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DGS in September 2015 Dengeki NintendoTopic%20Title
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DGS has been out for a few weeks now, which means a few magazines are starting to publish longer-form articles on the game!

This month Dengeki Nintendo is running a huge feature on DGS, with a very long article with Takumi, Kojima, and Nuri, as well as bunches of concept art and comments. While I unfortunately don't have time to translate/organize everything, you can check out the full scans at L~A's Perfectly Nintendo.
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Re: DGS in September 2015 Dengeki NintendoTopic%20Title
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I love looking at concept art from this series, I seriously hope a DGS artbook is made... if it was, I'd buy it in an instant!
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Re: DGS in September 2015 Dengeki NintendoTopic%20Title
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Can anyone actually enlarge or download the images at Perfectly Nintendo? If yes, can this person please upload them on imgur?

Edit: Nevermind, it's finally working.
Re: DGS in September 2015 Dengeki NintendoTopic%20Title
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The interview is really much more than I want to translate, so here's a lengthy summary of the more interesting points. A bit late, but the interview is mostly about development on DGS, so not particularly timely news or anything.

Looking back at the game now it’s finished

Takumi says it was a difficult development cycle, because they did so many new things. It cost him a lot more time and energy to write the game scenario than he’d expected. The original scenario is quite different from the final product.

Nuri says that because of Takumi’s extensive scenario, he had a lot to do too in these two years. Because of the juror system, he had to create a lot more characters. Also, the scenario changed several times during development and he wasn’t even sure whether it’d ever be completed. Because of the many new things they had to try, it was hard to see the whole picture and it was as if no one really knew how the final product would look like (Takumi: I at least think I had a vague idea of what it would be...). Among the new things they had to do was the fact they had to do detailed 3D models of both characters and backgrounds because of the Joint Deduction system. In the past, they could get away with less details on parts that wouldn’t show anyway, but now the camera pans, zooms and does pretty much everything, so all the models had to look good. The work on the 3D backgrounds was also difficult because they wanted to keep the hand drawn feel of the backgrounds.

Kojima says he was quite worried from start to finish whether the team would be able to finish the game in time. By 2014 they had all the elements, and they worked on getting everything together and finishing the game starting 2015.

Things that made an impression on them during development

Takumi says it was when they had the first demo of the Joint Deduction working around Christmas 2013. The team was enthusiastic too and when Takumi took the ROM to some higher-ups in Tokyo, who were all smiles. Until then, the concept had still been a bit vague. For example, in the concept plans Takumi had only written “Holmes says something strange, and you correct that”, but he had nothing concrete. With the demo finished, Nuri too had a good idea of how to model the characters and what direction to go with the overall design.

Takumi also says that he still remember that the team never did make that study trip to London and says it’s not too late yet. Kojima offers him a trip to Kobe’s Ijinkan, which was actually a place they had planned to go in the early phases of development, but the trip never happened.

Kojima remembers he was utterly surprised by the length of Takumi’s scenario, and asked Takumi how many games this was compared to the previous games. Takumi notes that in the original creative phase, the story was much longer.

For Nuri, it was when they were modeling a pointing animation of Van Zieks. Nuri went all touching the finger of the actor to get the feeling just right (note: the actor was male). Takumi notes that moving eyes were a lot more work than he had expected.

What he wants to convey with the game

Takumi says he wanted to introduce the classic mystery stories he loves to the player. The Holmes in Dai Gyakuten Saiban is a Holmes he’d always had in his head. He loves Holmes, but not from a super-serious angle. For example, there are quite some parodies he also likes.

Voice actors

The sound staff would play the audition files for Takumi and Nuri without saying who the actors were, and then the two would choose. Takumi didn’t want to go for the big names, but in the end, it turns out they did chose the well-known voice actors. Recording Ryuunosuke’s “Objection” took over an hour. They tried putting one clip in the game after 10 takes or so, but it just didn’t sound right. For Ryuuichi/Phoenix’ objection in the original games, Takumi himself actually also did about 30 to 40 takes (but then again, he’s not a voice actor).

Motion capture

They had actors from the Himawari Theater Troupe for motion capturing. Holmes and Sōseki were done by the same actor. Takumi wouldn’t ask for specific poses, but for example explain what kind of scenes they were doing, or simply say that he wanted a Holmes dancing around while deducing. By chance, they also got Shiotsuki Shū to do a certain character who appears late in the game, and they also had her do Van Zieks. The animation where Van Zieks puts his leg on the bench is one Takumi had wanted to give Godot in Ace Attorney 3 originally. As this time, they had an actress who could do anything anyway, they tried it out and it looked great.

On finishing the game

It’s the largest game until now, and combined with the fact the scenario also changed a lot, they had not as much time to fine-tune everything. For example, Takumi originally wanted Sōseki to strike poses all the time, even during conversations. Also, until now all the games would provide a sense of catharsis when the true murderer breaks down, but Takumi also wanted to look for a new way to end a case.

Japan and London

Originally, Takumi wanted to have the game start in London. Nuri proposed that Meiji Japan was interesting too, and proposed starting there, also adding a “grand departure” feeling to the story. Takumi noted that he actually wanted the game to start in London, because he was worried that making another courtroom would mean too much work for his team. Takumi did accept Nuri’s proposal though. Because this was very early in the development cycle though and most of the teams didn’t even know they even considered only doing one setting initially.
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Re: DGS in September 2015 Dengeki NintendoTopic%20Title

Well, that trial sure was interesting!

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Kojima remembers he was utterly surprised by the length of Takumi’s scenario, and asked Takumi how many games this was compared to the previous games. Takumi notes that in the original creative phase, the story was much longer.

So the multiple games thing was preplanned! Though I guess out of necessity rather than having decided to make a trilogy from the start, but still!

...Wait, it's the truncated version? How many games was the original scenario supposed to have?!

The animation where Van Zieks puts his leg on the bench is one Takumi had wanted to give Godot in Ace Attorney 3 originally.

Someone should make that Godot Legjection sprite.
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