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Truth or dare for Justice.Topic%20Title

Justice is impossible without truth.

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The door crashed against the wall and Dani frown shook her head she could hear heavy breathing turning over the
paper she sighed and wondered how much it would cost the world to show respect.

Thumbing the pile:

" Shut the door, "

The door slammed shut and wincing DCI Silver looked up..

" What I don't appreciate is rudeness I would much prefer if you Knocked."

Glaring at the detective: as he mumbled an excuse.

" I don't care: Detective go and get me a dark black coffee."

Hearing his footstep hurrying away: she slid her chair back and stood at the window.

He had left her door open sighing she looked out.. briefly the door shook the whole building.

Returning back to her pile of papers it was now impossible for her to continued..

" What I give for a good day."

She sighed doing the gesture that was familiar with her exasperation. Gripping the coffee cup tightly she took a sip.

She spat it out at once.

" You call this Coffee!!!"

Just what she need find the path to the truth was hard but providing fair Justice was implausible.
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