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Hello, everyone!

I'm almost done with my Hobo Phoenix Wright cosplay, but I really want to make this cosplay perfect.
I'm just wondering, how did you Hobohodo cosplayers find the Trucy Wright pictures for the locket?
It's the only thing I need left for my cosplay to be complete.

Thanks, everyone!
(Gonna post pictures after I'm done)
Re: Hobohodo CosplayTopic%20Title
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I just used Trucy's official art. Google "Trucy" or "Young Trucy" (depending on which you want), and you shouldn't have a problem getting a good pic. Get it in an image editing program, resize it to the proper size, print it out, cut it out, insert it in your locket... and voila!
Re: Hobohodo CosplayTopic%20Title

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I just made some locket pictures you could use if you want. c:


I made one with older and younger Trucy as I didn't know which ones you'd need. ^^

I simply used the official art and added a blurred background with trees. Just print out in the proper size you want it to be, cut as you like, and pop it into your locket. :edgey: I hope it's useful!
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