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4-3 Contradiction collection (spoilers)Topic%20Title


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When the killer tries to shoot Romeine, why does one of the bullets go through a wall without a mark?

Possibility: It could have been at a diagonal angle, not straight to the left.

The height difference between Machi and Mr. LeTouse has got to be a least a foot and a half. In order for Machi to shoot him and hit his shoulder, the angle of the shot should have sent the bullet into the ceiling, not the wall.

Possibility: The cops don't know anything about firearm mathematics.

Why did Romeine carry a .43 caliber with him? Little people can survive a .38, why a .43?

Possibility: To make sure the smuggler was dead.

How come Romeine didn't fight back?

Possibility: Romeine was in shock from the first bullet and stood there like a rock.

Why is the bullet going through his back if he did try to fight back? Or just... why did the bullet go through his back?

Possibility: The one above also solves this contradiction.

How can Machi play both high and low notes (after you rip the music) on a piano with one hand!?

Possibility: I could have mixed up the files or the creators wanted it to sound real.

Why did Daryan fail at something really simple after playing the hardest parts with simplicity?

Possibility: He thought nobody would notice.

How come the igniter set off during the third set?

Possibility: As Daryan controlled Machi, he told him to press the switch again.

Why does the full version of Guilty Love does not have Daryan? (Unless I'm mishearing something)

Possibility: It was recorded after he was arrested.

How does Romeine survive a .45 caliber gunshot for several minutes after he was shot?

Possibility: He's huge.

It says Romeine died of blood loss. Why is there almost no blood on the carpet?

Possibility: The forensics crew cleaned it up. We have Luminol, big difference.

How did Machi know about the air vent that was there?

Possibility: Well, he isn't blind, of course. But he went for the fastest exit possible.

How did Machi go to the stepladder and run inside and close the vent in a mere 3 seconds?!

Possibility: He's a fast kid who can calculate a proper escape in only 0.731 seconds.

How did Romeine know that Lamiroir was a witness?

Possibility: Valant didn't tell him... Maybe he heard her on the ceiling?

Despite being tiny and unfamiliar with guns, Machi sustained no injury from shooting off the high caliber gun. How so?

Possibility: Well, this is a hypothetical question, of course. He might have relocated his shoulder after, although that poses difficulty and his arrest was made within 3 hours or so. (that is if I can get my hands on the script.)

Do you have any more contradictions for us?
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Re: 4-3 Contradiction collection (spoilers)Topic%20Title
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Time for you to sleep.

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Thread is unnecessary.
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