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Did Edgeworth Retain His Broad Shoulders: A StudyTopic%20Title
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I think its well established that Miles Edgeworth's first sprites kind of broke the three heads rule.

This is what I'm talking about.
I don't know if I'm doing this wright...
His shoulders are a taad wider than they should be, proportionately speaking, so he fills the span of the witness stand very well.

But the question I'm asking...
Did they size them that way on his AAI sprites? Because, looking at them like this, I think they may have? I don't know for sure.
I think they did retain it! One's entire structure cannot change between games, so they really should have. I honestly like broad shouldered Edgeworth, and I think the DD/SOJ sprites lack the same proportions. (Which explains why he looks so squished, perhaps-)

Another question I have is, did they sized them that way on purpose? they probably did, especially if AAI also has the same detail.

(P.S: If you're wondering why I didn't "measure" the AAI sprites, its because its a major league pain in the rear to do so.)
Me, looking at tinypic's dead links.

Sprite topic!
Oh yeah, and here's my sprite topic on Scratch,, because it exists, and contains some more stuff that's not on my main sprite topic.
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