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...which, at present, has only produced one of them!

My Dinner With Herr Lock
After finding himself unexpectedly indebted to London's great detective, Soseki Natsume reluctantly finds himself dragged into dining with Herlock Sholmes. Still...the man can't be as bad as all that, can he?

If I do wind up writing more (which I'd definitely like to!), they're almost definitely going to be Great Ace Attorney-focused, a little bit on the longer side (I've got, uh, 15 pages on a fan-case type one and it's probably going to need to be at least three times that long), and mostly lighter in tone, though one of the ideas I've got lined up would dip into darker themes.

Anyway, this is a slice-of-life-y goofy thing about hanging out with your archnemesis. It contains almost no plot and is mostly two dopes interacting. If that sounds up your alley, please feel free to check it out!


...which, at present, has produced more of them!

Of Friends, Foes and Familial Feelings
At the invitation of his two closest compatriots, Soseki Natsume spends a day at 221B Baker Street. To his profound surprise and very begrudging admittance, he finds himself not altogether loathing the experience; especially after tumbling against his will into conversation with the infuriatingly persistent Herr Lock Sholmes.

Written for a prompt requesting Natsume fluff; the actual result dips a fair amount more into H/C, but remains overall light in tone, focusing on making an involuntary recluse slightly, slightly less reclusive. Features the whole Baker Street gang.

The Case of the Spectral Parade
In the frigid darkness of a February night, a pack of inexplicable events haunt one of London's boroughs. When Sholmes accepts a mysterious client's request to investigate, it's up to Ryunosuke and Susato to find out how these four incidents truly tie together.

A gen/casefic that centers around a set of spooky and supernatural sightings, aiming to emulate the rhythm of an in-game episode as the protagonists wander from spot to spot, gathering evidence, interrogating witnesses and confronting suspects, all the while trying to suss out the cryptic undercurrent of what's really going on. It's big! It's long! It's actually got a plot this time!

The Adventure of the Sudden Departure
A visiting old friend, a high-society party, and a few days during which the world lurched sideways.

Another mystery, this one slightly less fair-play. Some themes of grief and mourning, with a couple of twists along the way.

Four Fools, Two Truths, One Night
A series of vignettes that unfolded on the prom night during which Susato Mikotoba and Ryunosuke Naruhodo attempted to tell some long-overdue things to their respective sweethearts.

Goofy school AU nonsense (affectionately). Some fluff, some romance, mostly general light-heartedness, all delivered through a series of snapshots.
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