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Happy February! I wanted to provide an update and a reminder on the 2018 Original Character Contest, as well as some news about the site.

For the contest: in 2015, we had a "3D Modeling" category inspired by the 3DS games in the series, but unfortunately received no entries and so retired it. This year we've received some interest in the category, so after discussing it, the staff has decided to fold 3D models into the spriting category. Please see the spriting section of the contest page for details.

The reminder is just that - a reminder that the contest is still open! Entries close on February 28th, so there's still plenty of time to enter - but don't delay too long!

Now, some news about Court-Records. To help dislodge some of our gridlock when it comes to site updates, we're looking for some help in two new roles: news reporters and site content managers. Let me talk in a little more detail about what that means:

News reporters should be willing to keep an eye out for any AA news (Japanese or English) and be able to quickly summarize it and post to the main site, Twitter, and Tumblr. Knowing Japanese is a significant bonus here, as a lot of AA news breaks in Japan first (or only), but English-only help is appreciated too.

"Site content managers" is a bit of a mouthful, but it's more accurate than "webmaster". We're not looking for someone to handle all the technical nitty-gritty of the site (server management, etc.) but rather someone who can keep on top of updates to the main site. This means sorting through things like graphical rips or episode/character summaries, formatting them in HTML to match the site, and uploading them. Basic HTML knowledge is a must here, as well as a good sense of organization.

If either of these sounds interesting to you, drop us a mail at, or send a message to one of the C-R staff on Discord. We're thankful for any help!
Hi! I've largely stepped back from C-R due to life stuff. Please contact one of the other staff members for help!

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