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Predictions For The Future Of The Series?
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Author:  Rehncohro [ Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Predictions For The Future Of The Series?

It's pretty hard to deny that the series has been in a pretty messy state in recent years, despite how much I enjoyed Spirit Of Justice. To be honest, I'd say it even goes back to Apollo Justice, despite the fact that I actually loved it. But it got even worse after that one Dual Destinies came out and I say that because it along with Spirit Of Justice, it's pretty disconnected from Apollo Justice, despite the latter having more to do with him. It's gotten to a point where we know some things we can expect and Capcom will still surprise us (some of SoJ's announcements surprised me ngl). But enough about that. Where do you think the series is headed? What do you think the main series will do next? I'll start with some predictions for AA7:

Spoiler: AA7 Predictions
1. Phoenix Wright in the title (will follow Phoenix/Athena in Japanifornia)
2. Apollo and Khura'in will appear somewhere (likely the last case)
3. Only a few plot points from previous games will be addressed
4. Another weird lawyer ability will be introduced
5. More returning characters from trilogy whether they really contribute to a case or not
6. A new prosecutor with some kind of connection to at least one person at the Wright Anything Agency
7. 7. The lead detective for Japanifornia will be Gumshoe and for the Khura'in case I'm predicting it will be Ema because of what happens at the end of Spirit of Justice.

Whether most of these come true or not, I'm not too concerned but this is what I'm thinking base off of how Spirit Of Justice ended.

Author:  MBr [ Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Predictions For The Future Of The Series?

Going by the previous games, I don't expect much. AJ was the last game to do anything meaningful, even if it did awkwardly force Phoenix into the plot. DD and SoJ are content to reuse character arcs and plot points (like how in the final case of those games, Phoenix is forced to defend someone because a person close to him is kidnapped, like in 2-4) and they just don't have enough substance to make up for how long they are. And I love DD but there's just so much wrong with it that they didn't address in SoJ.
I expect more of the same: Phoenix is promoted as the main character with his name in the title and logo, but it changes to focus on someone else mid-game.
Dollarluigi wrote:
3. Only a few plot points from previous games will be addressed

I agree, with how much they like to dodge loose ends from previous games.

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