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Set some time after Mother 3, civilization is much how it is today, and everything seems perfectly fine. But there is an evil power arising, one that has split up the continents of this world into a war. Some countries are against this evil power, some are for it, and some people are on their own. What is this evil power? What does it want? You will find out in due time.

Character App:
Name: (pretty simple)
Age: (easy)
Starting Location: (I will list the locations below)
Sided with: (Listed below)
Appearance: (Tell me what your character looks like)
Personality: (How does your character behave? What are they like?)
Backstory: (Tell me something about your character's past)
Weapons: (What your character carries, etc. PSI might be allowed to a certain extent.)
Other: (Anything else I should know about?)

Locations: Tazmily: It's sort of evolved into its own little country over time. It's pretty much like a regular city, sort of. It's got a group of people trying to fight off the evil forces.

Fourside: Fourside was reconstructed into a technologically advanced city with the best military around. Fourside is mainly neutral, and will basically not side against good or evil, but just defend itself. The major ruling power.

New Pork: Basically abandoned after the fall of the Pigmask Army, it has fallen into a state of disrepair. Only a small amount of people live here, most of them former Pigmask soldiers or scavengers of some sort. Rumor has it the Pigmask Army's base where they're trying to return is here.

The Mobile Fortress: An impenetrable moving city where the evil army's base is, almost impossible to access unless by the help of someone who is inside. Has huge guns and defenses.

Sides: Evil Forces: A group who is trying to take over the world, they consist of aliens and humans alike.

Pigmask Army: A small group of the Pigmasks survived after Mother 3, trying to take down the Evil Forces and become the dominant power again.

Tazmily Fighting Force: A force of people in Tazmily who defend the place. They're trying to take down the evil forces to protect Tazmily.

Fourside Army: A large military organization, will attack anyone who tries to overthrow them. They have decent weapons.

Three characters is the max. I might use NPCs if I see the need to.

I'll put up my first character soon.

EDIT: My first character:
Name: Erica Smithson
Age: 17
Starting Location: Tazmily
Sided with: Pigmask Army
Appearance: She has spiky bangs, long, brown hair, pale skin, green eyes, a pink jacket, a brown vest, a black belt with a golden buckle, orange pants, and one blue sneaker.
Personality: She's very energetic and makes friends easily, and is loyal to the Pigmask Army. She enjoys video games, TV, and stuff like that, and doesn't like being told to do things she doesn't want to.
Backstory: She was one of the first members of the revival of the Pigmask Army, and gets payed fairly well as a high-ranking officer. She doesn't like to hurt people, but will do it if she has to. Both her parents died when she was fairly young, so she had to fend for herself, giving her much of her training.
Weapons: Two pistols, a hunting knife, and a sword.
Other: She's not sure what happened to her other shoe, but doesn't really care much anyway. Her favorite color is aqua blue.
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