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Layton's Mystery Agency: new art, airs in AprilTopic%20Title
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Last month Level-5 announced plans for a Layton anime starring Kat and her crew, and now we have a few more details: the show is set to begin in April, with new episodes airing weekly on Sundays! (An exact date wasn't announced, so it's not clear if the first episode will air on April 1st or later in the month.)

Some new promo art for the series was also made available: (Placed in a spoiler tag to save space, as it's a vertical image - no actual spoilers)

Spoiler: Promo art

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Re: Layton's Mystery Agency: new art, airs in AprilTopic%20Title
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As someone who STILL hasn't finished the Layton's Mystery Journey (though I do hope to. Aaaaaaaany day now :yogi: ), I'm way more stoked for this then I feel I have any right to be. Not as much as the Professor Layton anime we're ALSO getting this year, but like its parent series, LMJ was cute, quirky, charming, and put a smile on my face: so long as this isn't messed up, I'm thinking this will be a fun ride :trucy:
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Re: Layton's Mystery Agency: new art, airs in AprilTopic%20Title
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We are only getting a Layton’s Mystery Journey anime not a Professor Layton anime.
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