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How to make sprite animations out of model animations?Topic%20Title

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Going back to the past, eh? As an AAO user (affiliates and related people), I can only use GIF files for 2D animated sprites, and the actual 3D model animations from DGS or Dual Destinies do not work at their base (This adheres to all 3D model users, the post 2011 games). I will need to find one of many possible things: a site that SOMEhow already has DS sized (256 x 192) sprite iterations of 3D modeled characters, a program, website or some other mechanic that could convert those 3D model animations into 2D sprites. If any method doesn't create 256 x 192 sprite animations, could I resize them to DS desirable needs?

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Re: How to make sprite animations out of model animations?Topic%20Title
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So there once was a thread with animations ripped from DD and SoJ and converted to GIFs, but the user who shared them has since deleted them. Another user (Initiate) has posted a few they've ripped in their thread, so you could check there.

EDIT: Also another user (No Comment) shared a bunch in their thread. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32348

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Me and a few others did custom Athena sprites though which may be of use?
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