don't necessarily think detail is everything. It's just that the colors and detail that the original trilogy had were very memorable, and while simplicity is also important, I feel the anime was a little bit too simple to capture that.


Now at the same time, i believe that when you make an adaptation it's supposed to be and almost always is different in that way regardless, but still.

In fact, I feel this is the main problem with the HD Ace Attorney remakes. Not only did they redraw the lines, but while it technically has all the same elements in better resolution, that doesn't properly serve the purpose of the game. Especially when you go around screwing with the original interface of the text boxes, the Court Record, and even the music. Almost defeats the purpose of playing Phoenix Wright. If you read some of the interviews from Shu Takumi on Ash's Gyakuten Saiban Library, you'll know how much stress and precision that went into every apparently simplistic detail.

Another thing I realized is that if you look at manga and other works from the original Ace Attorney artist, Suekane Kumiko, like her manga Versailles of the Dead, the art is surprisingly different. It still hold somewhat of the style, but when you see less shading and a black and white image, it doesn't manifest the same effect as Phoenix Wright games do.

A lot of the time we don't notice every detail of what goes into things like this and how much effect little details do. I have nothing against the way the anime was made, just that I envisioned and would have hoped for more of that dark blue sad lighting during moments like Mia's death (YOU REVEALED THAT MIA DIES? SPOLER ALERT, SCREW YOU!!). It's not a matter of there being a better version, but moreso awareness of the kind of things that trigger memories and feelings. I always felt that Ace Attorney was known exactly for that above anything else.
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