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Isaac Gavel:Ace AttorneyTopic%20Title
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There is a new rookie in town. Isaac Gavel! Ever since his mother Arose And teenage brother kluas where murdered when he was 7 years old. he wanted to become a defense attorney. to seek out the truth and help those in need of defending. and most importantly: find the evil cruel man who murdered his mother and brother. along with his mentor/father Roose Gavel . They strive to find the truth! along there way they discover dark secrets about there family. and they also learn about a wild,viscous,mysterious killer named Viper Blood. who was SUPPOSEDLY killed (or was he?) before the murder of Arose and Kluas. they eventually find out is the one who murdered Arose and kluas. they also find out that they were not his only victims. This game is full of plot twists,sad moments,satisfying moments,and epic moments. and the killer can be someone you would least expect to be the one. or someone you know is the killer. but is hard to take down. also this game is being made on PyWright.
also phoenix,maya,and Apollo join Isaac and and help them out when he is in need. (athena is on vacation :athena: untill sprtes are made for her. )
also the game takes place a month after spirit of justice. (if ace attorney 7 will not happen)
if anyone is glad to help out. let me know.
and i whon't rush ya. you can take you're time. and i will take my time with making the game.
might take awhile to finish. take conflict of interest for example. that game took 5 flipin years to complete.
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The cases will be released episodically, however, each release will contain all of the cases, so in order to play the next case, you will have to delete the old download and replace it with the new one.

case 1:Turnabout Patient
with help from his father/mentor roose gavel. Isaac Gavel Starts off his career as a defense attorney with his first case. Involving A murder of a Patient at aldoon clinic who was attackt while injected with sleep gell.The Accused is Mr.Aldoon himself! And it is isaac's job to deffend him. let us see how well he does in his first trial.

case 2: Turnabout Encore
no story written yet

case 3: Turnabout Ticket
no story written yet

case 5: The Cycling Turnabout
no story written yet

case 5: Turnabout Rampage
no story written

here is an isaac gavel sprite by superAJ3. ... 66-h768-no
just need more sprites for him.
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This idea's pretty neat.

That's all I can say until you bring in some screenshots/more content/etc.
Re: Isaac Gavel:Ace AttorneyTopic%20Title
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Sounds interesting, but that's a lot of spoilers. Are they not very important in the story?
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